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The EVO 3D was released in July 2011 as a variation of HTC's 2010 flagship device, the EVO 4G. Die Ara der Superphones kommt und HTC gibt Gas: Bereits im Marz wurde das EVO 3D in den USA vorgestellt.
Im EVO 3D ist ein stereoskopisches Display verbaut, was eine gesonderte 3D-Brille uberflussig macht. Eine nette Zusatzfunktion des EVO ist die Moglichkeit eigene Screenshots anfertigen zu konnen.
Raphael hat sein Hobby zum Beruf gemacht und schreibt uber jene Themen, die ihn auch privat leidenschaftlich interessieren: Videospiele, Gadgets, Wirtschaft und Politik. Das Evo 3D wird gleich zum deutschen Marktstart den Video-on-Demand-Dienst HTC Watch unterstutzen. Der 4,3 Zoll gro?e Touchscreen im Evo 3D liefert eine Auflosung von 540 x 960 Pixeln, zur Farbtiefe liegen keine Angaben vor. Topausgestattete Smartphones zu einem niedrigen Preis sind bisher die Spezialität von Oneplus.
The initial hands-on Youtube link for mobile viewing The hardware Save for one glaring feature addition (that'd be the 3D), the Sprint HTC EVO 3D appears to be, on the outside anyway, your typical run-of-the-mill Android smartphone. Sprint’s HTC EVO 3D is the true successor of the wildly popular HTC EVO 4G, a device that came out on June 4th of 2010 and still is one of Sprint’s most popular phones. While the HTC EVO Shift 4G may have come out at the beginning of 2011 with the EVO name attached to it, the HTC EVO 3D is considered to be the equivalent of the HTC EVO 2.
The handset was originally announced back in March at CTIA with a scheduled release date planned for sometime this summer. The HTC EVO 3D was the winner of our Best Smartphone Award at CTIA 2011 because of its deep feature set and its rich software experience.
While the exact release date of the HTC EVO 3D is currently unannounced, Best Buy recently started taking covert pre-orders for the device which could mean that a release is just around the corner. Sprint and HTC gave the device a summer launch window and a launch at the beginning of June is certainly not out of the question. 3D Capabilities: As the EVO 3D’s name suggests, the device will be capable of displaying 3D content. If you’re curious about HTC Sense 3.0, well, PocketNow has an extremely extensive rundown of the software’s new features. The one thing over anything else i was hoping to see in this article was: Battery Life has been enhanced. There’s no real benefit to me on the EVO 3D… dual-core processors to check my email and surf the web? I have already preordered the evo 3d and I snagged a evo 3d screen protector from xoskins  for it as well. I am awaiting my EVO 3D this will be the best device of the summer of 2011 along with the Sensation on tmobile. It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality.
Abgesehen von diesem einzigartigen Feature ist es ein hochwertig verarbeitetes Smartphone mit genug Leistungsreserven und Top Preis-Leistungs-Verhaltnis. Allerdings war das damals nur die amerikanische Version, die im dortigen CDMA-Netz arbeitet. Jedes Auge sieht ein anderes Bild, beide werden dann in unserem Gehirn zu einem 3D-Bild zusammengefugt. Er hielt bei Dauernutzung – also beim Musik horen, Videoclips schauen, Internet surfen sowie E-Mails lesen knapp 2 Tage durch.
Ein Gluck, dass sich das alles als Redakteur beim Android Magazin gut unter einen Hut bringen lasst.
Das Android-Smartphone mit 3D-Display kann mit der integrierten zweifachen 5-Megapixel-Kamera auch 3D-Videos aufzeichnen. Auf dem Display lassen sich 3D-Inhalte wiedergeben, ohne dass eine 3D-Brille erforderlich ware.
Der chinesische Hersteller ZTE hat gezeigt, dass er das auch kann: Sein Axon 7 ist noch besser ausgestattet - und kaum teurer. After all, the HTC EVO 3D’s predecessor, the HTC EVO 4G, came out at the beginning of June. The EVO 3D will feature a 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon dual-core processor making it Sprint’s first WiMax handset with a dual-core processor.

The pre-order at Best Buy did not come with any sort of official pricing or any clues as to how much the phone will cost. I really hope he’s misleading me as I am dying for this phone to come out early June or ASAP! Das EVO 3D ist nicht das dunnste Telefon,  obwohl derzeit fast alle Hersteller bemuht sind, ihre Telefone so schmal wie moglich zu gestalten. Bei voller Lautstarke wird der Ton stumpf und man merkt deutlich, dass an dieser Stelle gespart wurde. Mit den zwei 5-Megapixel-Kameras auf der Gehauseruckseite lassen sich auch 3D-Videos in 720p aufnehmen. If we had to guess, there is a chance that it could be the usual $199 but it wouldn’t be surprising to see it listed for $250 or a little higher due to the 3D features. Right now, they’re still optimizing the software so an accurate estimate of battery life was not given at CTIA. I am a very heavy user, I am on the phone in between 4-6 hours a day and surf, text and stream all day. Since The Evo’s most complained about problem was the battery life, they put some type of battery in the phone that is suppose to tend to that problem drastically. READ ALL the specs and features on the NEW 3D Evo and watch the hands-on video…, this beast is AWESOME!!!!! While going back-n-forth the lady said to me, well the good thing is “you will get an automatic rebate the first week of june, rather than a mail in rebate.
Second, I have been checking the web multiple times a day to get some clue on to the actual launch date with no luck. It had originally been scheduled to end on May 7th, the day before the nexus s was released. Clearly these three device will lead the way into the QUADCORE ERA of 2012 we should all be happy for this summer devices. The 4.3" display has a resolution of 540 x 960, and is the first smartphone display to support autostereoscopy, which allows for viewing 3D content without the need for 3D glasses. Anfangs ist bei der 3D-Fotografie etwas Experimentieren angesagt, immerhin entstehen gute 3D-Bilder erst ab einer Entfernung von etwa 70 Zentimenter zur Linse. Damit dieser Effekt aber voll zur Geltung kommt, muss der richtige Blickwinkel und Abstand zum Super Liquid Crystal Display – kurz: SLCD –  gefunden werden. Another is that it's a high-end smartphone with the latest hardware and software -- and 3D recording and playback technology. It may be useless to him because all he is going to do is check his email and surf the web. Egal wie man ins Internet geht, der Browser ist wie bei allen High-End-Smartphones, die mit Android OS laufen, recht flott unterwegs.
Wie auch beim Sensation, kann man damit bis zu vier Applikationen, die man am haufigsten nutzt, in der Displaysperre einsetzen.
Ist diese optimale Sichtweise erst einmal gefunden, wirkt der 3D-Effekt realistisch und macht bei der Betrachung entsprechender Bilder und Videos viel Spa?.
Doch in Zukunft will HTC auch 3D-Filme uber seinen eigenen Filmdienst „HTC Watch“ anbieten. Zu einem spateren, nicht naher spezifizierten Zeitpunkt sollen Nutzer daruber auch 3D-Filme ansehen konnen. Buddy, you can do that on a flip phone XD The HTC phones, especially the Evo’s are for people who appreciate technology, and use it to its fullest. So I think she slipped up by saying that there will be an aotomatic rebate in the first week of june.On other sites I have seen people report, May 24th, on another 25th. Along with double 5 megapixel cameras that will take 3d and record in 3d, and duel core with android 2.3 sense. Auf Dauer wird das alles aber schon mal anstrengend, vor allem schnelle Bewegungen irritieren und fuhren zum Ermuden der Augen.
I think to be loyal to there first day 4g customers Sprint should wait until the first of june. Please look up this Wonderful phone on sprint and tell me what the iPhone has or will have that this won’t.
Everyone except for Sprint is saying beginning of June…Sprint is saying Summer and that could still mean several months down the road.
And that means that compared to most other smartphones (480x800 is still the most prevalent high-end resolution), you've got more pixels crammed onto the screen, which should make for clearer graphics and images.

It's one of the first dual-core-processor phones to be released by Qualcomm (along with the HTC Sensation).
To the right of the grille is the 1.3MP front-facing camera (it only does 2D), and to the left is the ambient light sensor.
When we're taking a picture, using the display as a viewfinder, we want to concentrate on the scene, not on where the shutter button is on the screen.
The button itself is round, with tiny little rings carved into it (presumably by tiny little carvers). But we'll trade the aesthetics for utility -- you'll have no problem finding it with your index finger when you're taking pictures.
The EVO 3D's shutter button is a two-stager, much like what you'll find on a real digital camera. You'll actually feel the shutter button stop when it hits the first stage if you do it slowly enough. What's under the hood The EVO 3D is one of the first dual-core processors from Qualcomm to be available on a phone in the United States.
The premise remains relatively unchanged: Seven home screen, lots of widgets, icons and toggle switches. The notifications tab shows all of the traditional information -- messages from running applications -- plus throws in shortcuts to as many as eight (in landscape) recently used applications. Another fun feature of Sense 3.0 is a cool little rotation effect you get if you flip through fast enough.
The app drawer on the EVO 3D is still that one-page-at-a-time thing, which we're not a big fan of.
But at the bottom of it are a couple of icons that'll speed things up for you if you've got a boatload of apps installed.
There are a fair amount of applications preloaded on the EVO 3D, whether they're from HTC or Sprint. Putting the 3D in the EVO 3D Up until now, we've basically described your basic high-end Android smartphone from HTC.
If something's been done in 3D, whether it's a still image or video, you just select it like you would any other piece of media (ie you tap on it), and it shows up on the screen. There are a number of 3D still photos preloaded in your gallery, and you can take more with the 3D camera (more on that in a minute). And as we mentioned above, you can purchase additional 3D games from the included "3D Games" Gameloft app. Using the preloaded content as our benchmark (presumably it's been cleaned up and optimized as best as possible), we get a good feel for the 3D content on the EVO 3D. And that's a shame, because the ones on the EVO 3D are very well done, as you'd expect from preloaded content. But viewing 3D still on the EVO 3D suffer from one major flaw -- you have to be looking straight at them, and heaven help you if you move the phone. There's a weird shifting effect that occurs when the angle changes even slightly, and that makes viewing still pictures very hard to do.
Also, pictures that don't have a lot of contrast -- ie lacking an object that stands out in the foreground -- can be more difficult to look at. Taking a picture of a three-dimensional picture doesn't exactly show you how it looks in 3D -- the effect is something you'll have to experience for yourself.
3D games Spider-Man 3D, as seen in 2D Here's another place where we were pleasantly surprised. Now, we'll expect to see some variation between 3D apps -- and who knows just how extensive a 3D gaming library there will be in, say, six to eight months.
But the shifting issues we have with still images weren't really a problem in something like Spider-Man 3D. But no matter how good a photographer you are, you're going to have the same shifting effect. You still have the shifting effect if you change your viewing angle of the screen, but it's less pronounced than in still photos.

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