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If you've got an iPad 2 with a broken or cracked screen, AppleCare or insurance won't help, and you're interested in saving some money and fixing it yourself, we can help walk you through a DIY repair.
Disclaimer: As with any repair, neither iMore nor PXLFIX can be held responsible for any damage you may do to your device.
PXLFIX recommends using only quality and genuine parts from a reputable supplier like eTech Parts.
Replacement digitizer - Link to black digitizer replacement, Link to white digitizer replacement - The parts we have linked to come complete with adhesive, camera hold, and Home button assembly.
The power cable sits at the top right of the iPad 2 and can easily be knicked with a pry tool or iPad opening tool. The Wi-Fi antenna in the iPad 2 is located along the bottom directly to the right of the Home button.
The digitizer cable is located towards the bottom left corner of the iPad about 2 inches up. This is the most difficult part of performing an iPad 2 or new iPad screen replacement as the screen is held in with nothing but adhesive.
Once you think you've gotten all or almost all of the adhesive broke we can pry up the digitizer.
Before we proceed any further into cleaning out the frame, we want to get the completely exposed LCD out of the way and place it somewhere safe.
Before moving on you'll most likely have a lot of glass and left over adhesive in the frame. If you need to, use your heat gun in order to heat up any left over adhesive on the frame to make it easier to peel off. Once you are positive that the entire frame is free of old adhesive and broken glass, we can move on.
You'll only need to use this step if the new digitizer assembly you ordered did not come with the Home button and camera hold pre-assembled onto the new one.
Remove the following items with your pry tool off the old digitizer assembly taking care not to bend them. Now place the Home button bracket on top of the Home button adding more adhesive if you need to (you probably will).
To put the camera hold on the new assembly, apply new adhesive to the back of it if necessary (again, it's recommended).
To make sure it's in correctly, you can always lay it down carefully in the iPad frame and make sure the top lines up without getting caught up on anything around the camera hold. If you have ordered a new iPad digitizer that already has the adhesive applied, you can skip this step.
Start in any corner you'd like and start carefully laying the new adhesive around the edge of the screen.
Make sure you don't cover up any components around the Home button area that shouldn't be covered. Carefully insert the two ends of the digitizer cable into the socket you removed the old one from. Just like you attached the digitizer assembly, carefully re-attach the LCD assembly in the same way.
Before peeling off the backing to the adhesive, now is a perfect time to test the assembly instead of waiting until you've stuck down the screen with adhesive before realizing it's defective. If everything is in good shape, go ahead and hold down the power button and slide to power off again. If you had issues, double-check the digitizer cable again making absolutely sure it's all the way in place and secured.
This part can be a bit tricky as well so make sure you're careful and that you lay the digitizer down very carefully.

Pull the backing off all the adhesive taking care around the digitizer cable and making sure that the cable doesn't get stuck. Carefully flip the digitizer into place making sure that you are lining up the frame at the top and the bottom.
The bottom left corner where the digitizer cable sits may need a bit of extra pressure to make sure it secures over the cable. Add this service to cart, and proceed with the checkout to have a custom yellow screen installed on your iPad 2.
We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. The first thing you notice about the iPad Air 2 is the feel in the hand with a surprisingly lighter structure.
The screen is the next piece you notice, as everything just seems brighter, and crisper on the iPad Air 2.
About UsAppleNApps offers the most current, critical, concise, and consistent app reviews around. We strive to bring insightful and thought provoking articles in an attempt to be more than just another news aggregator. Add this service to cart, and proceed with the checkout to have a custom pink screen installed on your iPad 2.
It’s also worth considering that opening up your device to perform any repair or modification can and will void your Apple warranty. Just like the cellular antenna, it can get caught on the adhesive and be pryed up with the digitizer when you're removing it. Even though you'll be removing it and replacing it, still take care not to push it too hard as it can push into the LCD and damage it or pull up on components underneath the LCD. We are going to have to heat it up to soften the adhesive and slowly remove it with our iPad opening tool. Take your time and make sure each area is heated thoroughly before you move to another section or attempt to remove the digitizer. Be careful to wath the caution areas to make sure they aren't being pulled up along with the broken digitizer. Use the edge of the frame to make sure it is lined up correctly and straight.Once you've gotten the new Home button lined up correctly, flip it over to make sure that it's straight in the frame. In order to get the cable to fit correctly, part of the cable will need to be tucked underneath the metal frame.Most replacement cables will have white lines on each side.
Once the slide to unlock screen comes up, go ahead and slide your finger to unlock to make sure the screen responds to touch.
If you still have no touch capability, you may have a defective unit and need to send it back.
Now remove the protective backing off the inside of the digitizer that protects the screen from getting dust on the inside.
Pay specific attention around the front-facing camera and by the bottom around the Home button. You can use this service if your screen is allready broken or if you just want to customize your iPad 2.
We can help confirm the issue and inform you if there is any price difference for the repair service.
We have unboxed the device, checked out the new features, compared it in action to the first iPad Air, and captured it all on video for you to enjoy. The tech specs show the iPad Air is is just 0.04 lbs lighter than the iPad Air, and yet there’s a significantly noticeable difference.
It’s the same resolution, but since Apple combined LCD, touch sensor, and glass into one layer, you’re actually closer to the pixels.

It’s just so much more convenient to make digital purchases, while at the same time offering security that I never implemented on an iPad before. Our site's coverage extends to everything Apple 'n' app related, but our primary focus is on the cross section of the two. So if you didn't opt for AppleCare+ and an outright replacement isn't an option, replacing the screen yourself may be worth considering. It can easily become attached to the adhesive on the underside of the digitizer and pull up with it.
Use circular motions about an inch from the surface of the iPad and don't stay in any one area too long.Now take your iPad opening tool and very carefully insert it in between the digitizer and plastic frame right below where the digitizer cable should be.
If they are, break the adhesive holding them onto the screen before prying any further.Once the digitizer is completely separated from the frame you can go ahead and cut the digitizer cable with a pair of scissors to remove it from the iPad. Make sure the digitizer cable is pushed in to or a little past the white lines or the touch screen may not fully respond.
Test the Home button and make sure it depresses ok and look at the front-facing camera to make sure it's lined up correctly. In the notes section during checkout please indicate if you would like a white, black, blue, green, pink or yellow home button installed. Part of that feeling can be attributed to the 6.1mm thickness, which is 18% thinner than the iPad Air, and you notice every tenth of a mm. It’s easy to spot the difference when looking at both devices next to each other, and the iPad Air 2 also includes new anti-reflective technology. It’s tough to test the new A8X chip without a benchmark test, but those numbers don’t necessarily tie into real world use. To avoid this from happening you'll want to use a pry tool to hold them down when prying around it.
Take great care not to push too hard or stick the pry tool under too far as you will nick the LCD. It seems Apple can’t make an iPad any thinner without just shipping an interactive piece of glass. Apple claiming anti-reflective is one thing, but actually seeing it in person is quite another, as they definitely delivered on their claims. We try to bring you the highest quality articles on everything Apple 'N' Apps, as well as recommendations of other items in the Apple universe. If the pry tool does not want to slide in easily, heat up the iPad a bit more.Once you've got your pry tool inserted, gently rock it back and forth in order to break the adhesive around it.
If this is the case, place your iPad somewhere safe until the supplier sends you a new replacement digitizer assembly.
The numbers don’t indicate much difference, but the real world feel shows a markedly different device that will be easy to appreciate on day to day use.
Whether you’re inside under bright lights mounted on the ceiling, or sitting in direct sunlight outside, it’s easy to see how much less reflective the iPad Air 2 is. The load times were identical, but the iPad Air 2 had a noticeable improvement in frame rate for the basketball action to flow silky smooth, even though the iPad Air never seemed to hesitate that much before. After using the iPad since 2010, trying anti-reflective screen protectors to no avail, it’s easy to appreciate just how much clearer everything is, even in direct sunlight.
It’s easy to see the difference as the viewfinder isn’t filled with noise to let the iPad fill in as a camera when that’s the only device you have.
Depending on how bad the iPad is cracked and where, you may have to jump around and heat up different areas and work your way around in opposite directions.

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