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Display on Felix Kramer's Chevy Volt after a January 2011 morning of mixed highway driving. Dave in Seattle, driver of a Prius converted by Hybrids-Plus of Colorado, has the highest total miles on a tankful of gasoline in a PHEV (as far as we know) See our July 31, 2007 CalCars-News posting. Image of the CAN-View system used to monitor and control the state-of-charge and other factors in Ron Gremban's updated PRIUS+. Felix's PHEV charges at night; SunPower's photovoltaic modules (installed by REgrid Power) return electricity to the grid in the daytime. Updated battery installation in the PRIUS+ (summer 2006), with lucite display case and new integration. The CalCars 2004 PRIUS+ prototype's lead-acid pack — to read labels see larger photo. Far and away, the most popular HEV (hybrid electric vehicle) in the world in terms of sales is the Toyota Prius, one of the oldest and most reputable brands in the industry. An important component of coming up with the total cost of a Prius battery replacement is the “core credit” program Toyota offers.
As mentioned already, the following numbers will vary, but in most cases the 2001-2003 Prius models batteries have an MSRP of $3,699, with a $1350 deduction for the core credit, not including installation labor.
Up until this point in the article, we’ve explained the “standard” pricing for a Toyota Prius battery replacement, but the truth is, not all consumers experiences are the same. Battery modules that are cycled (charged and discharged) using a specified process to increase the cell capacities that will increase energy, and in some cases, power output.  The other battery components that support the battery pack system are also checked for proper operation.
Having your battery “conditioned” is just one of many services offered at your local The Hybrid Shop dealership. Ask any American to name a hybrid car, and more likely than not, the answer will be a resounding, “Prius.” Despite being beaten to American dealerships by the Honda Insight in the waning days of the 20th century, the Prius has come to dominate both the marketplace and the national consciousness when it comes to hybrid electric vehicles. With all those aging Prii on the road, an increasing number of hybrid battery packs are marching toward their inevitable failure. Bringing your Prius back to the Toyota dealership for a battery replacement will run you about $3600 including a refundable core deposit of $1350, which you’ll see back as long as you hand over your old battery pack to Toyota.
For those who balk at that number, and can either install the battery themselves or know a mechanic who can, second generation Prius batteries fetch around $1000 on Ebay.
Fortunately for Prius drivers, replacement is not the only option that exists for an exhausted hybrid battery pack. As always, don’t hesitate to leave any questions about Prii or Prius batteries in the comment section below or contact us directly here. Fuel Economy: The EPA rates the 2004-2009 Prius at 48 MPG city, 45 MPG highway and 46 MPG combined. Timing belt or chain: The 2004-2009 Prius engine has a maintenace-free timing chain, there is no timing belt. How the hybrid powertrain works: When you start moving slowly, the car drives on the electric power alone. Hybrid battery: First of all, according to many sources, the hybrid battery doesn't fail very often. Pros: Fuel economy, spacious cabin, visibility, front headroom, cargo space, large storage bin, low maintenance, takes a very little time to fill up, extra weight on the rear axle keeps it more stable on slippery roads, brakes last longer. Cons: Lack of driver's seat height adjustment, interior materials could be better, low clearance.
A leaking engine water pump is mentioned often, the repair is not very expensive ($350-$450). HID headlights seems to be another trouble spot, so if you have a choice, opting for a model without HIDs might not be a bad idea.
Overall: The Prius is an excellent choice to save money on fuel, especially if you have to drive a lot.
What to look for when buying a used Toyota Prius: The Prius has plenty of electronics and should definitely be avoided if the history report shows that the vehicle has been involved in an accident or flooded in the past.
What you can do is to test drive the Prius in all modes: slow on battery power alone, accelerating, coasting and decelerating.
It's also probably not a bad idea to arrange for a used car inspection at a different Toyota dealer.
I had purchased the 12V31M Westco elsewhere and went to a few auto stores getting post adapters, a new negative cable, vent tubing, and fashioning wood blocks for making the hold down work, and would have rather have had a kit like the above had I known about it.
An amount of effort was needed to unscrew the 9 bolts & screws(using 10mm and 12mm socket wrenches) to move the large plastic vent out of the way, move the brake assist out of the way, remove the battery bracket, detach the vent tube, and move the positive and negative cables out of the way to remove the old battery.
Anybody know enough about battery technology to say whether the one from eLearnAid above is actually a better battery, and worth it ? For me, my goal was to get a replacement battey that would be as good or better than Toyota's AND would be properly vented to the outside.
Since, I did not find a replacement battery solution like this for my 2004 elsewhere on this forum, I thought I would post my findings for anyone else interested in adapting 3rd party batteries more easily, or simply some links, and some info to help replace their existing 12V on their own. Making a more standard, and yes, much less expensive battery fit and work for starting, but have the potential to gas into the passenger compartment was not satisfactory to me or my family. Can you describe for me the symptoms that lead you to conclude you needed a new battery in your 2204 Prius? Can you describe for me the symptoms that lead you to conclude you needed a new battery in your 2004[year corrected] Prius? As to point 4, the original Classic(2002) battery went pretty fast, but the replacement Westco battery is holding up very well.
BTW, bringing the original 2004 12V battery indoors, warming up for 6 hours, and then throwing on a 2 amp slow charger, brought it's voltage from 10 volts to just over 12 volts(and the slight battery buldge also went away). Funny you should mention that, our 2002 Classic's Westco battery just went dead after sitting outside last week in 0 degree(F) weather, while getting checked at the dealer for engine non-start error messages in cold weather only. When I picked up the car, I jumped started, drove home and placed my second Westco battery into this vehicle.

Two and a half years after its introduction to our market, the Toyota Prius C has clearly established itself as the most popular model in the Japanese brand's dedicated hybrid family.
Battery life is often quoted as a concern for hybrid vehicles, but this would appear to be unfounded. Points out the importance of the world's energy supply in shaping global politics, and argues that the energy source of the future should be natural gas in the form of shale deposits. The author of Physics for Future Presidents returns to educate all of us on the most crucial conundrum facing the nation: energy. It's one of the most frequent questions asked about hybrids: What happens if I have to replace the high-voltage battery pack? The last announcement we have from Toyota this morning is a price reduction on replacement Prius batteries.
A Several dozen testimonials rolled into Roadshow, and almost all praised the Prius, with owners saying fears of needing to replace the hybrid battery at the cost of several thousand bucks were overstated. We often get asked whether it will be necessary to replace the high-voltage battery pack in a Toyota Prius after it's five or ten years old. If you do have to replace the pack, the current cost is $2,299 (for 2001-2003 models) or $2,588 (for 2004-2009 models). But for owners worried about the cost of a new pack, one Prius fan and forum participant has a novel suggestion: Buy a used pack and store it. Solar Prius owner Bob Bruninga recommends that you buy a used for your model year of Prius three to five years after the car is new, charge it up, and leave it on the shelf in a climate controlled space (like your house). Bruniga, who asked that we include his ham-radio call letters: WB4APR, says, "Whenever a Prius gets totaled, the battery almost always survives perfectly. We're not recommending this for Toyota Prius owners, most of whom will never need to replace their battery pack.
Standard Prius display continues to work, showing all-green (fully charged) much more frequently. In Phase Two, a "vehicle-to-home" (V2H) system designed by CalCars and REgrid will connect the car's batteries directly to the PV system, providing home backup power for extended outages. And because there are now so many Prius Hybrids on the streets today, the need to service these vehicles grows with each new purchase.
Essentially, this means you will get a “credit” for allowing your battery to be recycled—which helps the environment but also means a big deduction on your replacement bill—usually somewhere around $1350 or so.
Frankly put, because of the different levels of training, education, and technology throughout the Hybrid industry, the quality and cost of the experience varies from person to person, company to company. Since our inception, our singular goal has been to elevate the entire HEV ownership experience—a process that starts with world-class training for our dealers, specifically on the process of Hybrid Battery Conditioning. If you have further questions about the cost to replace your Prius battery, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below or contact us directly—we’re here to give honest advice based on scientific fact. According to Toyota, “the name Prius, ‘to go before’ in Latin, became symbolic of a car that was launched even before environmental awareness had become a mainstream social issue.” A bit self-indulgent of a claim given that Rachel Carson’s 1962 New York Times best-seller Silent Spring is widely considered to mark the beginnings of modern environmentalism, but then again, the top-selling vehicle in American history is the Ford F-Series pickup, so perhaps we can forgive Toyota for their slight exaggeration. Despite the sterling reputation of Toyota’s hybrid power storage systems, any given battery can only survive so many charge cycles, and cars reaching into the 100,000 mile range are certainly within the borders of the battery pack danger zone.
Keep an eye out for deceptively low prices, which often hide a shipping fee double or triple the cost of the battery itself. The 2008 Prius maintenance schedule mentions changing inverter coolant at 100,000 miles and every 50,000 miles thereafter and inspecting the transmission fluid every 30,000 miles.
In the early 2004-2005 Prius models the Multi Function Display unit may become inoperative. There is a small risk of expensive hybrid system repairs, but fuel savings are quite significant.
The main question buyers of used hybrid cars have is what is the condition of the hybrid battery. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. What are the specifications (e.g., product name, capacities, etc) and prices of the replacement 12 volt auxiliary battery?
Re-attach negative post(Please leave this for last, because, as you'll see, there is only one way to tighten with the 10mm socket wrench. I had tried the Sears route, but the technician took one look at the vent tube and said he could not install their recommended battery for the Prius because it would vent into the passenger compartment. I found WestCo's from other forums and previous posts here and have been very satisfied with 3 years of use(on my 2002), so far. Optima will withstand much greater vibration - this wouldn't give any benefit in a Prius. Also our Westco battery on the Classic is currently getting charged well twice daily on a 45 minute commute. Also test to make sure that your jumper cable clips aren't too large to make the connection there, before you need a jump. There are reports of taxi drivers in Australia topping 500,000 km in a Toyota Prius before having to replace the batteries. The near-meltdown of Fukushima, the upheavals in the Middle East, the BP oil rig explosion, and the looming reality of global warming have reminded the president and all U.S. Both first-gen and second-gen NiMH packs will now be at least ten percent cheaper to replace than before. It is the only car I have ever kept until the loan was paid off, and even then I was in no hurry to sell or replace it.
So maybe 6 years later when you need it it might not be that great, but it should be better than what you have that will have been used all that time? Most of the packs Toyota sells, it says, are actually replacements for cars damaged in rear-end accidents.
For those Prius owners comfortable with the idea of keeping a high-voltage battery pack somewhere in their house, anyhow.

Along these same lines, because our dealer network here at The Hybrid Shop works with so many Prius vehicles, they are constantly being bombarded with a simple question: How much does it cost to replace a Toyota Prius Hybrid Battery?
As of March 2013, Toyota has sold just over 1 million Prii (yes, that’s the official plural) in the US, signaling an undeniable sea change in consumer values. While Toyota’s warranty covers battery replacement up to 100,000 miles or 8 years--up that to 150,000 miles or 10 years if you live in California or a state that follows California’s emissions standards–second generation Prius drivers are beginning to reach into their own wallets for battery replacement. Often the best bet is local pickup when possible, nulling the shipping fee and putting you face-to-face with someone who likely knows the ropes of battery removal and re-installation. Now, the good news: we drove the Prius many times in snowy and icy conditions and it felt pretty stable. In our 2004 Prius, we changed hybrid transmission fluid at 60,000 miles and it wasn't even dirty.
According to the 2008 Prius owner's warranty information, hybrid battery, hybrid control module and inverter with converter are covered for 8 years or 100,000 miles.
The first symptom is when the display at times doesn't show the state of charge of the battery and becomes slow to react.
Unfortunately, there is no simple way to test the hybrid battery; even the procedure described in Toyota technical literature for technicians is quite complicated and time-consuming. The OEM battery is said to take a 3A charge current, though it baffles me that the DC-DC converter outputs 80-100A with no current regulation to the OEM battery, other than the fuseable links' inherent resistances. Does this battery and its characteristics make it suitable as replacement for the Prius 12 volt auxiliary battery? Gently turn the negative connector so that the socket wrench can be placed back in, and so that others can get to it later on. He also said he would get the entry removed from the Sears database for Prius for safety reasons.
The electrolyte is held in a glass mat, so in the event of an accident (collapsing the right rear fender), if the battery case is broken there would be no spilled electrolyte.
Fun to say he had it so long, but not at the expense of being stuck outside in the December cold. Prius HV battery replacements have been rare in the 2001-2003 model, and perhaps none at all in the newer model yet.
The brave (or, shall we say, confident) can browse YouTube for a host of Prius battery replacement videos which review the process in varying degrees of detail. However, not only does it take care of gear ratio changing, but it also re-generates electricity and smoothly combines the power of a gasoline engine and electric motor. It looks like the weight of the hybrid battery over the rear axle adds some stability on slippery roads. The California Emission Control warranty for the hybrid battery goes even further: 10 years or 150,000 miles. One of the questions in the annual Consumer Reports survey is "would you get this car if you had it to do all over again?
A battery with lower capacity will not hold the charge well and will drain faster with use. My opinion is to stick with these(or other batteries) that can be vented via a tube outside as in the original design of both the Classic and current Prius. I have seen broken Optima and gell cell batteries, and it's true the electrolyte will not spill.
The larger capacity would lengthen the life of the battery, as you wouldn't get as close to full discharge with it. Thanks to this technology, the Prius is one of the most fuel efficient cars for the last 15 years. Replacing a hybrid battery at a dealership will be quite expensive ($3,500-3,800 parts and labor), but there are plenty of alternatives.
It's difficult to tell how good is the Prius battery just by looking at the power flow monitor, but if you test-drive several vehicles, you might be able to see the difference.
The stock battery would leak sulphuric acid into the fender well, and elsewhere if the car rolled.
At first, all this seems a bit weird, but after driving for a few days you don't even notice it.
Another advantage is that it takes only a couple minutes to fill up the Prius at a gas station because of it's small gas tank.
For example, we found that a used or remanufactured hybrid battery can be purchased on eBay for around $1,000.
The Toyota solution is to replace the unit, which is quite expensive, although there are remanufactured and used units available on eBay and other sites.
When you coast or lightly apply brakes, the transmission unit re-generates the energy to charge up the hybrid battery. Some owners mention replacing separate battery modules (which of course should be done only by a qualified technician observing all safety precautions). Aside from that, it's a very practical car with a spacious interior and plenty of cargo space.
The 2004-2009 Prius has 28 individual modules in the battery pack and we found separate modules sold on eBay for $26-$38. The battery state of charge dropped from 6 bars to 4 bars after driving for just under one mile.

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