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As on the other smartphones, your iPhone 5S will automatically lock the screen if it not being used for a certain amount of time. If you still need assistance, feel free to drop your question in the comment section below this post. 2) There are two pentalobe screws underneath the phone – to either side of the charging port. 5) The LCD ribbon cables are hidden underneath a metal bracket to the top right of the phone. 8) The battery is held in by ribbon cable, which in turn is hidden between another metal bracket held in by two screws (similar to the screen).
9) The loudspeaker assembly at the bottom of the phone has the most screws – 7 in total.
10) The motherboard itself is located to the top and right of the phone and requires another 7 screws to be undone before removing it.
The way the Apple statement read was that the company will be contacting customers who are affected by the manufacturing issue. My iiphone 5 suddenly began to make a continuous ringing and would not stop until it was turned completely off.
Merhaba, iPhone 5 ve iPhone 5s'in bicimi ve boyutlar? ayn?d?r ama kameralar? ve LED flaslar? farkl?d?r.
Sweep up from the bottom of the screen and you have access to many often used phone features and settings.
The Touch ID button, which you’ll use as much as you did the traditional iPhone home button, not only looks different (the older versions have a square in the middle), it also sounds different. Fingerprint detection and reading technology is not new, but I have never seen it so elegantly integrated into a consumer-electronics product. The idea behind Touch ID is simple: Use up to five different fingerprints to unlock your phone, and make iTunes purchases. One of the reasons Apple's iPhone has been so successful is that it is virtually unmatched in creating useful and comprehensible software.
As soon as I selected “Add a Fingerprint” under Passcode and Fingerprint in the settings app, iOS 7 helpfully guided me through the process, telling me to “Lift and rest your finger on the Home button repeatedly.” As I did this, I felt a gentle pulse under my finger, which was a signal for me to lift it. For iTunes and the App Store, making a purchase prompts Touch ID to pop up as one of the verification options.
The A7 chip plays a crucial role in delivering better gaming performance and providing the horsepower to drive some of the best digital photography I have ever seen on a smartphone. In picture after picture, I found that the colors were truer and the level of image distortion was lower.
Samsung's Galaxy S4 also has a burst option under “Drama” mode, but it isn’t as easy to use as Apple’s version. The video ended up inside the camera roll, where I could both trim the video (either permanently or save a copy of the clip), and select the portion of video that would be slow-motion and the portion that would be normal. Apple’s other innovation is its True Tone flash, which is a marked improvement over the iPhone 5’s single, image-busting LED flash. For a deep dive on iOS 7, check out our Senior Tech Analyst Christina Warren’s in-depth review.
Airdrop is Apple’s answer to NFC sharing; it basically works via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and is completely proximity-based. While we spend more time texting, and using games and apps, the iPhone 5S is still a phone — the good news is that Apple has not forgotten this. Samsung's Galaxy S4 actually has two versions of voice control: One is S-Voice and the other is simply Voice Control. To really understand the potential of a 64-bit processor, you need to run apps that demand extreme –- at least on a mobile device –- levels of processing power.
Infinity Blade III features rich three-dimensional images, atmospheric effects and physics.
To be fair, though, I have yet to see an off-the-shelf LTE phone that impressed me with its battery life.
Apple’s approach is focusing on users’ most common tasks, and polishing the associated features until they gleam. It’s become quite clear to me that people are now confusing “new features’ with “innovation.” Samsung wins the feature war (by a pure count basis), but with its perfect screen size (for me, at least), stunning operating system and unlimited fun, the 5S wins my heart. The Bad: Battery life not quite as good as expected, but certainly on par with competitors.
Amazon’s Kindle app now has an all-new design, as well as a new “Collections” feature to help them organize their books, documents, and magazines. Evernote has a new home screen, which brings all your personal and business notes, notebook, tags, shortcuts and announcements onto the same page, new Quicknote feature, and image and PDF markup. TED’s iOS 7 app sports a fresh new user interface, improved audio bar with time seeker and more. Optimized for larger screens, the app makes it easy to add variety to a station with artist suggestion, helps you explore more about an artist or album on screen while you listen, and provides a detailed timeline customized for each individual listener.

Quora’s new iPhone app includes a new user interface, as well as new swiping and gestures for an improved Quora reading experience on mobile.
Night Sky 2 brings new 64bit support for the iPhone 5S, an added option for imperial units and an improved Nigh Sky Community.
Yahoo Weather offers an new enhanced experience for iOS 7 and incorporates Yahoo’s new logo. The most noticeable design change is that the app's main navigation bar has been moved to the bottom of the screen, replacing the old navigation bar at the top of screen.
Photo Editor for Aviary has an all-new interface for iOS 7, and introduces a “Supply Shop” where you can find all of Aviary’s Photo Filters, Frames and Sticker Packs in one place.
Instagram got a new look – similar to that found in other iOS 7 apps – as well as a new features. If you choose never and you forget to lock your device, you may accidentally tap the phone apps then call someone or something else. If you want to take apart and repair your phone at a fraction of the cost, this page is for you! However, if users suspect their phone is affected, they can always go to the nearest Apple retail store and have it checked out. Share this empowering narrative on your social network of choice and ask others to do the same. Bu nedenle iPhone 5 icin uretilen k?l?flar iPhone 5s'in kameras?n?n cal?smas?n? etkileyebilir.
The chassis are virtually identical, save for the new home button that also houses the Touch ID fingerprint scanner, a new dual LED "True Tone" flash and the two new metallic color options.
Placing the fingerprint reader under the home button is a brilliant idea — even more so because the execution is nearly flawless (Apple filed a patent for the sapphire laminate layer that sits on top of the sensor). This cuts down on having to reenter your four-number pin every time you want to unlock the phone, and having to reenter your iTunes password every time you want to purchase or update an app.
To enter a fingerprint, you train the sensor to recognize the soft pad of your finger; it’s a seemingly complex task that Apple turns into child’s play. At the same time, I could see Touch ID building an image of my fingerprint, bit by bit, on the screen. If the screen is on, but locked, I only need to place my finger on the home button to unlock it. And speaking of security, your fingerprints are not stored with Apple; instead they’re locally encrypted at a hardware level. What's more, if you look at the iPhone 5 and 5S side by side, you can see that the latter's lens is bigger (it actually looks like a more sophisticated camera). To shoot non-stop frames on the iPhone 5S, I simply held down the camera shutter, and it shot 10 frames per second.
Again, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen slow-mo capabilities, but as you would expect, Apple's version is smart and easy to use.
Although I wished I could set multiple instances of slow-mo action, Apple only presented me with one that I could easily expand and contract. Note that to get a slow-motion video on Instagram, I had to mail it to myself, download it and then upload it to the photo- and video-sharing service.
In tests with skin tone under standard lighting, the 5 would occasionally make people look like they were suffering from anemia, while the True Tone flash did a much better job of showing true skin-tone colors. I agree with her perspective that the new operating system even makes the 12-month-old iPhone 5 feel brand new. Apple did a great job of reorganizing Notifications, and the Control Center has more options than you’d find on any Android device, including Airdrop and Airplay.
Call quality is excellent, and I noticed that my LTE signal is more persistent than on the iPhone 5. The echo effect was bizarre, but it also became clear that Siri on the 5S sounds a lot less robotic. When I said “Change Brightness," it responded, “Here you go,” and displayed the screen-brightness slider. The latter is pretty sophisticated; you can set it up so that the camera takes a picture when you say “cheese” or “smile,” but the S-Voice is far more versatile. As with its desktop counterpart, the benefits of all those extra bits is not immediately apparent. Epic Game's Infinity Blade III, which was released simultaneously with the iOS 7, is that kind of app; it’s console-level gaming on a tiny retina display. It takes on the full-time job of measuring input from the accelerometer, gyroscope and compass. Although the iPhone is rated for 10 hours of browsing on an LTE connection, heavy use — including gaming, video shooting, burst-mode photography and video consumption — decreased that significantly. It's the top choice for anyone who wants a smaller phone with a high-resolution screen, formidable power and an unmatched mobile operating system. Samsung squeezes tons of functionality and even multiple options to perform the same task into its device (not typical of an Android phone).

The iOS 7 version of the app also includes the ability to delete unwanted comments directly in magazines, and report inappropriate users and comments. Social sharing also comes to the iPad for the first time with the release, giving users the opportunity to publish their music activity to Facebook, or share links to their favorite stations on Twitter. The new design also eliminates the tool bar that slid out from the left-hand side of the app in the old version. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. However, if you find the autolock time is too long or even too fast, you can adjust it to the best settings you like. We have written, step by step instructions on how to take your iPhone apart as well as a video showing you how, making it easy and cheap to pay for items such as cracked screens or damaged internal components. The iPhone 4 had famously had the antenna issue, whereby users experienced decreased signal strength in certain areas. Its screen is exactly the same 4-inch diagonal 1133-by-640 resolution as the 5; so if you're like me, and enjoy the look and feel of the iPhone 5, you’ll like this the 5S (and perhaps appreciate the new colors). What's more, it also asked me to “Adjust my grip,” so it can recognize my finger even when it’s not right on top of the home button. The only time Touch ID would not read my finger was when it was wet, which may be a problem in the winter or on rainy days.
In almost every instance, the 5S images looked better than those shot with the 5, and sometimes better than those from the S4.
When I let go, the 5S let me scan through all the shots in a sort of film strip, where it identified the best ones. To shoot slow-mo video, I simply selected “slo-mo” by swiping to the desired shooting mode in the camera interface.
At every single level, it’s an improvement over iOS 6, and creates a near-perfect marriage of hardware and software.
On both the iPhone 5S and 5, icon and interfaces zoom in and out, so you feel like you’re diving into apps and then zipping back out of them.
You can access it by saying “Hi Galaxy” and use it, for example, to change settings, find people in your contacts and push social-media updates. To find S-Voice, I have to switch to the app, and then either say “Hi Galaxy” or hold down the software button.
In theory, a 64-bit processor widens the processing highways so much that the iPhone can compute far more efficiently.
This is designed to take that burden off the A7 chip, but also provide a new way for third-party companies to interact with these sensors. The Galaxy S4 can actually watch you, so it knows when to stop and start video, and even lets you navigate a website with your eyes. Both photos and videos are displayed at an increased resolution, and both can be expanded to be displayed on the edges of your screen.
The Samsung Galaxy S4 also had a battery issue with some of their models which it had to supply replacements for recently. K?l?f sat?n al?rken, ozel olarak iPhone'unuzun modeli icin uretilmis bir k?l?f secmeniz gerekir.
Not the least bit garish, the gold is more of a champagne hue and, like fine jewelry, all the iPhone 5S’s bevels shine with extra brilliance.
Usually, the handset got it right, finding photos that had the best exposure and were the least blurry. Once I saw what I could accomplish with 120 frames per second, I began wishing for 240 frames per second.
With its flippable card deck of web pages, Safari is now a real pleasure to use, and may be my new favorite mobile-web browser. And when I said, “Wi-Fi,” Siri told me that it was off, and asked if I wanted to turn it on. During my tests (I know, it’s hard to call gaming a “test”), the game looked amazing and never stuttered once — even during the most intense gameplay. On another day, where I did far fewer of those activities (likely a better reflection of average use) battery life held up well into the evening hours. New apps can be, as well, although the iPhone handled all of my 32-bit legacy apps just fine. Similarly, I can now sweep through full-page thumbnails of all running apps, and flick them up to stop them. Kasada odeyeceginiz y?llara gore belirlenen bedel kars?l?g?nda 1, 2 veya 3 y?ll?k garanti paketlerinden birine, sozlesme sertifikas? kars?l?g?nda sahip olursunuz.
Magazalar?m?zdan sat?n ald?g?n?z urunler icin Genisletilmis Ek Garanti hizmetimizi urun ile birlikte sat?n alabilirsiniz.

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