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That’s a little smaller than the 11.9 gallon fuel capacity of the 2012 Prius hatchback, but given the Prius C is also a lot smaller, it should offer a similar driving distance between fill-ups as its larger brother. Like previous generation Priuses, the Prius C will use a nickel-metal hydride battery pack rather than the lithium-ion battery pack found in the 2012 Prius Plug-in Hybrid.
Despite its smaller dimensions -- almost two feet shorter than the 2012 Prius hatchback -- the 2012 Prius C will include a space-saver emergency tire.

Despite what we learned in Detroit, the sub-$19,000 base-level Prius won’t come with remote keyless entry as standard. At least, that’s what the manual implies, with sections devoted to cars without a smart key system. Cars without the smart-key system will instead use a traditional steering-column ignition barrel.

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