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Update: Nokia has released another update that fully resolves the battery problem, and audio quality issues.
When I first got my Lumia it was running the latest firmware and OS (11500 and 8107 respectively) so the battery life issues confirmed by Nokia shortly after launch should no longer have been present. After reading the online XDA and Nokia forums, it seems many other people are still having serious battery issues.
The phone is now completely reset and will boot up from scratch, having to set up the OS and then install the Nokia apps. After this I noticed a massive improvement in battery life, to the point where the remaining percentage doesn’t drop below 50% in a full day of moderate use.
When I did the hard reset my battery was half-full which I was a bit bothered about, thought maybe fully charged would be better.
For an iOS user that would be medium use, but on Android or WP7 I think you will have a tough time with battery life. It’s up to you whether to go for it, you can use the Reinstaller app in the marketplace to help save time putting all your apps back on. Yeah I ll see what happens after 10 days with the new update then I ll probably try the reset. I as i said, I had made a hard reset couple day ago and then I noticed improvments,it was a 1 day na couple of hours when was just 52 % charged, but this was only temporary. Sounds like your problem is different, have you checked things like background tasks and removed anything that isn’t essential?
I know it’s pretty late to post now ( 10 august 2013 ) but… are there any issues with the battery now ? The battery issues were specifically on an early version of 7.5, you should be fine with any of the latest updates!
Tried hard and soft reset phone had 2 episodes where heat an issue then acted strange but prompting. Samsung announced today that it has begun manufacturing its own ePoP (embedded package on package) memory for high-end smartphones. But extending it to smartphones presented an issue because flash memory is sensitive to heat, and stacking it on top of a hot processor could cause problems.
If you want your smartphone to last longer without carrying flammable gas in your pocket, there may possibly, conceivably be new battery tech coming soon (maybe).
S3 Does Not Turn On Problem: So last night I had turned off my S3 at around 75% battery charge. No matter how advanced our gadgets get from year to year, the fact remains that battery technology isn’t able to keep up.

Exchange + Repair Extension Programs - Apple Support Exchange and Repair Extension Programs. Lithium battery - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This article is about disposable primary lithium batteries. Battery Saving Feature For The Nokia Lumia 800 A new feature was found in the Mango running Nokia Lumia 800. By doing this I could get from 7.30am when I take it off charge through to 11pm when going to bed and plugging it in overnight. Quite a few users report things getting even worse after the update, and have been battling to roll it back.
One or two people on XDA were saying that they had done a hard reset on their phone and this had solved the problem.
I believe it doesn’t install correctly even though the version numbers in the Settings page look correct.
On my phone I would hardly use it (few minutes here and there during the day) and it would be dead by 9 or 10pm. I think the fix I originally wrote about was for a specific problem with the Lumia where early versions of the firmware were buggy and had bad battery life, Nokia fixed it but the phone needed a full reset to clear thing like battery stats before battery life improved to where it should be. I am not sure whether 7.8 will improve battery life but it should do if Microsoft have merged in some of the improvements from Tango which did help battery life. I want to copy my contacts from phone to SIM, and the current update i have doesn’t allow me. The new memory could save up to 40% of space in a smartphone, leaving more for a much larger battery.
Likely, the issue comes from a compatibility or memory problem within the updated operating system. It will have lost its capacity to hold a full charge of 13-14 volts and will only be holding maybe 11.5, which isn't enough. And even when this Windows Phone manages to maintain a pretty good battery life, some of the users of Lumia 800 recently reported a poor battery life problem of their phone. We bring latest news, rumors and other useful stuff for Nokia devices powered by Microsoft's Windows Phone. All Rights Reserved.This website is not endorsed by Microsoft, Nokia or any other foundation or corporation. The problem is that the Lumia is actually a great phone – the combination of top-notch hardware and the much improved Windows Phone 7 mean that you will actually want to use it. I was reluctant to try this because of the hassle of reinstalling all my apps, losing SMS messages and then finding  I’d wasted my time.

This is based on me noticing another change introduced in the latest update that has only take effect on my phone since the hard reset. My daily usage is: 40 minutes of whatsapp, 40 minutes of music, 30 minutes gaming, 20 minutes call, 3g on only 1 hour perday, wifi always on, this is medium use right?
Even with the poor battery I ll stay with WP7, I cant stand android sluggish and IOS same old design from 2007 plus in my country right now is such a status symbol that is just sick. I think there’s no difference btw phone reset (erase all date) and hard reset (with the salute three finger buton).
But those who do not wish to wait for the fix( which is coming in the beginning of the next year) can claim for replacement of their phone. To try and find some improvement I tried a few experiments – the first being to install the diagnostics app using the ##634# code in the dialler.
After a busy weekend where battery life had been a real inconvenience, I decided to give it a try and deal with the chore of reinstalling everything.
If I do the hard reset and then restore using zune, do you think it would lose the “effect”? After that I could use the phone quite a bit more and still have it last until bedtime where it gets plugged in. My phone was always ready for a recharge after a full day (16-17 hours), it wouldn’t make it much past that. The phone users can dial ##634# to know if their phone is facing this problem under the battery status. It’s not just estimates either, because the phone now lasts till bedtime without shutting down. If the fully charged battery is shown to be less than 1000mAh, then probably you are among the affected ones. So my questions how can i be sure that i made successfull hard reset and not ony did i make soft one?
I also tried turning off 3G, which did make a big difference although it’s  not really a solution and is an inconvenience when out and about, away from a wifi service. People were recommending to uninstall the Diagnostics app so this was also tried, but made no difference.

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