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This luxurious BMW can be self-driven by your child or use the included parent remote control Working front LED lights Realistic scale replica of the real BMW Z4.
Absolutely stunning Licensed Mercedes Mclaren SLR Kids sports car with working lights, MP3 player input and all other functionalities your child can dream of. The Go-Bowen Childrens Sonora ATV is the most elegant electric quad, now with well dialed power and speed than before.
The parental remote is optional, and the car can also be driven by the normal in-car controls by using the gearstick and pedal. UNDER LICENSED BMW X6 NEW POWER RIDE ON TOY ELECTRIC CAR WITH MP3 CONNECTION AND WORKING DOORS, REMOTE CONTROL, 2 MOTORS,2 BATTERY, 2 SPEED.
Superb detail, genuine BMW X6 scale replica with all of the authentic badges, LED lights, MP3 player input, sounds and all other functionalities your child can dream of. EASE NOTE ITEM CAN NOT BE DELIVERED TO ALASKA,HAWAII OR PUERTO RICO DUE TO SHIPPING RESTRICTIONS ! For the 2-5 year-old driver with discriminating taste, a unique 12 volt - 2 speed ride on car with remote control for parents. The most popular battery powered carThis big 2 seat battery powered ride on Hummer jeep is ideal for the real jeep experience!

To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Electronics How Much Battery Drain Should I Expect to See?This is a discussion on How Much Battery Drain Should I Expect to See? I've been having a problem with my 04 Liberty Sport for about the last three or four months. Is my problem that the EVIC is draining the battery or is 0.3 to 0.4 amps typical and that my battery is failing?
Randy, best thing to do is trickle charge the battery at 2 amp for 24 hours, then load test it.
When I initially installed my EVIC I wired the Bat & Acc together (sometimes I'm a lazy electrician). Ya lead acid batteries really don't like to be deeply discharged, let alone a couple times.
Also, I ran one of those wallmart Neverstart 1000CCA in my other truck a while back and it crapped out in the 2nd year. The Libby is sometimes only driven on the weekends but when I go to turn the key I discover the battery is dead. Before I reconnected the negative cable I checked the current draw with none of the doors open.

My OEM Mopar battery (made in 05) was going below 12 volts after sitting a couple of days and I replaced it. This desireable children's toy is electrically charged by a 12V battery and will allow your child to go no faster than 6kmh! I've since corrected my wiring mistake but not before completely draining my battery a couple of times. This large toy is suitable for two children between the age of 3 and 7 approx although these are regulatory guidelines.
Once the real cold winter temperatures arrive I'm pretty sure it won't turn over the engine. THIS CAR COMES IN A KIT FORMAT AND WILL TAKE AROUND 3 HOURS TO ASSEMBLE.PLEASE NOTE THIS CAR COMES WITH 30 DAYS WARRANTY ONLY.

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