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Having a dent on your car is like walking around the mall with a huge ketchup stain on your white tee—it's unsightly. You can get wooden dowels at Home Depot, Lowe's, and most crafts shops, but if you have an old school closet like I do, you can use the wooden rod that you hang clothes on.
Step 1: Make Your GripsTom cut about five 4-inch sections from the dowel rod, then screwed a woodscrew into each side as grips. Step 2: Clean the Dent AreaClean the space around the dent and use a blow dryer to heat up the area.
Step 3: Glue Grips to the Area Around the DentHeat up your glue gun and apply a generous amount of glue to the flat end of your dowel opposite the grips. Step 4: Pull Out the DentLet all of the dowels cool for about ten to twenty minutes, then you can begin to pull the dent out while ripping off the dowels.
Step 5: Repeat if NecessaryIf the dent is still visible after one go, repeat the process until you're satisfied, and this time it's okay to place them directly on the dent. In the following video you will see one interesting tutorial on how to easily remove the scratches on your car using the WD-40 spray. But this spray can’t fix those deep scratches, but it will help for your car to look much better than before. To determine whether it is taking too long for your vehicle’s heater to give off sufficient heat, use a kitchen thermometer (the type placed in roasted meat to measure internal temperature). If the engine is cold, it will take about three minutes for the ther­mometer to begin registering.
If the temperature of the coolant reaches 180°F within three minutes, the heater may be clogged. To determine whether the heater core is clogged, run the engine at idle and turn on the heater.

If both hoses are cool, or if the outlet hose is cold while the inlet hose is warm, the cause of the problem is probably a clogged heater. Switch the garden-hose adapter and garden hose to the hose on the inlet fitting of the heater core to flush that side. After switching the garden-hose adapter and garden hose back and forth between the outlet and inlet sides three times each, and flushing the heater core each time, reattach the regular heater hoses and test to see whether you have succeeded in breaking the blockage. You don't need to use water and soap or anything, just wipe it down with an old rag to get rid of any dirt that could mess with the gluing process. We are sure that you have this spray somewhere in your garage or basement, or you simply go and buy it.
Insert the probe of the thermometer into a heating vent, start the engine, and turn heater controls to maximum output. Connect this to the open end of the hose that is attached to the outlet side of the heater core.
If not, you may want to perform the flushing procedure another time or two before giving it up as a lost cause. Quite a few guys at my school seem to know how to fix cars up, but they had to start somewhere, right?
I have a friend with his own shop and he offered to fix my dent for $200—and that's his discounted rate.Luckily, there are some DIY methods for fixing dented cars. Tip: as you said you didn't have a rubber mallet, instead you could always wrap the head of the hammer with a decent amount of masking tape, should stop the marking from the hammer. All those scratches on the bumpers and doors, resulting from people who don’t know how to open normally a car door or from small pebbles, the WD-40 spray can fix it. If both are warm, but one (the outlet hose) is warmer than the other (the inlet hose), the reason for lack of heat lies with a faulty control system or heater doors that aren’t opening.

If so, what you did by revers­ing hoses was to reverse the flow of coolant through the heater, which dislodged debris in the core that was causing the blockage. Often, I think peoples' fathers help them out, but my own father knows nothing about cars, nor shows any interest in helping me. Then, remove the radiator cap, insert the thermometer into the coolant, and start the engine. If anyone has tips on where I could start, perhaps I could find a shop where people would help me? Attach one of the pieces to the inlet fitting of the heater core and the other to the outlet fitting. If it doesn’t, the reason for in­adequate heater performance lies with the cooling system thermostat.
In his video below, Tom shows how he removed a dent using hot glue, wooden dowels, and some screws.
I am enthusiastic and have some background with fixing bicycles and doing wood and metal projects, so I'm not mechanically clueless.
On that note, I have a teen's level of funding, so I could find something, but tips on making the best of my money when going about fixing up an old car would also be appreciated (especially considering the cost for parts and such).

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