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January 24, 2012 By Sid 13 Comments Since the day Apple launched the iPhone 4S, users have been complaining about battery issues. The iPhone 4S was successfully jailbroken just a few days ago, thus giving you the ability to use jailbroken apps and Cydia tweaks.
Apple will probably fix the battery issues in the next iteration of iOS 5, but you will have to lose the untethered jailbreak to upgrade. Update #1: The iOS 5 Battery Fix Cydia tweak is being labeled as a scam (click here for more information). The pictures and animations you're going to is the exact methods used by Apple staff to repair broken devices. The official guide from Apple says that the strip should be cut with the use of scissors, and then the adhesive beneath should be pulled out gradually. After the battery is removed, extra adhesive strips are applied to keep the battery in its position.

This was created to apply appropriate pressure between the adhesive strips and the new battery. The Apple staff can also replace the speakers, and doing is as simple as unscrewing the broken part and replacing it with a new one. The Universal Display removal fixture was introduced by Apple to provide easy access to internals without placing other components under threat.
Apple has also mounted suction cups (4 in total) to remove the display on the Universal Display Removal Fixture. SIM Ejector has one of the highest failure rates, but it can be fixed quickly with a few tweezers.
I’d say it was worth it, by jailbreaking you get complete access to the whole phone, not just a part of it.
Before it would drain about 14 percent an hr even through standby now on with 45 min active and 3 hrs standby the battery is at 95%.

A few pictures reveal that Apple devices, the iPhone 5c and 5s, are easier to repair for Geniuses. The tools include the ones that are kept secret in Apple stores for customer service repairs. The process requires inserting inside the iPhone, dropping down the suction comes and pulling up the spring lever. We haven’t tried this tweak yet, but users who did, suggest that they got a real good boost in battery life with this tweak.

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