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Mostly all custom ROM Developer try their best to create new ROMs without any bugs but some minor bugs are still captured by user after installation.
To solve Wi-Fi problem here is an simple guide on how to fix WiFi problem in Samsung Galaxy Y. After doing that go to wifi settings and open wifi and reboot your phone without turning off wifi. After booting complete it is done. SGY user………I install a custom ROM which is SAMSUNG GALAXY S4 and my problem is the bluetooth and wifi is not working I try the tutorial above and it’s not working.. Hello Kerevene, Can provide the link to Samsung Galaxy S4 custom ROM where you have downloaded it.

Hi, My mobile is samsung galaxy y cdma i509 and I installed custom rom 4read, I too getting the same wifi problem. There only delete,rename,copy,move,properties,add bookmark,zip this folder,create tae,set as home, theres no permission button in my option. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. How to fix a hard bricked samsung galaxy s iii phone hd, How to fix a hard bricked samsung galaxy s iii phone.. Samsung Galaxy Y - Rose n'est plus disponible sur revioo; nous vous invitons a consulter un des produits similaires.

Some users reported that after installing Custom ROM on Samsung Galaxy Y, the Wi-Fi stop working and they are not able to use it.

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