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Many people say that this update is smooth and fast, but the fact is not everyone happy with this update including me.
Please note that you backup all of your data (everything that you don’t want to lose) before doing this because this process will delete all of phone data including contact, apps and everything else. Sony Xperia Z is a feature-packed smartphone with beautiful 5-inch full HD display and sleek design. Potential solutions for Sony Xperia Z LED for notifications is not workingSony Xperia Z LED For Notifications Is Not WorkingThere may be several reasons for Sony Xperia Z LED for notifications is not working problem. A well rounded technology and business journalist.Have been a journalist for more than 6 years. Sony Xperia Z, which is equipped with bright, big screen and packed with lots of attractive features, is water and dust resistance.
I figured this was just a Telstra thing, but I was frustrated enough to give it a google today. The SIM on my phone kept slipping out of its holder, causing the SIM’s electrical contacts to shift away from where they are supposed to be.
I discovered that this was the problem by noticing that the SIM could be pushed back into its slot by one or two millimetres. After a while I solved it permanently by removing the SIM and putting a small dab of glue on the back of the SIM (where the numbers are) – only a small bit, mind. Hi, I had a problem the other day regarding my Sony experia z5, my camera wouldnt work I spoke with 02 via live chat and went through their procedures still to no avail, they then suggested a restart which ive now done but every time i start my phone im stuck on a google start up page which wont let me log in to a synced gmail account i had and i dont know what else to try any help would be greatly appreciated.

We have taken apart the new Sony Xperia Z (also known as the C6603 or L36h) as there is a problem with the charging port on the device motherboard. The charging port will need to be removed using a hot air station so that we can replace the part with a brand new one. We are now going to replace the part with a brand new charging port by micro-soldering it back onto the motherboard.
The Sony Xperia Z has a battery STAMINA mode, which gives you at least 4 times longer standby time, so there is no worry about running out of power. Though there is no any official fix available from Sony yet, you can temporarily fix the issue by clearing the data from the ‘Eco mode controller’. If you are looking for a simple solution to restore stock firmware on any of your Moto phone, then the Moto All-In-One Tool is for you. OnePlus is always been ready to include some of the unique and abstract wallpaper on their smartphones. I decide to tried it out too and guest what, the lag is gone now, the only little lag i get is in the album apps, but at least it is way better that my previous installation.
The main advantage of this smartphone is that it is waterproof, and performance also is excellent. The design of the phone is also perfect; the thin and slim design makes it easy and comfortable to hold.
Although the charging port looks fine physically, the device does not recognise that a charger is being plugged in to charge the battery.

We truly are greatful to you guys for fixing our phone as it was only 4 months old when it broke and still had to pay the contract on it for the next 18 months. You can expand the storage using MicroSD card as well.However, it’s very tough to find a single smartphone which is a bug-free Sony Xperia Z also is not an exception of it. But what happen is my phone turned to laggy and not responsive and yes, many people experiencing this issue too.
Some users have reported that they are facing Sony Xperia Z LED for notifications is not working problem. According to them, their phone keeps rebooting without any specific reason.If you have bought Sony Xperia Z, then it’s better to know the solution of the rebooting problem on Sony Xperia Z so that you can solve it easily if the problem occurs on your smartphone.
The lag happen in many place, but the most noticeable lag is in the album apps when you swapping around your gallery and zooming a photo. If you use Xperia Z, you know that there is a notification LED light at the top right on the display. If you also backed up your phone when you got it first, then it could be the root of the LED light is not working problem.

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