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Apple officially unveiled their new iPhone 3GS today, at the company’s annual developers conference. Japanese outdoors brand White Mountaineering previews their Mocaflauge Collection for the new season. Cheez unveil further items from their full fledged Japanese clothing line, designed by the duo of Deka-Jun and Naoki. The IFA International Consumer Electronics Show took place every two years, but since 2006 the IFA show became once again an annual event under Berlin’s famous Funkturm landmark. Add the RSS feed to your news feeder and you will receive constantly updated articles on all the IFA news. The already compact sales packaging has now shrunk even further, and a silver-lined S, which stands for speed, has been added to the type name. In the early days, back in 1924 the IFA began in Berlin as the “Great German Radio Exhibition”. The iPhone 3GS still offers enviable usability and a form factor that oozes class and quality. Highlights include: a faster processor that runs applications at twice the current speed, auto-focus 3MP camera, video feature, voice control, 9 hours of web surfing battery life, and digital compass amongst many other features. To use our RSS service you will need an RSS reader, of which there are many available online. Furthermore, a picture of the smartphone Apple iPhone 3Gs is displayed on the front, whilst the Apple logo can be found on the side, just like the text displayed in silver. The menu is easy to use; thanks to a number of clear icons, all running very smoothly, and the various applications open both easily and rapidly.

This adds to displaying almost every web page, although the iPhone 3Gs does lack support of flash.
In the meantime, the International Consumer Electronics Show has not only become the world's biggest trade show for consumer electronics but also presents the world's largest number of product premieres in consumer electronics and home appliances. The interface is incredibly simple, with shortcuts and apps spread over an unlimited supply of home screens.
Available in two different colorways (black or white), the iPhone 3GS will come in a 16 GB version running for $199 and 32 GB version for $299. Opening a sealed packaging is always a good feeling, and as soon as the top cover is removed, the iPhone 3Gs becomes visible. Sliding across the screen with your finger enables scrolling; a brief sliding motion will already suffice. The entire screen of the iPhone 3Gs serves as a viewfinder, with the exception of a small edge where the shutter button is located. Personally, I find it a pity that the new Apple iPhone 3Gs offers little innovation; yes, it is faster, it has gained some small additions, but the design itself remained completely untouched. The seamless working of multi-touch still impresses too, letting you pinch to zoom and scroll through web pages with nonchalant ease ? Due to the sensitive, immediately responding touch screen, the operation proves extremely pleasant. Unfortunately, there is no hard button besides this key on the screen, so taking a picture must always take place through the touch screen. I would have liked to see an Apple iPhone with the format, for example, of the LG Arena, since a new model with exactly the same appearance will tempt fewer people to purchase it.

The camera's speed is amazing, also because of the fact that the autofocus works immediately without waiting for the shutter button to be used. At 3.2 inches the 480x320 screen seems relatively small and low-res next to the Desire and Wave's offerings, but it's perfectly adequate for viewing movies and photos. It's also fantastic for gaming with an accurate accelerometer and plenty of affordable titles from the App Store, such as Real Racing HD. The Apple App Store is still the best in the business, offering a vast choice of games, utilities and social networking tools. It's not open source like Android, but with an app count of 2,00,000 and rising, iPhone users are spoilt for choice. The 3.2-megapixel camera takes adequate snaps, yet the lack of a flash limits its uses and you'll have to charge the battery every night. The iPhone 4 boasts a five-megapixel camera with 720p video capture, along with improved battery life: tempting indeed.
If you can resist the lure of the new, however, you should be able to snap up this still highly desirable phone.

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