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It just so happens that in my day job, I’ve done significant research on this particular topic and have written a bit on it car worth and car value (some of which is the foundation of this post). When the collision is more serious… majorly dented body panels, frame damage, broken suspension, generally messed up… that’s a whole different ballgame. For one thing, the car now has an accident on its CarFax or AutoCheck vehicle history report. From the point of view of your insurer or a car dealer’s appraiser the amount of monetary value your car has lost after an accident is called its Diminished Value, which is based on the pre-accident value of your car, the nature and severity of the damage and the quality of repairs. After an accident, collision damage is viewed in terms of percentage, cost of repair over value of car pre-accident.
5 Worst Sounds Your Car Can Make - TickTickVroom - Car Blog and Watch Blog - […] I like to write things that are actually useful. With about 20 years experience in the car buying market, Carbay has finally hung up its boots, we are still however going to share a vast amount of experience and knowledge of ours with you. Here at Carbay we can help you to get a quick, simple yet accurate Free Car Valuation no matter the age, make or model of your vehicle.
There are many online services out there that offer free car valuations, and we have compiled a list of the best, the most accurate and the most beneficial to you in your specific circumstances.
What is my car worth free valuation - getting someone to buy your car from you can be a real pain. If you’re not sure whether selling your car is 100% the correct decision, maybe you're just in need of some quick cash. If your accident was more of a fender bender with simply a broken headlight that was replaced with a new part, the accident won’t have much of an effect on the car’s value as the repair won’t really be visible.
Let’s assume the repair was done by a kick-ass auto body repair shop that is I-Car Gold certified and employs master craftsmen. Plus, if there was frame or significant structural damage, even the best body shop will never be able to get the car back to perfect.
Maybe you don’t really think having the thing fixed is a worthwhile investment in time, money and aggravation.

In our years of dealing with customers, we learned that there is more important facts than how much profit you can make reselling a car.
If you need help valuing your car then just follow the link to the right and benefit from Carbays extensive range of valuation help.
The option to sell your car privately brings time wasters and unwanted calls to your phone and your house at all hours of the day! Many potential buyers will try to knock the price down because of the slightest mistake in the description of your car; don't let this happen to you. Why not consider Logbook Loans, they are quick and easy to apply for and you can get your Logbook Loan valuation online. Actually, that teeny an accident may not even have been reported on your CarFax or AutoCheck vehicle history report.
The paint between new body panels and old match perfectly and there are no big gaps between the replaced body panels.
Your looks-to-be-perfect-but-actually-used-to-be-damaged car will lose value to the tune of up to 30 percent. Suffice it to say, the more significant the damage, the newer the car or the poorer the repairs; the worse the Diminished Value. Down here in Miami, there’s a car dealership called CAS Miami that has a Ferrari F430 Spyder with about 9,000 miles for sale for $107,900. If it falls into that 40 percent to 70 percent category, it might be time to sell your car. So we have decided to compile accurate lists and reviews of all of the websites out there offering to buy your car and offering Free car valuations. Some of you may have visited many websites asking the same question, what is my car worth ?
When I talk to people about TickTickVroom, there are a couple of questions that crop up in the conversation… What car should I buy? Now, it sits there in your driveway as a twisted, torn reminder of former automotive glory.

Depending on your car’s specifics (make, model, age and severity of damage), your not-so-perfect car actually has some intrinsic value.
Above 70 percent, just let the insurance company take the damn thing and peruse the pages of TickTickVroom to find your next vehicular conveyance.
So, we are letting you know the truth - Have a quick read and tell us what you think about sites such as Webuyanycar, Autotrader, Ebay and many more. But, after all the commotion has died down and everyone has recovered from the ordeal, one important question remains. That’s because when it’s time to sell a car, up to 55 percent of people won’t buy a previously damaged car, especially if it has a salvage title. Anything you can share with us will definitely be a big help to the next person wishing to value or sell their car. It lingers in the forefront of your mind every time you look at your damaged car… What’s my car worth? They’ll all have a stake to protect and will answer the car worth question accordingly.
If the repair cost plus the damaged car worth or car value is more than the Actual Cash Value (the value of the car pre-accident), the car is totaled (and worth the value of its scrap). Or, you didn’t have it repaired, and now it’s sitting there as a damaged, depressing version of its former self.
This post will explain what effect a car accident has on a car’s worth for both repaired and unrepaired vehicles.
While it may look good now, the answer to the question what’s that car worth is significantly less than one with a clean history.
This previously damaged Ferrari has a price of $107,900 while other similar, non-previously damaged Ferrari F430 Spyders are going for $170,000 to $190,000 on AutoTrader.

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