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The Revolutionary Atmos Power-Vape is a highly advanced multitasking wonder that unites a power bank and variable voltage battery into one. The all new Atmos S-12 is a dual coil cartridge with 510 thread which is compatible with e-liquids and essential oils. This is the Atmos 510 XK Mega Cartridge made for use with E-Juice, E-Liquid, and Essential Oils.  It features a replaceable bottom coil and high efficiency out for amazing vaporization.
Charging the battery: Unscrew the top beauty ring then gently screw the battery into the USB charger.
Note: You should only use the matched USB charger for the battery and fully charge battery before using in order to maintain a long battery life. Vape Apea€™s online shop is the place to get QUALITY vaporizer kits, vape pens, smoking accessories and more. The Power-Vape features a spring loaded connector and an LCD display which manages the 2600mah rechargeable battery. The Atmos S-12’s advanced airflow system utilizes a rotating ring to expose and cover up airholes, increasing and decreasing the airflow.

It features an internal chamber that holds waxy oil over heat element, which provides for very smooth air flow and an anti-leakage design.
The i150TC is powered by dual 18650 2200mAh Li-ion batteries (included) which can easily be charged by using the convenient micro-USB port. It is very easy to use and you can set 3 different voltages to adjust the heat to your vaporizer attachments. Quickly and continually press the button 5 times and the button light will flash 3 times to turn on or off.
Vape Ape Variable Voltage Battery will remember the last setting of voltage when restarting.
The Atmos PV includes a unique USB Charger that utilizes regular and micro USB connections for charging all of your powered electronic devices.
This feature offers the users the ability to customize the S-12 to taylor fit their vaporizing needs. The Atmos i150 TC is definately one of the most versatile and advanced box mods available, offering a wide range of built in functions, battery protections, and custom settings making this a must have for the serious vaper.

This battery is perfect for dual coiled atomizers because it has the grunt to get to operating temperature quick. The high grade li-ion battery is 510 threaded, making it compatible with most heat cartridges and chambers.
The cartridge can be fully disassembled for a thorough cleaning, and the interchangeable bottom coil atomizer can easily be swapped anytime replacement is necessary. This battery will work great for your Vape Ape Glass Globe, Stealth Skillet or any 510 threaded attachment atomizer. The variable voltage battery allows you to dial in your precise voltage preference level for a super vaporizing experience.

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