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Recycling small cans and plastic bottles will benefit our environment, but nearly 10 million vehicles are also recycled each year. Although rubber makes up less than 5% of the recyclable components from a vehicle, 80% of scrapped tires are reused for new products. We discovered an excellent infographic which details how each component of a vehicle is used after recycling.
Scrap Vehicles Collected For Cash, We Cover Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, West Sussex, Bucks, Middlesex, South West & West London Areas. Here at Scrap Car Surrey we offer a totally free and professional scrap car collection and disposal service to collect and recycle your unwanted or scrap car. We can collect and recycle your unwanted or scrap car free throughout the county of Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, Middlesex, Buckinghamshire, West Sussex, South West & West London.
We are a call away from answering any questions you have concerning your car or van being recycled.
Scrap Car Surrey: Free collection and disposal of scrap cars and unwanted vehicles for cash.
Car RecyclingWe pay cash for junk cars, high-mileage cars, damaged, wrecked or just plain worn out old cars as well as junk vans, trucks and SUV’s. TowingWe tow autos, vans, RVs, light trucks, and trailers.  We also offer local and long distance tows.
Used Car PartsBrowse our lot for a huge selection of quality used parts for  foreign and domestic autos, mostly from the late 90s to early 00s. Who Are We?Rathe’s Auto Salvage and Junk Car Removal is a full service metal recycling company and salvage yard. Our goal is to provide professional and courteous service and a safe environment for our customers and employees.
We pay top prices for all types of scrap metal while using state-of-the-art processing machinery.
To provide professional and courteous service and a safe environment for our customers and employees.
We offer junk car removal, automotive recycling, used car parts, towing, interior and exterior demolition, and scrap metal recycling.
There are currently 23 million light passenger vehicles registered for use on Canadian roads, with 13 million over 8 years old. Car Heaven has partnered with national charity organizations and the proceeds from your recycled vehicle will go to the charity of your choosing. Older vehicles are typically less fuel-efficient than new vehicles of a similar size and lack the latest vehicle technology for cutting air pollution and reducing smog-forming emissions. With the introduction of new technologies, newer vehicles can be much more fuel efficient than their older counterparts. Car Heaven is the only national program that exclusively utilizes vehicle recyclers that adhere to the Canadian Automotive Recycler’s Environmental Code.
Improvements in the design of vehicle exhaust systems have reduced pollution from individual vehicles significantly over the past 25 years.
The auto industry has introduced five successive generations of environmental equipment on new vehicles.
By removing over 120,000 vehicles from Canadian roads, Car Heaven has reduced smog-forming pollution by 4,925 tonnes. Car Heaven is the only national end-of-live vehicle program dedicated to using only auto recyclers who comply with the environmental process guidelines, as outlined in the Canadian Automotive Recyclers’ Environmental Code.
Once your vehicle has been picked up or received by one of Car Heaven’s participating auto recyclers, it will be recycled at their facility in an environmentally responsible way. Once the fluids and other materials have been removed, they are re-used or responsibly disposed of.
Removed to a licensed recycling facility or used for energy recovery in approved used oil furnaces where allowed.
Re-used by the auto recycler, sold to their customers or removed to a licensed recycling facility. Punctured, drained and recycled for the metals and increasingly recycled for its plastic content. Depending on their condition and sales potential, parts and components are dismantled, reconditioned and sold to customers. Parts which are commonly re-used include engines, transmissions, whole front and back ends, body panels, and wheels. Once all the fluids have been drained and the re-usable parts have been removed, the automotive recycler employs the services of an automobile crusher to flatten the vehicle hulk.
We can scrap your car legally, free collection and disposal, scrap a car and get paid today! We will collect the scrap car from any location and dispose of it through our nationwide network of 23 fully licensed Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) Sites who will scrap your car in line with End of Life (ELV) Legislation, and provide you with a Certificate of Destruction which we file online with the DVLA. For a hassle free fast way to scrap your car please complete the fields in the form to the right and we will call you back to arrange a convenient time to collect your car for scrapping. The request will enter our scrap car request database and be allocated based upon your postcode to the nearest of our 23 nationwide fully licensed scrap car collection sites. Raw2K will then call you direct to arrange a convenient day and time for the collection of your scrap car. On arrival of our driver, the Raw2K scrap car Surrender Form is completed by both you and our driver, and you supply our driver with the V5c (Log Book) if available.
Your scrap car is loaded onto the recovery truck, and your payment is handed to you by our driver.
Your scrap car shall then be transported to our agents fully licensed Authorised Treatment Facility Site for the depollution (environmentally approved scrap process) process to begin.
Your scrap car is then depolluted and crushed (scrapped) by our ATF site and the DVLA are notified electronically with a Certificate of Destruction produced.
You shall receive a copy of your scrap cars Certificate of Destruction by email from Raw2K Head Office. You shall then receive a letter from the DVLA within 4-6 weeks confirming your scrapped car has been de-registered and is now scrap.
Once you have fully completed the online form above and clicked the 'Send Scrap Car Request' button you will be contacted by a member of Raw2k’s administration team. Raw2K’s operations are focused upon lowering our waste and increasing recycling, therefore providing us with a controlled and reduced sustainability impact wherever possible.

Airbags, Tyres, Catalysts, Glass and Non Ferrous Metals shall all be removed and disposed of inline with the ELV Directive. Thank you to all who helped us with removing expired, recalled and damaged seats from being reused and potentially putting a child at risk of injury. Due to the resources involved, we are only able to collect seats one time a year during the scheduled events.
Safe Kids Wisconsin is led by Children's Hospital of Wisconsin, a member of Safe Kids Worldwide. Review this little statistic first before subjecting your car to any recycling process as you may not be getting the money that you deserve. Car recycling has been one of the many possible alternatives that you can consider when you plan on getting rid of your car.
You’d be wrong, because legislation won’t allow it – and the rules are getting even tighter.
Unsurprisingly, achieving such radical improvements isn’t easy, especially when cars are made up of so many types and grades of materials; it requires investment and innovation from makers and recycling firms. Graeme Carus, business development director at metal recycler EMR Group, told us: “We’re using leading-edge technology which isn’t the normal image of our industry. Under the End of Life Vehicles Directive, when cars and vans weighing up to 3.5 tonnes are scrapped, they must be disposed of in an environmentally responsible way. The conveyor belt rolls the various pieces underneath magnets, which pull off the steel, leaving plastic and non-ferrous metals on the belt. With the steel piling up off the conveyor belt, the next process sees a high-powered vacuum remove the lighter materials. Non-ferrous metals and heavy plastics remain on the conveyor, and are collected to be taken to another centre to be separated.
Recycling car plastics is a vital step as 10 per cent of modern cars use up to 20 different plastics.
With plastics, steel and metals such as aluminium and copper now recovered and put back into the system, all that remains are the lighter materials taken out during the vacuum stage at the initial recycling site.
The lower price of steel has encouraged people to export scrap cars to sell parts, while unofficial methods are causing problems for legitimate companies.
For more breaking car news and reviews, subscribe to Auto Express - available as a weekly magazine and on your iPad.
Studies show that 3 million scrapped tires can be recycled into over 34 million pounds of surfaces for children’s playgrounds. Our cash paid for cars policy is to offer a realistic and fair price for your unwanted or scrap car based on the vehicles scrap weight value.
We offer a scrap car collection disposal and vehicle recycling and we pay cash for your car. As a company we collect scrap cars and vans throughout Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, Middx, Bucks, West Sussex, West London We collect and dispose of your vehicle totally free without any hidden costs and with peace of mind that your vehicle will not end up back on the road.
Please feel free to give us a call and our staff will discuss any queries with you in a friendly and informed manor. By participating in Car Heaven you will support a Canadian charity, reduce your impact on the environment, save money, and support local green businesses. For your donation you will receive a charitable tax receipt based on the proceeds from your vehicle.
As a result, the fuel consumption and smog-forming emissions are usually greater for older vehicles than newer vehicles. By keeping fuel consumption in mind, you could save 20-40% per year in fuel consumption costs by recycling in your old car for a new model in the same category. By rewarding these environmental leaders within the Automotive Recycling Industry, Car Heaven is stimulating business in the green economy. In fact, in a recent report, the Ontario Medical Association (OMA) estimated that smog- related premature mortality accounts for approximately 9,500 deaths annually in Ontario. Environment Canada projects that smog causing emissions, specifically HCs and NOx, from the total auto sector are currently in decline as newer, cleaner vehicles replace older, higher emitting vehicles in the fleet.
Today’s motor vehicles reduce smog-causing emissions by as much as 99% from uncontrolled levels.
No sorting required – the recyclers that work with Car Heaven will reuse and recycle over 80% of your vehicle and will make sure the remaining materials are disposed of responsibly. This includes the drainage of operating fluids such as oil, coolants, refrigerants and fuel, and the removal of the gas tank, battery and tires.
The used refrigerant is re-used onsite or sold to a licensed buyer for re-use or removed by a licensed recycling facility.
All provinces now have a scrap tire stewardship program to properly manage tires and create value added end products. These flattened hulks are shipped to shredders which pulverize the car into fist-sized pieces in minutes. They will confirm your details and arrange the collection of your car for scrapping and the payment to you.
A scrap car is much greener than an abandoned car and the owner is paid for scrapping their car. 4304063, the company is duly registered with the Data Protection Act 1998 and follow the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003, ICO Registration No. If you are looking to get rid old seats, first check the ownera€™s manual to see if any directions are offered. If there is not an exact expiration date listed, a general rule is 6 years from the manufacture date. Resources vary by community and not all are able to recycle, but take the proper steps to remove seats from circulation and reduce the risk of injury to children. Select the place that can best attend to your needs and can provide you with reasonable prices. Not only will you be putting its remains to good use, but you can also help reduce car part production significantly. The latest developments have saved half a million tonnes a year from landfill, and as a whole the industry has reduced its landfill waste by 90 per cent since 2000. It’s the most technologically advanced in the world, right here in the UK.” To get a glimpse of this tech, and track the automotive circle of life, Auto Express visited one of EMR Group’s major sites in Willesden, north London. Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATFs) – of which there are around 1,500 in the UK – are the only centres legally permitted to dispose of scrap cars, as they can deal with hazardous parts like oil and batteries.

Around 70 per cent of a car’s weight is steel, so this process retrieves around 10 tonnes a year. A process known as heavy media is used to split the materials – by changing the density of water, operatives can dictate what floats and what sinks. To avoid sending it to landfill, in 2010 EMR Group joined forces with MBA Polymers, a leader in plastics, to set up a site in Worksop, Notts. These materials – such as foam, rubber and light plastics – used to go to landfill, but are now turned into gas. The price we offer is guaranteed with no hidden collection, recycling or administration charges.
We will collect your car or van and recycle legally professionaly and issue you with a DVLAA® certificate of distruction (COD) sent to your home address or by Email. We have knowledgeable, friendly, and courteous staff that are eager to help you with all of your requests no matter how small or large task might be. We have highly trained staff that are able to provide the most accurate description and knowledge of the part you are inquiring about. Today this is approaching 225,000 km. This means that Canadians can and often do keep their old vehicles on the road for years longer than they used to. These older vehicles also contain hazardous fluids and materials like mercury switches that need to be treated responsibly at the end of their life.
You could save even more than that by combining a conscientious driving routine with alternative forms of transportation such as biking to school, taking transit to work, or using a car share service for weekend errands. Across Canada, cars, trucks and buses are major sources of smog pollution, especially in densely populated urban areas. Responsible recycling keeps cars out of landfills and hazardous materials from being released into our air, ground and water. It is critical that the draining and proper collection of fluids is performed to prevent any groundwater contamination. The valuable ferrous and non-ferrous metals are removed magnetically, and with complex floatation systems. Such parts shall be appropriately segregated and stored in or on containers that are secured such that oil cannot escape from them. You should definitely consider putting your car up for recycling so that you can earn money by laying your sweet ride to rest. You may think that your car will definitely go to waste and the value that you will receive for subjecting to this activity is no worth it. Find a suitable place that can properly weigh you car for you so that you will not be cheated out of your money. It’s second nature to put out a separate bin for your recyclable goods – but what about your car? In fact, so vast are the improvements, once the processes are running at full tilt, only one per cent of cars could be left unrecycled.
Recycling centres with an ATF licence are then able to issue a Certificate of Destruction (CoD). EMR Group has eight sites where this is possible, and the biggest machine can shred a car every 15 seconds with water sprayed on to keep temperatures at a minimum. As steel is made to an international standard, it’s traded as a commodity, and after the recycled steel market in Spain and the east coast of America disappeared in the economic slump in 2008, Turkey is now the biggest importer of UK recycled steel.
These would previously have been taken to landfill, but with the new legislation and the ?80 per tonne landfill tax, new methods have been developed to recycle these elements.
This works well for aluminium, copper and any other metals (around five per cent of a car’s weight), but flotation won’t work for plastics because they’re made up of so many different chemicals. Here, the plastics in cars can be separated, taken back down to their original properties and reconstituted as pure plastic pellets. EMR teamed up with energy specialist Chinook to open up the hi-tech Oldbury plant in the West Midlands, where the materials are placed in a four-storey-tall rotating box which is heated up and converts them to gas. With Scrap Car Surrey we give you peace of mind that your car will be scrapped legally professionaly and will not end up back on the road, so give us a call now. Smog-forming pollutants include nitrogen oxides, volatile organic compounds and fine particulate matter.
The non-metallic components, known as Auto Shredder Residue (ASR) or fluff, are landfilled.
Oily parts shall be stored on an area with an impermeable surface and a sealed drainage system.
Well you can rest assured that although your car will be reduced to scrap metal, all of its parts would be put to good use.
Better yet have the specific weight of your car even before considering going to the junk yard.
Study the current car recycling prices so that you can make the most out of this experience.
Please remember world metal prices change daily so ring for todays price for your scrap car. The fabric cover also should be removed and anything else that will help deter from re-use. If you want to get higher rates then you should consider going to larger scrap metal production areas so that they can give you more for what you are offering. Responsibly get rid of your car, aid future car part seekers and earn income while doing it. Everybody will get what they want and you will have a lingering sense of fulfillment in the process. You may assume it’s a simple case of crushing it into a cube and ditching it in landfill, piling it high at a salvage yard or selling it for scrap.
That is why it is critical to ensure that the hazardous components are recovered before the car is crushed and shredded. Research continues to determine ways to reduce the amount of ASR diverted to landfills, both at the manufacturing and recycling stages in the life of a vehicle.

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