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Extremely low shifting effort, which generally results in more frequent shifts and therefore better gear ratio selection.
Greatly improved shift quality, especially for the front derailleur chainrings, allowing shifting under full power with almost no chance of a dropped chain. Shifting is available at multiple positions on the handlebars, for example, at the end of the time trial aero bars, on the brake levers, up to in climbing position, and down low the sprint position. Automatic trimming of the front derailleur position as the rear derailleur moves back and forth between the smaller and bigger gears.  This eliminates unintended contact (and noise) between the front derailleur and the chain.
Multi-Shift: Pressing and holding a rear derailleur shift button results in shifts through multiple gears.
The confusing naming system used by Shimano makes it difficult to figure out what each component is, much less what is compatible between systems.
Nothing from the first generation (5-conductor) Dura-Ace Di2 7970 system is compatible with any other system. Every electronic component is compatible between the Ultegra 6770, 6870, and Dura-Ace 9070 systems.
The 11-speed Dura-Ace 9070 and Ultegra 6870 rear derailleurs are designed exclusively for 11-speed rear sprockets and 11-speed Front Derailleurs.
Included for Historical purposes only: 10-speed front derailleurs could be used with 11-speed rear derailleurs. To check the battery charge remaining, press and hold any shifting switch for 0.5 seconds or more. When the battery charge is low, first the front derailleur will stop operating, and then the rear derailleur will stop operating. If shifting switch is pressed once while the initial setting condition is active, the guide pulley will move one step toward the inside. Note: The guide pulley can move 15 steps inward and 15 steps outward from the initial position, for a total of 31 positions. Note: When adjusting, the guide pulley will overrun slightly and then move back in an exaggerated movement so that you can check the adjustment direction.
While turning the front chainwheel, operate shifting switch to move the guide pulley toward the inside until the chain touches the 4th sprocket and makes a slight noise. Next, operate shifting switch 4 times to move the guide pulley toward the outside by 4 steps to the target position. Press the button at junction (A) until the red LED turns off in order to switch from rear derailleur adjustment mode to gear shifting mode.
The confusing naming system used by Shimano makes it difficult to figure out what each component is, much less what it does and how it fits into an a complete Di2 system. FD-6870: Ultegra Front Derailleur, pretty much identical to the FD-6770 but with a slightly larger diameter adjusting screw (to better dissipate the shifting forces). RD-6870: Ultegra 11-Speed Rear Derailleur, compatible with gears up to 32 teeth (for the GS version). RD-9770: Dura-Ace 11-Speed Rear Derailleur, lighter weight version on which the RD-6870 is based. SM-EWW01 ANT Wireless Broadcast Module: This module wirelessly broadcasts Di2 data (front and rear gear selection details, gear ratio, battery life) to a cycling computer using the ANT protocol. SC705 Alfine Display Unit: This unit displays the battery level and the rear derailleur gear selection. SM-BTR1 External Battery: This external battery must be used with the SM-BMR1 battery mount. SM-BMR1 and SM-BMR2 External Battery Mount: This mount attached to bottle cage mount points or other dedicated frame mounts. SM-BTR2 Internal Battery: This battery is typically mounted in the seat post or seat tube of the frame.
SM-JC40 External Junction: This version is intended to be attached to the frame using the bolt that is commonly located underneath the bottom bracket housing. If the Amber light does not come on when plugged in, this indicates battery is not discharged enough to charge.
Light flashing indicates something is wrong, like trying to charge a external battery through a BMR. Hacking the SM-BCR2 to have a standard Di2 cable connector: If your 3-port or 5-port junction is inaccessible for charging, there is an alternative hack method to connect it to the system through a standard Di2 port.
SM-PCE1: This PC Configuration and Diagnostics adapter will not charge the internal battery. Shimano E-tube Project Windows PC Software: This free software is used to update the firmware of all components.
SM-GM01 Grommet: These round grommets are used when drilling round holes for internal cable routing, or with existing round holes. Shimano TL-EW02 Ultegra DI2 E-Tube Tool: This tool is used to connect and disconnect the Etube wires. Because of the huge number and variety of components, it’s very difficult to figure out what is actually necessary and what is optional. EW-SD50 Wires 1 and 2 between the front shifters and the Front Junction A (0nly for some shifters). Rear Junction B: This is where the wire from the front of the bike is connected to 3 output wires leading to the front derailleur, rear derailleur, and battery.

Recently bought new 6870 FD + RD, 3 port JB, internal battery and going to use 6770 shifters. Tried updating the firmware of FD individually and also while connected to the other components. Apologies for questioning you, but if a guy wanted a mid-compact on a 7900, he could piece it together. A non Shimano 36 will work but will shift for shit as the inner and outer need to be matched A, B, E 52X36 is non standard. Search tricks you into thinking you’ve found a 36t for a 7900 when in fact, its for a 7950. Back onto my intended question, can I change to a compact 7950 without compromising the di2 setup? The battery you'll need is a 3 volt CR2032 which will only set you back 2 to 3 dollars depending on where you get it. Remove the little access panel on the back of the system and the battery location can't be missed.
Saturn owners have you done a battery changeover yet or are you still rocking the original battery? My Dreamcast is the next system I need to do a battery change, unfortunately it's not as easy as the Saturn. Would that be the reason why everytime i turn my saturn on it always asks me to put in the time and date? MoeMan said: Would that be the reason why everytime i turn my saturn on it always asks me to put in the time and date? So it's the end of the day and I didnt bother buying a battery [Facepalm] tomorrow is another day!!! MoeMan said: So it's the end of the day and I didnt bother buying a battery tomorrow is another day!!!
This has always happened to me with the sega saturn and I'm still too lazy to replace the battery..
I’ve subsequently answered a lot of questions on forums and article comments, and elsewhere.
The rate of shifts can be configured using the PC computer interface cable and the free Shimano E-tube Project software. Each shift button was connected to a different wire; shorting the specific wires together controlled the derailleur upshifts and downshifts. In general, most any front chain rings will work, rigid forged rings work best with Di2 due to high front derailleur shift forces. You will need to need to replace a derailleur so that both are 6770 10-speed or so that that both are 6870 11-speed.
The amount of battery charge remaining will be indicated by the light on Front Controller A Junction. When the battery charge has been fully spent, the derailleurs will be fixed at the last gear shifting position. Press the button at the junction (A) of the SM-EW67-A-E until the red LED illuminates in order to switch to rear derailleur adjustment mode.
If shifting switch (Y) is pressed once, the guide pulley will move one step toward the outside.
When checking the positions of the guide pulley and the sprocket, check at the position where the guide pulley finally stops.
These are compatible with the SM-RT99 centerlock 140mm and 160mm rotors and WH-RX31 wheelset (which as no standard rim brake track.) These require the BR-785 dual piston hydraulic disc calipers. Unlike all of the other shifters, the sprint shifters do not contain a circuit board; they do not show up as components on the CAN bus network. It is compatible with Dura-Ace 9070, Ultegra 6870 Di2 and Ultegra 6770 E-tube road shifting systems. It is available in  3 different mount lengths: -I (intermediate length), -S (short length), -L (long length).
It offers the same configuration options as the SM-BCR2, but also add some advanced diagnostic and troubleshooting features that the SM-BCR2 does not have.
This is a bit confusing, because some of the front shifters come with wiring attached to them and some of them require purchasing separate wires. You may think you can get it seated properly with just your fingers, only to then have the wire come loose because it wasn’t fully seated. This question is impossible to answer correctly, as it’s highly dependent on the frame size and configuration. In my limited interwebs searching I have seen a 7900 52T and 36T for sale separately, but not in a set. If you want to use mid to compact rings and be able to change just the rings buy a FC 9000, that will allow you to change to several combinations.
Most of the Saturn consoles we own will most likely be needing a replacement internal battery if it hasn't been done already.
If you are lucky there should be a little piece of cloth under the battery to help popping it out. If you were like me and took my sweet arse time swapping the battery you'd no doubt be sick of seeing that time and date entering screen.

I'll have to do it eventually because I'm sick of seeing that time and date screen on that system as well.
Pretty handy battery size to have for a console collector, also a common battery for key fobs and stuff like that.
I think it's cute how he always thinks it is still 1996 and I don't want to break his heart.
In doing so, I realized that people have a lot of questions about Di2 and the answers are difficult to find. Because the first generation 7970 used completely different technologies than the newer 2-wire systems, none of the components are cross-compatible. The sprocket spacing is slightly smaller and the overall range of travel slightly longer on 11-speed systems.
If the battery indicator is illuminated red, it is recommended that you recharge the battery as soon as possible. Note that if you keep pressing the button after the red LED has illuminated, protection recovery operation will begin. If fine adjustment is needed, switch back to adjustment mode and readjust the rear derailleur.
So for example, if the FD outer plate rubs the chain when using the 6th largest cog, you would want to adjust the FD trim outward a couple ticks. They do not have the special wiring port required for the SW-R610 Sprint Shifters and a SM-EW90-B 5-port junction A is required to use the SW-R600 climbing shifter. For both, the lower button upshifts into a harder gear and the upper button downshifts to an easier gear.
It is believed to be compatible with other Di2 ETube components but this has not been verified. In addition to being located at the bottom bracket to connect the A junction, battery, front derailleur, and rear derailleur, it can be used at the handle bars to join multiple shifters prior to being connected to the A Junction. There are wire holders above the housing to capture the extra wire length by wrapping it back-and-forth.
If the Shimano E-Tube Project Software is launched on the Windows PC with the SM-BCR2 attached, the SM-BCR2 will switch from charging mode to configuration mode. It attaches to via the standard E-tube wire (just like the EW-SD50 cables) rather than to a dedicated port on the side of the front A junction.
Don’t get this confused with the TL-EW01 tool, which is for the older 5-wire 7970 cables. The Dura-Ace FD-9770 is pretty much identical, just slightly (41g) lighter and 11-speed only. What I recommend is running string between the component mounting locations to measure the lengths.
Connected another 6870 FD and it works fine so it looks like there is now some kind of fault with my FD, is there any way of fixing it? So if you are an avid Dreamcast player then you might as well get a bulk pack of these things because they don't last that long especially with the VMU.. This lead me to create this article, to consolidate everything I know and have been asked into one location so people can find answers. At this point, Shimano is not expected to offer any updates or new components using the first generation 7970 architecture; everything from now on will be based on the newer 2-wire E-tube design. If you have 10-speed wheels and 10-speed sprockets, you should use the 10-speed RD-6770 rear derailleur and a 10-speed FD-6770 front derailleur.
This can be changed using the Shimano E-tube Project software; the functions of the left and right sifters can be switched with one another as well.
It has an 2 wiring ports, so it can be connected between a front shifter and the Front Junction A, or at the rear derailleur (between rear derailleur and Etube wire.) It transmits through a proprietary private ANT wireless protocol, which may eventually become a standard public ANT+ protocol. It is believed to be compatible with Ultegra and Dura-Ace Di2 but this had not yet been confirmed. There will probably be chatter in some gears, and there might be slow-shifts or self-shifts. Etube forces the derailleurs into this maximum cross-chained position, whereas during the manual method you must shift to these positions yourself.
If you go with the SM-BTR1 external battery, you will need the SM-BMR1 external battery mount and SM-BCR1 external battery charger. To setup an 11-speed rear derailleur for a 10-speed sprocket setup, adjust the mechanical limit screw so that it can’t shift into the missing 11th sprocket position, then follow the rear derailleur adjustment procedures listed below.
It is currently compatible with the Garmin Edge 1000, Mio 505, and the PRO SCIO cycling computers (with more to come.) The hidden buttons under the hoods of the 9070 shifter levers will switch screens on the cycling computer when paired with this module. As noted above, the standard wire lengths are 300mm, 350mm, 400mm, 500mm, 550mm, 600mm, 700mm, 750mm, 950mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1400mm.
It does not come with any wires; 1 wire would have to be added if adding this module to an existing Di2 system.

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