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I had the common problem of charger being plugged in but not charging, i tried all the reboot and tapping the power button etc, etc none worked, so as long as the. I common problem charger plugged charging, reboot tapping power button , worked, long .
I’ve toshiba ultrabook 2 years month started “plugged, charging’ situation frustrated! Copyright © 2012 Share The Knownledge, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. You Can Probably Guess Which Captain America: Civil War Scene Freaked Out Robert Downey Jr. When your laptop is plugged into a power source, but not charging properly, this can be very frustrating.
If overheating is the cause, try to let your system cool down for a while and check the air vents to make sure they are clean and cleared from any obstructions.
If the above fixes failed to resolve the issues, you might need to dig a little deeper to find the root of the problem. If none of these simple fixes work, chances are it’s time to contact a professional computer repair specialist. Some common computer issues can easily be resolved at home, without having to spend the money on professional repairs and having to be without your computer for several days while it’s in the shop.

Luckily, there are a few simple steps you can take to troubleshoot the problem, possibly saving you a trip to the repair shop.
If your battery is old and has been discharging faster than usual for a period of time, it may be time to purchase a new one. The good news about this is that a replacement cord can be purchased online at Amazon or Ebay for around $10, and you can definitely fix this computer issue by yourself. Check the setting for the battery, display, and the sleep options to see if everything looks in order. Find the battery tab and update drivers for an item labeled Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery. They will know the common problems with your particular computer and can offer helpful advice as well as quality repairs. Try these simple fixes for power up and battery issues first to see if you can fix the problem yourself.
Replacement batteries can be found online or at electronics stores, just be sure to get one with matching voltage specifications of your current battery. Look for the model number of your laptop, and this should point you in the direction of the proper replacement cord.
Sometimes changing these settings will cause your computer to shut down when the lid closes, or may shut the computer down when the battery power percentage reaches a certain level.

Even when purchasing a third party battery, expect to pay around $75 to $100 for a new one.
This is even more so with older laptops that don’t have the cooling technology of today’s laptops.
For new Macs with sealed batteries, shut down the machine while leaving power adapter connected. Perhaps you are one of those who likes to use your laptop on your bed or couch, hence causing the cooling vents to be blocked and your system overheated.
After your system shuts down completely, Disconnect the AC Supply and carefully insert your Battery.Step 8. Tajo saysApril 3, 2013 at 5:10 pm Hey Aditya, I would have never thought that something like this would be a software problem.

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