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July 12, 2013 by Philip Shoulder Although with undeniable benefits, (zero tailpipe emissions, impressive acceleration and high refinement) electric cars have one universal problem… range anxiety  – the concern that you’ll be stranded short of your destination when your battery runs out of charge. Vauxhall’s futuristic Ampera neatly gets around that problem by having its own generator on board, in the form of a 1.4 litre 85 bhp petrol engine.
Ampera is the same car as the well proven and highly regarded Chevrolet Volt, save for a restyled nose and tweaked suspension.
Standard equipment on all Amperas includes 17-inch alloy wheels, electric windows, climate control, DAB and Bluetooth.
The Bose audio system delivers impressive levels of fidelity – helped by a particularly quiet and refined cabin. Comfort is high on the agenda too, with the Ampera boasting supportive well shaped chairs front and rear, although the interior space is more akin to an Astra than an Insignia, with the T shaped battery pack meaning no third rear seat. Build quality feels generally very good, with just a few hints of cheapness in the way of hard plastics and a material net in place of a parcel shelf. Moving away from standstill in Ampera is quite an occasion, because there’s no conventional engine noise: just some hi-tech whirring sounds reminiscent of something out of the sci-fi movie, ‘Back To The Future’. On electric power Ampera can achieve around 250 mpg, but once the battery charge is depleted, running on range extender mode, will see a significant drop in efficiency, although you’ll still be miles ahead of diesel when the majority of the journey has been powered electrically. Although handling isn’t in the performance saloon realm, Ampera always feels secure, remaining stable and gripping well without much roll. Rear visibility isn’t Ampera’s greatest asset, although this is offset with good mirrors, reversing camera and front and rear parking sensors.
Servicing costs are comparable with other Vauxhall models, ranging from ?115 for an interim and ?280 for a full service.
The purchase price of ?29,995 (including ?5,000 Government grant) for the cheapest specification does remain high, although Vauxhall is sweetening the deal with a new ownership package on Positiv and Electron trims, which will entitle buyers to three years or 60,000 miles free servicing and a ?2,000 fuel contribution. Add it the fact that it’s a stylish, comfortable, refined, well equipped and good to drive and you have a worthy winner. It's been bought to our attention that certain users are spamming new and existing users with links to their own websites.
Should you receive such a message, please report this using the 'Report' link you will find at the bottom of the message.
The chances are that the post you are about to make has already been asked so USE the search function first! Discussion in 'Cavalier, Calibra, Vectra, Signum, Sintra & Insignia owners forum' started by a1phanumeric, Jul 24, 2010.
Can you tell me if I'm looking in the right place for the thermostat on this Vectra B, 2.0 DTI? Also, every time I take that top hose off (the one in the first pic with the blue tape round it) The car is incredibly difficult to start!! I'm probably not much help, but the first picture (The bit you have circled) looks like the thermostat housing etc and you should have water coming out from the pipe when you remove it?
Yep there is water coming out of that hose if I take it off (albeit the car struggles to start if I take this pipe off!). If 2011 was the year of the Nissan Leaf, Vauxhall must be hoping that 2012 will be the year of the Ampera. On sale now, we headed to Amperaville for an early drive of a UK-specification car, to see how it handles UK roads. This isn't parent company GM's first attempt at a real-world solution to electric car ownership, as in 1996 there was the ill-fated EV1 programme. Well, where the Ampera differs from the Leaf and other electric vehicles, is that its sophisticated drivetrain offers all the benefits of going electric, with none of the anxiety associated about the range. On top of its Voltec 140bhp electric drive unit, the Vauxhall is also fitted with a range-extending, 74bhp 1.4-litre four-cylinder petrol engine. The Ampera is probably most interesting to look at from the front, with the obvious highlight being the distinctive boomerang-style headlamps and the modern version of the traditional Vauxhall grille.
Other neat Ampera features from the side include sculpted wing mirrors, distinctive thick black and chrome trim that deceives you into thinking that the Ampera has a much lower window line and the five-spoke 17-inch alloy wheels.
Current Vauxhall owners will feel at home in the Ampera's interior, as the wraparound dashboard design, multi-function steering wheel and chunky switchgear are similar to those fitted to both the Astra and Insignia.
Also, although much better finished than the early cars we drove at the international launch last year, we're not sure Ampera interior quality is a match for sub £30,000 rivals.
Still, the Ampera is well-equipped with the Positiv trim fitted with a DAB radio, 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system and alloy wheels.
The Ampera feels satisfyingly quick from standstill too, as all of the 370Nm of torque from the electric motor is accessible from the start.

Perhaps the biggest change over the cars we drove at the international launch last year, was the UK-specific ride and handling settings. Overall though, if you like the idea of owning an electric car, but are put off by the restrictive range, then the Ampera could be just the car you're after. The electric Vauxhall will be attractive to company car buyers too, with a tax rate much lower than for a conventional petrol model.
ReviewsThere are no reviews yet, would you like to submit yours?Disclaimer: These are user reviews. GM clocks of the 1960s used a solenoid-wound spring mechanism that probably didn’t last three years in most cars, but the guts are so simple that I should be able to fix it… someday.
Oddly-enough, my dad also bought new a 1966 Dynamic-88 sedan, but being only 3 at the time, I can remember two things only, the outward color and design details, and the half-ellipsoid black plastic cap that screwed the adjustable antenna mast to its base (this because I went with my dad one Saturday morning to the Olds dealer to have the antenna replaced after it had been somehow snapped-off or bent. I remember sitting in our 65 Impala and hearing a thump from the clock every few minutes — I guess that was the solenoid. Didn’t these clocks most frequently fail when the electrical contacts points fused together? I don’t remember what happened to the car or whether my sister kept it for a while or my Dad ended up selling it. If you have actually determined and are figured out to source your How Much Is A Fuel Pump Relay Wholesale provider from overseas, there is a good chance you will be getting How Much Is A Fuel Pump Relay Wholesale from Alibaba. Makesure that you comprehend ways to better safeguard yourself when doing a purchase beyond of the globe.
Range anxiety is made worse by the tendency for electric vehicles to fall considerably short of their offical range, with many prominent electric cars with an 80 to 100 mile claimed range only managing 50 or 60 miles. But unlike other hybrid cars from Honda and Toyota, here the engine acts as a generator only, powering the battery which still drives the electric motor: hence giving Ampera the Range Extender designation.
Aside from that Ampera shares the same visually striking looks, comprising steeply raked roof, large hatch and high sided flanks with high-set side windows. It also gives detailed information on electric and petrol consumption since the last charge, in the form of a pie chart, as well as an overall mpg rating.
Mid spec Positiv models adds a reversing camera and heated leather seats, while this top-of-the-range Electron example benefits from an audio system incorporating 60 GB hard drive and a touch-screen sat-nav, which usefully directs you to the nearest fuel stations and charging points when the car is low on power. The 300 litre boot is smaller than the Nissan LEAF and Toyota Prius too, although the exceptionally large hatch aperture allows for easy load access and the rear seats fold completely flat to give a decent 1,005 litre carrying capacity. If there’s charge in the battery, once under way, all that permeates the cabin is some road noise, the cabin being a hushed place indeed.
The 148bhp electric motor serves up 340 Nm of torque almost instantly, meaning the Vauxhall feels quicker than its 0-62 time of 8.7 seconds would suggest. There’s also a nationwide electric vehicle (EV) charging network covering over 100 UK towns, cities and key routes, with more future charging points planned at supermarkets, petrol stations and airports. To derive full eco-benefit, you’ll need somewhere to plug it in overnight – preferably a dedicated driveway or garage and the majority of your journeys won’t exceed 50 miles. Little wonder that Ampera’s sister car, Chevrolet Volt, has hit the American market by storm. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. You can either search JUST this forum by clicking on the search button on the top right (under the page numbers) or click on the main search button that is on the top tool bar. Most people are saying it's on the right side of the engine, but I can only see the vacuum pump attached there.
So we're thinking its actually on the left, despite many posts saying that the Veccy B's thermostat in on the right? The thermostat housing on a 2.2 Sintra I have with the X22XE engine is very simlar and located in the same place.
The new Vauxhall petrol electric hybrid has got off to a great start sharing the coveted Car of The Year award with sister car the Chevrolet Volt. Despite positive feedback from owners, GM announced at the time that it believed it could not sell enough of the cars to make the EV1 profitable – so what's changed now?
This gives more performance and increases the range to a more useful 310 miles.There's no doubt that the Ampera looks like no other Vauxhall before it. The slim lights might look smart but we don't like the way they're mounted high up by the tailgate. However, key Ampera changes over these mainstream models include the two large TFT displays, the button-heavy centre console and the large gear selector. Probably the result of the electric drivetrain, Vauxhall claim they are a sporty feature but we think it spoils the practicality.

Whilst the range-topping £33,995 Electron, adds state-of-the-art bespoke Bose Energy Efficient Series sound system, DVD video player, 30GB hard-disc storage and voice control for the navigation, telephone and music systems. It might weigh a rather portly 1732kg, but this Vauxhall can still get to 60mph in 8.7 seconds and the limited 100mph top speed is believable. We spent most of the time in Normal mode, as according to Vauxhall it provides maximum efficiency in most driving situations. You'll need deep pockets to buy one sadly, with prices starting at £29,995, but if you can stay on purely electric power there's no doubt savings on fuel will be made. Please make sure that your key and blade fits exactly the same as above specifications, otherwise this product is not a best choice.
Once your order is shipped, you will be emailed the tracking information for your order’s shipment.
The numeral font gave it away if you spent a lot of one’s childhood in those cars as I did.
But I love the articles for nothing else but the mental image of an OCD crazed creature skulking through the junkyards of the west, cackling to itself “Clocks, clocks!
My Dad bought it used from a guy and he had already gotten an entire front clip unit from a wrecked Olds that came with the car and all we had to do was retrieve it and install it, which we did but I do remember having to oil the bolts so we could separate it all so we could get it home. Ever since then, I’ve always liked that body style of Olds, as big barges went (along with 67-68 Chryslers with their concave sides and a few select others, like your old 65 Chevy Impala). I can’t remember what I paid, but it was a lot, and then spent even more to get it quartz converted. Source low-cost and also premium products in numerous groups wholesale direct from its producer. By the numbers, Alibaba is the biggest ecommerce firm in the world (bigger compared to Amazon and eBay integrated) and it is likewise the most detailed directory site that links vendors (mostly from Asia) with customers from all over the globe. Browse the item groups or do a look for How Much Is A Fuel Pump Relay Wholesale you were seeking. Currently it is time to consult with the How Much Is A Fuel Pump Relay Wholesale providers.
In electric mode Ampera has a 25-50 mile range, after which point there’s a seamless switch to range extender mode where the petrol engine serves as a generator, intermittently cutting in to supply charge to the battery and providing an additional 310 miles of driving range. Conversely, once the bulk of the journey has been covered using range extender mode, the advantage swiftly diminishes. The ride is generally smooth – especially over bigger bumps, although it can become a little fidgety on some road surfaces at lower speeds.
However, if you meet these criteria, then Ampera has unique appeal in offering cost affective home-sourced electric daily commuting, with the ability to go further under petrol power when required. Also, whilst there might be plenty of space in the front and a fine driving position, anyone over 6ft tall is going to be uncomfortable in the back. Just press the start button, select drive on the auto box, take the electric handbrake off and away you go in eerie silence.
We also tried the Sport mode, where the only noticeable change was that the accelerator pedal is much more responsive and although no quicker, acceleration felt much sharper. Yes, there is some body roll in corners and you can feel the extra weight, but the grip is good and the steering responsive. You can choose your preferred shipping method on the Order Information page during the checkout process. When you get around to fixing yours, how about doing another post showing us the inner workings? When getting in touch with the How Much Is A Fuel Pump Relay Wholesale suppliers overseas, e-mail will likely be your primary technique of interaction. The alternator bearing needed replacing but otherwise the car was running.It has been left standing pretty much since then. One rather annoying niggle is the low front bumper spoiler which has a habit of scraping on speed bumps: a bit daft on a car primarily designed for urban use. Performance didn't seem to be affected, but there were more vibrations and engine noise as the petrol engine was being worked. Our friends had a ’66 Dynamic 88 and I always loved the dash, which was pretty much the same as this one. You can find your local dealer, or qualified locksmith which is much favorable than the dealer.

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