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Because they have the reputation for having bad panels and you can not adjust their brightness, laptops seem quite good just to clear our memory cards during a journey.
Although the settings of their monitor are basic, some calibration colorimeters can now take full control of them. It is perfectly possible to calibrate a laptop display or screen today.The quality of the result will depend very much on the quality of the laptop panel and there, you can have a lot of disparity. I can assure you that the MacBook Pro panel starting from 2011 is amazing, once calibrated. Last generation colorimeters (since July 2011 X-Rite or Datacolor) are significantly better than the previous ones to calibrate laptop display. If you want to achieve the beautiful color temperature of 6.000K (neither too hot nor too cold according to my taste), I recommend the i1Display Pro model. And whatever happens, do not expect a laptop display to reach a good desktop monitor quality.
On paper, the calibration of the display of a laptop is very difficult if not just impossible due to the lack of settings and the poor quality of the panel.
It is important to place your display at the right height, especially with TN display (the most basic panel). The majority of laptop display have very basic panels, called CCFL which is a fluorescent technology. However, it is now possible (since 2011) to correct or cancel their second biggest drawback : the lack of display settings except for brightness. The best possible case is to be able to adjust the brightness of your display on 10 levels. With Datacolor Spyder4Pro and Spyder4Elite colorimeters it is even easier as the software asks you what type of monitor you want to calibrate (a laptop fot this example) and will therefore know that you will have only brightness setting adjustment possibility. With Datacolor colorimeter, I could not get closer to my targeted value (106 achieved for 120 targeted, otherwise I would have been at to 135).
The majority of laptop displays have really basic panels whose color temperature is arround 9.300 K by default (this is so blue, so cold). The color temperature of the display calibrated with Datacolor colorimeters are slightly cooler (some would say neutral!) than with X-Rite colorimeters.
I noticed that on laptops, the ICC profile of the monitor is not always activated when booting, especially with Windows (7 in my case and even with previous versions, I did not check with Windows 8) . The question now arises whether a colorimeter (or colorimeter) stands out as the best to calibrate those displays.

The number of t one breaks is slightly higher, whatever laptop display is calibrated with a Datacolor colorimeters. For a same targeted color temperature, the Datacolor colorimeter delivers a more neutral or colder result. For a 2.2 targeted gamma, X-Rite colorimeters will deliver a more progressive grayscale than Datacolor one. Above all, I strongly recommend you calibrate your laptop display, whatever the use you make of it, as it is now easily possible since 2011. MacBook Pro panel (since 2011) is beautiful after calibration with the use of an X-Rite colorimeter : no tone breaks in the grayscale. The MacBook Air panel as many other panels can be calibrated, but the result will show a lot of tone breaks. The difference between the Datacolor and X-Rite colorimeters is really smaller than in the past. The X-Rite Colormunki Display model is a calibration colorimeter for expert amator and most professionals. The Datacolor Spyder4pro model is a professional calibration colorimeter, but slightly limitated compared to the Elite model. The missing feature would be the multi monitors possibility, less adjustment settings and the possibility to calibrate a beamer. This colorimeter clearly competes with the i1Display Pro and offers almost infinite possibilities. So I asked myself the question: what can I do since this website can only continue its growth generating regular incomes, like all other websites.
3b — область для проверки правильности установки яркости и контраста на вашем мониторе (в дополнение к 1a и 1b). Certainly it is a little more expensive but guaranteed for three years thanks to its glass filters. However, I argue that the panel, including recent MacBook Pro are much better than many desktop monitors. Quality is improving and it is getting easier to calibrate, but especially to correctly edit photos or perform basic retouches. Few laptop display are using LED technology, known ones being the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air from Apple since 2012. Now we had seen on the page dedicated to monitor calibration that brightness was used to set the white point and contrast to set the black point.

Do not try to get too low in color temperature because the monitor will become more yellowish than warm, espacially if you are seeking for a value below 6.000 K. However, a slight dominant color remains with the Datacolor colorimeter that cannot be seen unless you have the opportunity to compare.
When you have calibrated your laptop display, reboot your computer and see if the colors displayed changed.
Still amazing results and it is clearly to put on the credit of the new colorimeters, with the incredible i1Display Pro.
Only one real unknown, the gelatin filters lifetime resistance of the Datacolor colorimeters. How can I keep on giving access to all this information for free, which I've historically been doing since April 2002 (in french)? That does not make them be at the level of a graphic art monitor for pro retouchers but it is more than okay. This little miracle is still possible thanks to a new feature implemented in X-Rite Colormunki Display and i1Display Pro colorimeters : the ADC functionality (Automatic Display Control). Only the best panels know how to display a 5.000 K without falling into an ugly yellowish caricature. On most laptop using TN or PVA panels are set by default at 9.300 K, therefore you will be amazed by the result ! It is even quite possible to calibrate his laptop in 2013, at least neutralize the dominant color, modify the color temperature and display a good brightness.
All Mac laptops (MacBook Pro and MacBook Air are using LED technology since 2012), some Asus laptops and Sony sold since 2012 are also using LED technology : then choose LED or white LED technologies.
Obviously, the final quality will depend very much on your monitor but the calibration of a 2011 MacBook Pro or 2012 MacBook Pro (Retina) is really amazing. With these panels it is impossible to keep the same brightness as soon as you move your head.
But you have to admit that advertising is pretty profitable and that it enables many websites to keep on living.
Now, the vast majority of laptops have these kind of panel due to very low selling prices, therefore, this is the main problem that calibration will never be able to correct or minimize.

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