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Shawn Porter punches Devon Alexander during their IBF welterweight title fight at the Barclays Center on December 7, 2013 in the Brooklyn Borough of New York City. Earlier this week Microsoft released the results of a test which showed that its Edge web browser used less battery than rival browsers like Google Chrome and Opera. But now Opera has hit back at the study, publishing one of its own which has a very different result.
The amount of battery that a web browser uses might not seem like a big deal, but it’s genuinely an important issue. Opera carried out its own test and, perhaps unsurprisingly, found that its own browser was the best — but only when its battery saver mode was on. Forum Samsung Android Phones Samsung Galaxy S6 Why is Quizup using so much battery on my Galaxy S6?
Dennis Ou Posts 64 Posts Why is Quizup using so much battery on my Galaxy S6? Posted via the Android Central App on the Galaxy S6 Do you have the push notifications turned on in the app? Reply Forum Samsung Android Phones Samsung Galaxy S6 Why is Quizup using so much battery on my Galaxy S6?
I'm trying to Bluetooth files from my Galaxy S6 to my MacBook Air but it won't work, how can I do this? Last Post: 06-18-2015, 12:17 PM Can you program a Bluetooth to come on only at certain times? Last Post: 06-18-2015, 12:13 PM When I attach my Nexus 4 with the computer through data wire it is not connecting, why? Last Post: 06-16-2015, 09:21 PM When sending a group email on my Samsung SM-P900 it converts to unreadable text, how can I stop this from happening? After homebrewing for so many years, I knew fermentation temperature control was something that ought to be added to my capabilities. I ordered the parts from BrewPi in Europe but decided to omit the pretty enclosures offered by the creator, Elco, as I wanted to get everything in one box to the extent possible.

I decided to power the Pi and Arduino through this pluggable brand USB powered hub, which also connects the devices for data. Not long ago I received my third hardware example of the BeerBug, namely the current WiFi model.
The software is not fully developed yet, though I thought it was in better shape that the earlier versions I had spent many hours trying to get working, exchanging dozens of emails with the ParasitX crew. I haven’t tested it in brewing yet, but here are some results from testing in water as I have done before, to check for drift, accuracy, precision, etc.
Anyway, once I got the device set up initially it seemed to be working quite well overall with better consistency and usability than the bluetooth prototypes.
I used a fan from a dead old Mac Mini and a 5V power supply from a Ye Olde Palm Treo, soldering a 2.1mm barrel plug and socket to make it dis-connectable. I was able to run the power cord out through the drain port at the bottom of the fridge as seen here. The BeerBug folks were kind enough to send me a replacement BeerBug (with a green LED instead of blue) in view of the problems I had with my early model.
I happened to have a beer fermenting so I tried it right away, but had some issues likely related to the line holding the torpedo weight being too long so that the weight partially rested on the fermentor.  And the beer was about done fermenting.
After shortening the line, I tried in again in a carboy of water to make sure things were sorted. Around the time the above chart ends, I bottled the beer and put the BeerBug in water to see what it would read. Despite the downsides, we are pleased with the switch box and take it on all our longer flights. Potato battery science project is a simple experiment which demonstrates how a pair of different metals and electrolyte can produce electric current. If you add some other things to the list, you'll be able to make series of interesting experiments. Take 3 potatoes and stick a galvanised nail to one side of each, and copper wire into another side.

Connect wire from first potato to the nail of second potato and wire from secant potato to the nail on third potato. Svitch multimeter to voltage reading and make sure that the scale set to read 0-10 volt range. Try to connect nail and wires from the potato battery and power terminals of this devices and see if that will work.
What happens if you stick nail and wire very close to each other in potato or as far away as possible? Web browsers like Google Chrome are packed with extensions and processes that chew through a laptop’s battery. Nerdly Endeavours flashing brightly while the bike was parked outside.  Thinking the light must have been left on, I went to turn it off but could not, though strangely enough by pushing the button enough the light would switch between flashing and constant beam modes.
Today I set up a fan to blow cool air into the draft tower to try keep the beer in the draft tower cooler. Nerdly Endeavours had a LED bicycle tail lamp that had stopped working, even with fresh batteries.   It looked very simple so I opened it up to check it out. After letting the torpedo stabilize in water for a couple of hours while I finished the brew, I put it in the wort which was intentionally under-pitched.  The first few hours showed what seemed to be a vigorous fermentation with a quick drop in gravity, but there was actually no airlock activity.
However it could be enough to power up a calculator or digital clock which need very small amount of energy to run. That’s why Microsoft is so keen to show that its Edge browser is the most power-efficient.
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