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For those of you that have noticed the number of shots that you can take with your Nikon D500 are lower than expected, then you may be eligible for a replacement battery. Eligible battery – If your EN-EL15 rechargeable Li-ion battery has Li-ion01 printed on the rear, then you will be able to get your battery replaced for free.
It’s the older EN-EL15 battery that came with other Nikon models or is also sold separately.
In a nutshell – If you are still using the very same battery that came with the D500, then you should be fine, but if not, then you might want to call Nikon Service Relations on 1-800-645-6687, or click here for some online assistance.
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If you have your own battery drain problem or any other Android issue, let us know about it by using the form provided below.
The main reason why Lollipop is such a headache for many users is because of outdated cache that remains after updating. If the phone did not factory reset though, try to power on the phone in safe mode and see if the problem is being caused by other apps. Another question I have regarding this is, does widgets need the app to be running in the background? Keep in mind that Disable option will not be available if the concerned app is not running or if already disabled. You can also clear the phone’s cache partition and may be do a factory reset to ensure you have a clean firmware. And also I use Go Locker for my lock screen but I’m using them since 3-4 months and nothing was serious until now. If you are one of the users who encounters a problem with your device, let us know. We offer solutions for Android-related problems for free so if you have an issue with your Android device, simply fill in the short questionnaire in this link and we will try to publish our answers in the next posts.
When describing your issue, please be as detailed as possible so we can easily pinpoint a relevant solution.
Today, having the best smartphone does not necessarily translate to longer use or fewer charging times.
On average you should expect between 8-12 hours of use on the iPhone 4s and newer, though it varies based on your usage. With iOS 8 and iOS 8.1 Apple makes it easy to find the apps that are using your battery life. Limiting Facebook and games during the day is an easy way to stretch the iOS 8.1 battery life longer on your devices. The iPhone can refresh apps in the background so that the data is there when you open the app. Instead of turning Background app refresh off completely, you should find apps that use it too much and turn it off for them one, by one to see if that solves any iOS 8.1 battery life problems. The iPhone and iPad include sensors to change the screen brightness based on the light in your environment, but too often the device will boost the screen brightness to obscene levels. If you notice that the iPhone battery life is very short or that the iPhone is warm, you need to restart it or reset it. You can also reset the iPhone by holding the iPhone home button and the power button for about 10 seconds.
Here’s where you’ll start to see the iOS 8.1 battery life fixes that can handle major problems that are draining your iPhone battery life in a few hours. Having upgraded from a Nikon P100 to a Nikon P500 a couple months back, I was quite pleased by the enhancements and improvements made by Nikon in their ultra-zoom camera. While I never had any problem with the P100 battery life, the P500 quickly became an entire different matter. I searched for answers on the internet and found lots of other users complaining of similar problems; but surprisingly, Nikon's official statement was there was nothing wrong with the camera - that it was user's fault! I can now leave my camera unplugged, knowing that will still have a nearly full charge the next time I need it. This is something Nikon should really acknowledge and take a serious look into, as it  is clearly a firmware problem! Anyway, turn off the USB charging option, and you should find your Nikon P500 becomes the camera it should be. We have already addressed almost a hundred Galaxy S2 problems so if you own one and currently experiencing some issues, you’re in the right place.
For those who are currently having problems with their Galaxy S2, email us at [email protected] and tell us everything about your problems. Continue to hold the Volume up and Volume Down keys until the Android System Recovery screen appears. Q: Dear Sir, I am a user of Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone, when i am trying to update it, it says, Failed to software update.

My suggestion for you is to first check the port on your phone if there are some discrepancies. Q: Hello, I have tried taking the battery out, turning on then battery back in etc the phone will not stay charged?
A: I just want to rule out the possibility that processes and apps are eating up the battery more than the charger could provide. If the phone charges normally when in Safe Mode, you need to do factory reset because it’s a hassle to go through each of your apps and disable them to know if they eat up your battery or not. A: If the phone cannot connect to your home Wi-Fi but can connect to other networks, then the problem is not with the device but with your network. Feel free to send us your questions, suggestions and problems you’ve encountered while using your Android phone.
The issue was to do with certain batteries, where they were not allowing the camera to deliver as many photos as they should have done.
If you have the Li-ion20 printed on the back, which is the one that comes with the D500, it therefore does not need to be replaced. Nikon has since upgraded the battery to the new version mentioned above, and so no longer shows the incorrect number of shots.
If you have not read our article Why Android Lollipop Causes Problems, the best thing that you can do to resolve freezing or slow performance problems is to force the phone to replace the cache partition by deleting the old one, then perform a factory reset. Technically, the new OS should have refreshed the cache during the update but that doesn’t happen in reality. On the weekends it lasts like it did when it was new and I stream a lot of music.  Why and can I do something to help battery life during the week? If that won’t lead to anything, you want to consider doing a factory reset as we have no idea what happened. Unless you root your phone, there’s just no way to turn off apps from starting during boot up. If your aim is to restore the default files for a certain device function, you have no other option other than factory reset. Start by lowering screen brightness or by using Power Saving Mode when you anticipate a long day ahead. There must be a considerable number of actively running apps or those running in the background when your phone is on.
If you have lots of third party apps, consider going over them and may be uninstall some you don’t really need. These apps tend to linger longer even after a user has turned them off so they must have contributed to your battery drain problem.
If you can, kindly include the exact error messages you are getting to give us an idea where to start.
If you are seeing battery life less than 10 hours you may need to fix a problem, rather than make a small tweak to keep the battery going longer. When you find an app that uses too much battery life you can limit your use of it when away from power, stop background activity or remove it completely.
When your phone needs to search hard for a signal it runs the battery down faster, so keep that in mind and you may need to turn on Airplane mode when you have no real cell signal.
This is very handy, but even with smart updating in the background it does use more battery life. This will not remove any of your data, but sometimes this is enough to fix whatever was draining your iPhone battery life.
If you see the usage and standby numbers listed as the same when you look at iOS 8.1 battery usage this is the step you need to take. This will take 5-10 minutes to complete and will put all settings back to defaults.This will not remove any data or photos from your iPhone. Just a session of photos and videos was enough to drain its battery - leading me to believe there was something wrong with the battery or camera. Blaming the users really doesn't suit a brand with such a long standing tradition in providing us with high quality cameras. I answered ten common problems in this post so please take time to read and if you can’t find your problem here, try the first 7 parts of the series. I saw your article on the Samsung Galaxy S2, and I was wondering if you could help me with an issue . The antenna board is located at the bottom of the phone but there is a cable that runs from the bottom to the area just above the battery. So I suggest you update via Wi-Fi… remove the SIM that’s currently mounted on your phone and try to pull down the update. The problem was, whenever it was plugged in to charge, the SD card unmounts and the screen flickers continuously.
Boot the phone to recovery mode and wipe the cache partition so the phone will be forced to cache newer ones. Last night it was plugged into the wall charger for at least 7 hrs and it was only at 24% then it will start beeping saying it charging when doing nothing? However, if the phone still charges very slow even in Safe Mode and Flight Mode enabled, it’s a problem with the USB port or the battery. The immediate solution to this is to clear both from the application manager so the phone would be forced to cached newer ones. Samsung galaxy s2 working okay with O2 SIM card but now displaying message no network registered. As long as you have an account with them and that you’re enrolled in a plan and you have data or airtime left, everything would look good on their end. As expected, we continue to receive more letters from our growing Android community about their Note 3s losing battery power, especially after updating to Lollipop.

Manually doing it after the update, then doing a full wipe usually fixes Lollipop problems, including battery drain.
For example, if your email app or calendar need to sync often during weekdays, that can put great strain on the battery every day. We’ve encountered this weird behavior before because it was reported by one of our readers.
Developers and publishers want to make sure that their own push services apps are battery friendly so whatever you have in your phone, make sure that they are updated. If you want to manage your battery power better, DO NOT install third party apps like Clean Master as they really don’t do much at all. These apps may demand more battery power faster than how much your charger can put in the battery. The new Lollipop update has apparently not work as planned hence the many problems across all sorts of devices.
If you have already tried some troubleshooting steps before emailing us, make sure to mention them so we can skip them in our answers.
I really find it hard to believe how they could have launched a camera with such an obvious bug that is affecting hundreds or thousands of people. We also have a Google+ page you could follow so you would be notified every time a post is published.
Both ends are detachable, so if one end is not properly connected, the result could be the same as the one you’re experiencing now. I found out, one of the pins in the microUSB port on the phone was slightly bent that every time the cable was plugged in, the pin touches the other pin causing inconsistencies on the circuitry or flow of electricity inside the phone.
Remember, once circuitry is messed up, it’s just a matter of time before the phone or its components inside get fried. Now have new SIM card from o2 but still not working although other SIM cards do work in the phone.
If there’s no internet connection, you cannot open them, although there would still be thumbnails left in your Gallery. The solutions on how to fix fast battery drain problem on Samsung Galaxy Note 3, assuming that they are due to firmware, are not a secret to this community. Alarms, reminders, scheduling apps can all contribute to the total battery drain problem so you need to check all of them.
Your device has a default feature to check battery usage, which is just as effective as any third party task killers and battery usage checkers out there. Most task killers and battery usage checkers run in the background so they actually help in draining your battery faster.
If you use social networking or online shopping apps, make sure that you set auto-sync OFF all the time. You can try restoring from your backup after the update, but if the problem returns you will want to do this again without restoring from backup. The icon gets half lit in the drop down status bar, and the settings wifi area just says its starting up. Call your service provider again but this time instead of telling them what the problem is, ask for correct APN Settings and have the rep walk you through setting it up on your phone. After the phone freezes it then goes to my background without any icons, it will flash back to whatever I was doing and then to the lock screen. Using GPS, Bluetooth, mobile data, and Wi-Fi during these times can also affect how fast you lose battery power during the day.
When I got home to charge it, I noticed that all downloaded applications were no longer to be found.
Unfortunately, even Google or Samsung could not explain the phenomenon other than think it as a rare glitch. The added scanning activities of third party apps in order to supposedly work does not make your battery last longer during the day either. Earlier on a full charge my phone used to last at least 18 hours after continues videos and online streaming, now it hardly lasts for around 7-8 hrs.
So I suggest you call O2 and ask if you can just insert a different SIM card on your phone and use it. It seemed to have removed some files while cleaning that now my air command wheel does not pop up when I hover the S-pen on the screen.
One morning I wake up and see that battery is only at 50%, but what I remember that it was more than 90% before I went to sleep. So, if you’re confident enough, open your phone up and secure the connection of the antenna on both ends. Lastly, if we were able to help you, please help us spread the word by sharing our posts with your friends or visit our Troubleshooting Page. When i put the charger it’s not charging and gets stuck on any percent but does not increase. The bigger problem is it hangs in the morning and I have to restart it by taking the battery out.
I had restarted my phone several times as per what was advised on different forums but that didn’t work either.  Could you suggest what I could do to get this working normally without doing a factory reset. But when i power off and puts the charger on then charger works good and increase the charging. After switching it on the battery shows 38% and then it gradually increases to some 40-44%.   After that it also decreases quickly even when not in use (Only Wi-Fi on).

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