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Galaxy Note 4 users have been facing a lot of problems with their phone but one of the most common problems is overheating issue. Method 1First of all, update all the applications by going to Google Play store because the apps that are not updated may create the overheating issue. A well rounded technology and business journalist.Have been a journalist for more than 6 years. My phone is showing me over heating Samsung galaxy note 4 please i need help when i try to set it up.
Also, if you use huge data card like more than 16GB, the apps usually take more time to read and write the data stream there.
Overheating is one of the common errors that are very frequently faced by the Samsung Galaxy S4 users. Ways to fix Samsung Galaxy S4 overheating issueFirst, you need to update all the apps by going to Google play store as corrupted applications and the apps which are not updated can create this error.
Close the apps that you are not using as many apps that run at a time can overheat your phone. In this article there are 5 ways to fix slow slow charging problem on HTC EVO 4G .Charging a phone is one thing that every person greatly relies upon. 5 Ways To Fix Slow Charging Problem On HTC EVO 4G  1 Inspect your phone’s conditionIt is absolutely necessary to ensure that your phone is in optimum condition. Cool Apps, Cool Life; Provide the most needed software for global users, Improve the quality of life with science and technology. A lot of users reported that their phone gets too hot to touch after using it for some time.
After updating check if any app is showing as not updated, if yes then erase that one.Method 2If your Galaxy Note 4 gets too hot when you use any specific app then observe your phone closely by booting it into Safe mode.
But if you don’t notice any change after closing the apps, then it might be a hardware problem, and you have to contact the service center.Water damage can also create this overheating issue. If anything happens to the device which affects the charging even in the slightest bit, most users freak out terribly and with good cause too. I love to be creative and with this i create different concepts like some of you might have seen. But there are usually  several reasons that contribute to this problem such as software errors, SD card and faults in the apps. Overheating reduces the battery life and damages your phone. Re-check the apps after updating, and if you find any apps showing as not updated even though you have updated it, delete it.Faulty SD-card might be a strong reason behind this problem, so format the SD-card and then insert it in your phone to find out if the problem is reduced to some extent.
One of the main issues facing the current release of the HTC EVO 4G is its slow charging issue. Also check the charging port and remove any debris that might have fallen in or is stuck in there. Do not leave the Volume Down key until the Galaxy Note 4 finishes restartingAt the bottom-left corner of the screen, Safe mode will be displayed.

Most users are worried that it is a hardware issue and others are deciding against purchasing or recommending the device.
In case the high number of background processes keeps running in the background continuously, it normally results in overheating of the battery and fast battery drain as well.
Most of the times when the battery is in such a condition, it drains the charge very quickly and also take twice the time to charge. If the Galaxy Note 4 overheating is not there then a third-party app is causing this problem, in which case you should uninstall the apps one by one until the problem is solved.
There you will see three options, among them CPU power saving tab that needs to be turned on.Putting your Galaxy S4 into the Airplane mode could be useful if the phone is getting overheated while charging.
Also check the gold contacts on the phone and on the battery to see if they have been damaged at all.
This is gone to the stage where I have to turn it off at times just to save battery during the day.
Start with the recently installed apps.Method 3If you are using an SD card then the overheating problem on Note 4 may occur if the card is faulty. Hint, what I did afterwards, was to only load the apps I needed for my real estate business and any other basic apps.
If any physical damage is visible, the charging speed will be affected badly.Use a wooden Tooth pick to gently clean the inside port  3 Ensure that your charger is in mint conditionMost of the times the fault lies in the charger and not the device!
Format the SD card going to Settings > Storage Menu and then check if the problem has been solved. Then, I inputed all my settings the way I wanted to phone to be and in fact didn’t even load Nova Launcher, just the minimum apps. Before formatting backup the data of the SD card.Method 4Software related problem may create the overheating problem on Galaxy Note 4. Then, I did a Helium backup to Google Drive and now I have a clean backup, with the minimum stuff I need, if the phone, down the line, starts to act up again because of a rogue app or setting.
I’ll just reset it again, download only the Helium app and load this clean Helium backup from Google Drive, Dropbox or whatever cloud you chose when you originally did the backup. Folks, the solution is really much easier than that.Every time you update your iPhone software and restore it from a backup, there is a chance that there may be some corruption going on from the backed up info. If your iPhone begins to overheat and your battery life goes to the pits after a software update, the fix is easy: restore your Apple smartphone and set it up as new instead of from backup.
You should immediately contact the service center to get rid of this problem.Method 6Close the apps that are not being used, as using many apps at the same time can make the phone hot. But if you do not notice any change after closing the apps then most probably it’s a hardware problem.
I remember the change-log saying that battery life, which was a major issue on the iPhone 3G, was supposed to be significantly improved. In such case contacting your service provider is the only option.Method 7Do you keep the GPS and Bluetooth on all the time?

Finally, I learned that a restore as new, instead of restore from backup, fixed the problem. Beaches are also a danger zone for the phone.Apart from the sunlight, sand and water are killers. It will save battery life as well.Method 8If your Galaxy Note 4 gets too hot when it is charging then put the phone in Airplane mode. The reason is the phone uses the battery continuously to search network and Wifi signal when it is charging and in such situation your phone gets overheated.Method 9You need to put the phone in the CPU power saving mode if the Galaxy Note 4 gets overheated when using the ear piece.
Here, now let's see how to fix overheating issues of Android devices with the professional apps introduced in the below.Professional apps to fix overheating issuesThere are apps which help your phone to keep its cool. Here is a look at three of the popular options that you could find on the Google Play Store.1.
While to Marc, you and myself, this kind of troubleshooting may be simple, obvious, and asinine, to someone who never had issues with their phone, or someone who has never owned a smartphone before, this is something new that may help them fix the issues.Sadly, this is what Sprint is saying I need to do to my phone, for their overloaded network in San Francisco.
But with the professional monitoring of a device like The Device Cooler Heat Minimizer, that can be very easily overcome. The Device Cooler Heat Minimizer is a very easy to use cooling app, which provides real time monitoring of CPU, GPU and RAM.It detects heating apps and either controls their activities or shuts them off thereby ensuring the life of the battery. So you can choose to transfer files to the computer, so as to free up more space and fix the overheating problems. If you're looking to free up more space, the easiest way perhaps is to directly store all your important files, apps and data in your computer. Incredible as it might sound, wouldn't it be great if you could store all your important data of the phone in your computer?Normal PC's can have as much as 1 TB of data and if you could transfer the files from your Android phone to your computer, it can become a whole lot easy.
Just plugged it in, felt the actual charger getting toasty at first, then the phone itself became very hot to the touch. It creates your backup of Android phones and helps expand phone memory, which otherwise would have remained cluttered. Extra apps take up more memory and slows down phone which performs at below par levels, thereby heating it up.
And this software can offer you more, such as installing apps, sending and receiving messages from computer and etc. And you can also use Coolmuster Android Cleaner to clean up unwanted junk files from Android devices to speed up your device!

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