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The first step to troubleshooting audio problems on your PC is to identify which kind of sound is malfunctioning: system sound or multimedia sound. Lack of the familiar single beep system sound on a desktop PC during boot up should signal problems with the physical speakers. However, issues with failed windows audio and multimedia playback sound is much more common. Steps to Troubleshoot and Fix No sound on Windows 7 and Windows 8 and other computer sound problems.
Check current status of Audio devices:  Hover your mouse over sound icon on the far right corner at bottom task bar on your desktop.
With a working internet connection, windows should be able to download and install an up to date audio driver. If you recently made changes to your system which altered your drivers software, a windows update for example, try to roll back the audio driver to an earlier version if you have that option available on the audio drivers properties. If the audio was working before but sound playback stopped working unceremoniously, try uninstalling the audio device driver manually. A system restore may come in handy to correct many windows issues caused by incompatibilities and crashing resource allocations.
You can always set your computer to automatically save Windows restore points for the system partition from the control panel. Switch off your computer, to enter your computer BIOS hit the following keys several times as the computer starts up. Be cautious when working in the BIOS settings, doing random changes which you are not sure of could render your computer unusable as some of these settings are critical to the system functionality. If you are using external speakers, just ensure they are functioning well and plugged in correctly. Most desktop systems will have a removable sound card installed on the motherboard expansion slots.

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Please Select Username to appear on public areas of the site like community and recipe comments. Cut an oversized swatch of leftover wallpaper and position it over the damaged area so it extends at least 6 in. They're fine with you using and sharing the graphic as long as you retain the 'About this Flyer' section.
Otherwise visit the computer model’s manufacturer site to download the drivers manually specific to your PC model. This function is built into windows to enable you save a system image of your computer at a given time such that you can roll back your system status to a time in the past when everything was working. The Green RCA jack will be responsible for sound output to your external speakers or headphones while the purple jack will input sound from your microphone to the system.
If you suspect problems with your sound card, you may have to open up your system case, properly reseat the card into the slot if it was loosely attached or replace it altogether. Writes about tech that interests him most and more importantly to his audience, he offers solid technical experience in easy DIY tech repair guides. Then tape the new paper (blue tape) directly over the existing wallpaper so the wallpaper patterns match. It’s a really useful tip that we should try to save the scratched-up wood furniture into something that looks as good as new with this natural remedy. Otherwise check on other devices or it could also appear on unknown device if windows does not recognize the installed sound card. A system restore does not affect your personal saved personal data files but may uninstall recently installed programs.

Most laptops however have integrated or on-board audio built into the system motherboard and not optionally removable sound card. To establish the cutting lines, place marked pieces of tape (red tape) on the wall to mark the horizontal and vertical cutting lines. Computer displays ” No audio output device installed ” I cannot get to fix lost PC audio playback! Changing your sound card should be applied as a last resort and when you are absolutely sure that the sound card is malfunctioning. This extra space allows adequate area for feathering out joint compound around the hole repair.
Our computers are natively meant to be entertainment devices as well, so you will understand the frustration of getting by with no sound feedback coming from your windows PC system.
Your audio driver could range from AC 97 for older systems, High definition audio, Realtek, IDT audio or HD audio. If all attempts to bring back your computer audio did not yield after doing all the above methods, kindly let us know what issues you are facing and we will be kind to assist with our know-how.
When you cut the new patch, you'll also be cutting a hole exactly the same size out of the old wallpaper.
Manufacturer specific drivers are the best for audio optimization but you could be having a Microsoft generic audio driver.
Click on the audio driver and choose properties to know which kind of audio driver is installed.

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