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Toyota Camry Battery Replacement Guide and Instructions, How to Install and Change a Dead Battery in a Toyota Camry.
In response, the 2012 Prius v, for “versatility,” joined the standard third-generation Prius last fall as the second model in a new Prius family of cars that also includes the just launched Prius c, an economic compact version.
Sporting nearly 60 percent more cargo space, the Prius v earns its additional room at the expense of 8 mpg.
Historically, people either love or hate the Prius’s wedge shape, and the dramatic curve of its liftback. It’s easy to categorize the v as a station wagon version of the Prius, but it’s not just a stretched out standard Prius with a new body. Not quite as aerodynamic as the Liftback model, the Prius v nonetheless has a commendable 0.29 coefficient of drag. The hybrid system and drivetrain for the Prius v are nearly identical to the one used in the Prius Liftback model. The gas engine is a 1.8-liter Atkinson-cycle, four-cylinder engine producing 98 horsepower at 5,200 rpm. The hybrid system uses the engine and regenerative braking to recharge a slightly smaller on-board nickel-metal hydride battery pack; there’s no plug-in capability. For those considering a five-seat crossover vehicle, a look at the Prius v could sway your decision.
If you’re familiar with the standard Prius, you won’t find any surprises in the cabin’s front half.
The Prius v’s larger dimensions are focused on the cargo area, but passenger space is increased by 3 percent compared to the Liftback. 2012 Prius v buyers can also be treated to the Entune infotainment system, Toyota’s answer to Ford’s SYNC system. To my knowledge, no one has proclaimed the Prius Liftback a “fun-to-drive car,” and the Prius v follows in the same tracks. For the first time, engineers have employed the hybrid system to control what they call “pitch and bounce” by applying extra tension to the front wheels under some road conditions. With a weight gain of around 250 pounds, the v’s acceleration can best be described as leisurely so passing on two lane roads needs to be well planned. As for that EPA 42 mpg combined rating, like all of our Prius test drives dating back to 2000, the 2012 Prius v blessed us with a higher number. For fuel economy and space, the closest Prius v challenger is the Volkswagen SportWagen TDI. The 2012 Prius v is a segment-buster with all the versatility and comfort of a family hauler while delivering unparalleled fuel economy. Prices are manufacturer suggested retail price (MSRP) at time of publication and do not include destination charges, taxes or licensing.
The Mercedes ML450 is only available for lease—either 36 or 60 months at $659 or $549 per month, respectively. Falken is working on a tire specifically designed for hybrid SUVs, inspired by motorcycle rubber. I predict this will be a failure unless more seats (not more cargo room) can be squeezed out of this car. Toyota left the door WIDE open for the competition to come in with a more minivan like hybrid that can give the same or better mileage.
They had the chance to really come in with something different, but all you get is an enlarged Prius that still does not really even fit five people!!! If the Prius V can match my 2004 Focus wagon’s cargo length and height it may well be my next car. If my car keeps running well, I will wait and see how the V compares to the Ford C-Max hybrids.
By the way I have been driving the Camry hybrid for almost 4 years and I enjoy every minute of it. Nelson Lu, Ford has said the C-Max Hybrid will beat the Fusion Hybrid, but if it only by 1 MPG it would tie the Prius V. By looking at the specifications for the Prius V from Toyota and for the European C-Max (the one that the hybrid is based on, not the Grand C-Max with seating for 7 and sliding doors) from Ford, I think the Prius V will have a longer length, but be shorter in height.
So if I am correct about the cargo area and the MPGs, and the cost of the C-Max Hybrid and Prius V are the same, which would you buy?
I’d luv toyota to use me to experiment its euro bound 7 seater Prius with lithium battery in america. Prisu V will go on sale in Japan from April with a family-friendly 3rd row seating, make possible by the small space needed for the lithium-based battery available in Japanese market.
I have been a mini van fan for years- I have never had the rear seats up in any of them that I can recall.. The c-max and the prius v will be great for people who want plenty of gas mileage but who routinely have to carry a large volume of cargo. This car will be perfect for SUV people who want better mileage but who can’t do without serious cargo space.

Automotive News, an industry newsletter and Web site, reported that European consumers were offered only the three-row Prius wagon.
I’m interested in the new V, as having 2 young kids you are always carting around way more stuff than you would think. My biggest issue now is – is this release going to be delayed significantly due to the nuke issues in Japan? I drive a 2011 Insight now, which I love, but with the inevitable addition of baby #3, I am looking at fuel efficient 7-seaters and am finding none. I have a 2004 prius and I love my car, hands down the best vehicle investment I have probably ever made.
I’m amazed at what I think have been some rather foolish coments regarding this not-yet-released vehicle. Relative to the above, I can certainly see that a Prius with some more passenger and cargo room, and what maybe is a vastly improved rear view, WOULD be a HUGE advantage over the current Prius. The only thing I wish Toyota had done was to slightly upgrade the horsepower in this vehicle. I’ll wait and see how I like the look and feel of the Prius V, of course, and how the actual user reviews come down, but it appears to me that Toyota has hit a homerun with this extension of the Prius technology to the station wagon market.
I’m severely headroom challenged and also need to fit a car seat behind me with the seat all the way back. What people are failing to realize is that due to the tsunami, Japan is still being bombarded with radiation. If you have a prius or are thinking about working on one, the 12v battery that turns on all the computers as you start the car is located in the very rear passenger side of the car. Why wouldn't it be burried and bolted in so deep it's impossible to change out or hook up jumper cables to?? Prius smart key battery replacement, It's not difficult to change the battery of a toyota prius smart to change the battery of a toyota prius smart key prius smart key battery.
How replace battery toyota prius key fob, Here's how to replace the battery on a 20042009 prius remote entry key fob. How change prius smart key battery toyota parts blog, If your prius smart key isn't working toyota parts blog. The new vehicle, designed from the ground up, is larger in all dimensions versus the 2012 Prius Liftback. Toyota engineers paid careful aerodynamic attention to the bumpers, corners and roofline, as well as rocker panels, mirrors, wheels and wheelcovers.
With judicious pressure on the accelerator pedal, Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive System allows the Prius v to travel at around-town speeds on electric power alone. Together with its electric motor, the hybrid system generates a combined 134 net horsepower. With the batteries sufficiently charged, the system can further save gas by automatically shutting off the engine when the car comes to a stop and restarting it when the brake pedal is released. Respectable sized underfloor storage bins add to the Prius v’s function as a family hauler. That means an instrument panel placed in the center of the dash below the windshield rather than the traditional location behind the steering wheel.
An Energy Monitor display shows the power flow between the engine, battery and electric motors.
This translates to a little more leg, shoulder and hip room plus a generous amount of headroom.
Connect a smart phone to the vehicle via Bluetooth or a USB cable and Entune’s features are then operated using the vehicle’s controls or, for some services, by voice recognition. Handling balance is nose heavy and the electric power steering has a numb, disassociated feel.
We didn’t exactly feel the claimed benefit during our week with the v, but this version of the Prius maintained the overall driving profile of its predecessor: comfortable, somewhat noisy and easy to drive. There isn’t another vehicle that can deliver the fuel mileage and interior space at any cost.
This turbocharged diesel powered wagon has a smidgen less cargo room and bests the Prius v’s highway numbers by 4 mpg, but is 8 mpg shy of what the v gets in the city. This larger version of the quintessential hybrid vehicle fulfills its mission: a more versatile hybrid than the already useful Prius Liftback. Yeah it is not a minivan but mid-size 5-seat market is huge (around 20%) so there are plenty of potential buyers. No more back window bar, better integration of media, better dashboard, more room for hauling stuff. I buy them because they are comfortable and because I can use them to schlep the stuff that I can’t get into other cars.
Meanwhile, because of a more compact lithium-ion battery, European and Japanese buyers will be offered a version with three rows of seats.
I just bought a Matrix, and will be keeping it clean as a whistle so that I can trade it against a Prius V in a couple of years – I want to wait out the inevitable early-adopter premium price.

I’ve been waiting for 6 years now and I will not buy from them until they make a hybrid 7 passenger minivan! On paper, this looks like a better product (for my family needs) than the bigger, very attractive Venza Wagon — which is more expensive, both to buy AND ESPECIALLY to operate. I have a 2004 Matrix, and it looks the same, feels bigger, and the brochure says it’s bigger.
I’d suggest bringing a geiger counter to the dealership before buying any car from Japan. Yet, the familiar 50-mpg Prius gets crossed off the shopping list of many consumers who say the quintessential hybrid is just not quite big enough. It also has a bigger price tag with a starting price of $26,400 compared to the Liftback’s base price of $24,000. For the front half of the Prius v, the signature wedge remains in place, but the rear end breaks the mold with a sheet metal design that looks back heavy and somewhat awkward. Still, apart from an enlarged front under grille and the higher, extended roofline, culminating in a discreet lip spoiler above the rear liftgate, there are few external differences. Sensors decide when to employ gasoline engine power or a combination of gas and electric propulsion: the goal is to efficiently balance fuel economy and acceleration. Like all Prii, the v uses a continuously variable transmission (CVT), which acts like an automatic transmission but employs infinite ratios rather than preset gearing.
The normal mode, which is the default when the car is started, is somewhere between ECO and Power when it comes to fuel mileage and acceleration performance. Additional interior storage includes door pockets, two gloveboxes, a console bin and a large open cubby beneath the center stack. Readouts include the speedometer, fuel gauge, trip odometer, gear selection, battery state of charge and a graph showing real-time driving efficiency. It’s great for entertaining passengers who have never experienced a hybrid car, but if you believe safe driving includes keeping your eyes on the road, don’t select it.
Both are impediments to competent cornering; even straight-line tracking seems compromised by the steering’s artificial feel. With a sticker price of $26,400, the base 2012 Prius v Two is reasonably well equipped, but if you don’t need the space, the base 2012 Prius Liftback is $2,400 less and delivers a combined 50 mpg. Fill out some basic details and we.ll have a dealer in your area send you a price quote to get the ball rolling. If the V has at least the same cargo length and width as the Escort, it will be my next car. I won’t be surprise to see Toyota put the Camery hybrid pwr train into the Verza and Join the Prius line up.
Great for vacations and moving furniture- it has as much cargo space as her current Ford Edge- which gets 16mpg. We’ll also need a car that will fit our stuff, not a ton of stuff, but more than just a trip to the grocery. The Prius V wagon appears to offer me everything I use my RAV4 for, but at about half the fuel costs. That’s more room than the Chevrolet Equinox, Ford Escape, Honda Element or Nissan Rogue crossovers offer. Entune data services include a fuel price guide, sports scores, stocks, traffic and weather. Enthusiast-minded drivers will turn their noses up at these characteristics but as a family hauler, it offers an acceptable drive. If the v is the best fit for your needs and you want more features, the Prius v Three starts at $27,165, the Prius v Five at $29,990. If seven-passenger seating is a must, the Mazda 5 falls within inches of the Prius v’s exterior and interior dimensions and has minivan-type rear sliding doors. Looks like they are eliminating most of the current negatives that have made me hold back, waiting and hoping for genuine improvements!
This is a car for wealthy suburbanites who don’t care if their monthl car expenses top $500. On the plus side, engine start-stop is unobtrusive while on the road, the interplay between the gas engine and electric motor is, for the most part, insignificant. Its raison d’etre is to provide as much or more cargo space as nearly every small SUV on the road – and to trample that competition on efficiency by granting 42 mpg combined fuel economy when those vehicles commonly eke mileage in the mid-20 mpg range. Wood paneling, solid leather without the air holes, a Bose sound system, thicker carpet and little to no road noise would be good places to start.
It would take more than a decade of driving 20000 miles a year to save that money in gas, and all the while you will have an underpowered, still relatively cramped, lighter, less safe car in the process. This is just another way for yuppies to show off their green credentials, when in fact there is not a dime to be saved here.

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