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It's worth noting that the profile of the PowerPak 1 does mean that there's less room in the trigger area, and if you're the kind of person that rests their middle fingers on the L2 and R2 triggers, then you will feel its presence.
It's not invisible, then, but it's about as discreet as it could be, and it actually works really well. If you need to charge the DualShock 4 and the battery pack, then there's a micro USB slot on the top of the unit that allows you to plug it into the PS4, and you can actually charge both the PowerPak 1 and controller simultaneously to save time. It's worth adding that, while you can buy the PowerPak 1 individually, you can also pair it with an item called the Crescendo 1, which plugs into the headphone jack on the DualShock 4. A true PlayStation veteran, Sammy's covered the world of PS gaming for years, with an enormous Trophy count to prove it.
I've never found the battery life to be an issue, at least I've never had it run out on me. Luckily for me I sit very close to my TV and have it plugged in majority of the time anyways so when It's running out I can just plug in and carry on playing. I think something else should be added into this article that substantially helps the ds4 battery life. I don't understand why we can't turn off the controller sounds and the battery-draining LED!
Almost every gaming session I have results in me having to plug my controller in - usually into my laptop rather than my console and have the cable trailing across the floor. I guess that I'm either very lucky, or don't have the high standards that others might, but I've never seen it as an issue.
While I'd agree that the DS4 has a pretty bad battery life, I sit at my computer desk, which is right next to my TV and consoles, when gaming so the length of the stock charging cable is perfect for my purposes.I feel for anyone gaming from a couch though. I rarely have the time to sit through a 6 hour play session anymore, so battery life on the DS4 doesn't bother me - at least, not because I have to charge it daily.
I'm shocked to see comments that state they haven't had the controller die on them during gameplay. I'm not really bothered by its battery life, but that add-on looks like something straight out of 90's!
Most of the time the micro usb doesn't work anyway and you have to fiddle with it and check it every 10 minute's to see if it's actualy charging.
Still wanted to see if this was available here in Canada, only Nyko is available in this region as far as I can tell, unless someone can get me a link to Prif here.
I have 2 DS4s and when one is low on battery, I just switch and charge one while using the other. The PS Vita doesn’t have a particularly long battery life, so here are some tips you can use to extend it.
The PlayStation Vita definitely pushes out some gorgeous graphics, but the downside to having all that power under the hood is a painfully brief battery life. Thankfully, there are a few simple things you can do to squeeze some extra life out of the battery. You can also do it the old fashioned way by going into the Settings menu, selecting Sound & Display, then Brightness.
If you've got the 3G model and you still want to use the Wi-Fi, you can go to the Settings menu, select Network, and then uncheck the Mobile Network box. While you’ll need your PlayStation 4 controller switched on during furious game sessions, you may not want it illuminated and using up battery while you’re away from the console or watching a movie. Once you’ve logged into your PS4’s primary account, push up on the d-pad to access the top layer of menu options.

In the menu, scroll down to the option ‘Power Saving Settings’ using the d-pad and select it with the X button.
Sony's latest controller may be the most comfortable that it's ever made, but if it was on a Duracell commercial, it would be one of those knock-off bunnies on its haunches staring longingly at the cotton tails of its supercharged counterparts. The unassuming object plugs into the DualShock 4's micro USB port, and wraps around the back of the controller, snugly hugging the unit's curves. If, however, you use your index fingers for all four shoulder buttons, then it's much harder to notice – though long fingers will rub up against the battery pack in the grip area regardless. During our tests, we've got about 15 to 18 hours extra life out of a single DualShock 4 charge, which is a huge improvement over the usual five to six hours that the device offers. It's all rather seamless, and while the build quality on the accessory isn't great – the power button is particularly cheap – it never overheats or anything like that. This works as an amplifier, boosting the volume of the console's sounds if you opt to route its audio through the controller and into a pair of non-powered headphones or earbuds. If you're tired of plugging your controller into a charging station with irritating regularity, then this cheap and cheerful add-on will reduce the number of times that you need to re-charge. Honestly, they don't make as much of a difference to the battery life as you may expect, though. Admittedly I do tend to game a lot with a headset connected so I don't get anywhere near as long as 5hrs (usually about 3hrs).I do have an XB1 and use the same headset on that. What bothers me is that Sony released this controller when they are extremely skilled in their battery technologies. If it's mentioned, and we also learn that these products are provided by the manufacturer, than I can completely trust the reviewer to be independent, or decide not to, when it's not mentioned I always have this feeling people have something to hide.Don't make this look like a shady practice when it in fact isn't, or at least not more than with all other sites that do exactly the same. I bought an old Android charger and a USB extension cable for plugging into the socket behind the couch.
In the occasion that it's an extended session and I need a charge, I have a portable battery pack with a little 2 foot cord that is kept in the recliner.
My understanding is that the Nyko one is very similar, but I've only tested the Prif one so can't say for sure. But plugging in the controller is not really a big issue I just need a cable that's a bit longer than the standard issue. Had just a Wii U for a few years and I used a Pro controller with that for games like Smash, Hyrule Warriors and Mario Kart.
XB1 controller's make the DumpS4 look like crap the charge last a huge time in comparison and they also have the option for AAA battery's and if you use Duracell ?1.99 for 6 in the local shop near me 2 battery's will last a week and they are built to last, 2 of my DS4's have broiken from falling from my desk 2 foot to the floor.
I just bought a spare DS4 controller and imported the official Sony docking station, and bam, problem solved. That, or I use a phone charger or my PS Vita Slim's charger (1.5A) plugged into the wall behind the couch and just charge it while I play. Kicking the brightness down a few notches will definitely help you get more time out of a single charge.
You can always head into the Settings menu and select Power Save Settings all the way at the bottom. There’s a simple solution for this that can be automated by the console, allowing you to extend the life of the DualShock 4.
Scroll all the way to the right until you find a toolbox labelled ‘Settings’, and tap the X button. Press X to enter a second menu, and set the length of time without inputs that you’d like the controller to wait before shutting down.

The PowerPak 1, an ergonomic accessory from Prif, aims to extend the life of your PlayStation 4 controller by a good 20 hours – but is it any good? It does add a bit of weight to the input device as you'd expect, but not much – and after you've had it attached for a few hours, you'll hardly know that it's there. Its operation is simple: when your controller's getting low on battery, you simply push a button on the top of the PowerPak 1 to charge it back up – completely cable-free.
This does add a little humming, but it works as advertised, and comes with a handy volume wheel and microphone toggle. There are alternatives available from the likes of Nyko which perform a similar task, but given the price – and compatibility with the Crescendo 1 if that interests you – then you can't really go wrong with this ingenious little extra.
Or your phone charger as I found out.But yeah considering these are controllers that compared to other ?40 controllers don't last as long, and can cost more than that, it's a bit of a price to quality problem.
Using standard Duracell batteries, I can game for weeks without needing to replace the batteries, even the rechargeable pack lasts a couple of days or so before needing to be recharged.What concerns me more about the DS4 is the long term battery life. You guys got bills to pay as well, there's no shame in that; your audience is mature enough to understand how these things work. It gets snagged on things sometimes, like the bottom of the recliner when I set it back, causing a series of events that normally involve the extension cord wiping across the room and me accidentally knocking my drink over. It just so happens that I thought it was reasonable value for money, despite the odd drawbacks. No matter what you're doing, this will bring up a a quick menu that allows you to adjust a few key settings, the most important of which is brightness. Here, you can adjust the Auto Standby setting, which will automatically put the Vita to sleep after a set period of inactivity. I'm on my 5th controller, these controller's were not made for gamer's they were made to make money. The only place I hear good thing's about the Ds4 is in these forum's, almost everybody I actualy talk to about this say the DS4 is terrible value for money.
Obviously, shorter is better when it comes getting the most out of your battery's charge. Whenever one runs out it goes into the charge cradle and the charged one gets to be useful. If a rechargeable pack gets like this, its easy and cheaper to replace than a new controller.It is what it is though but given the choice, I would much rather have the system Xbox uses than a built in battery. No bulky add-ons required.The Gamepad, now THAT requires an extended battery (can't exactly swap out with a spare gamepad can you). Its not like I have to keep buying batteries as I have rechargeable packs anyway - it just offers more flexibility and prolongs the life of my controllers (as far as wireless use goes anyway). I don't like that I have to take extra steps to keep my controller from dying on me, especially since I didn't have this issue during the last console generation. The only thing the DS4 has over the XB1 are better trigger's, these are only my personal experience's and i've voiced them before maybe i've been incredibly unlucky but my whole experience with the DS4 has left a very sour taste in my mouth. Thankfully they sell official high capacity ones that fit internally and dang near extend battery life to last as long as the DS4.As for the X1 controller, that thing just keeps on tickin and the Wii U Pro Controller? We have 2 PS4's in our house and it will be 3 soon as my youngest want's one so buying 2 per console really isnt an option for me and yes my eldest son's controller is also playing up.

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