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Ask any American to name a hybrid car, and more likely than not, the answer will be a resounding, “Prius.” Despite being beaten to American dealerships by the Honda Insight in the waning days of the 20th century, the Prius has come to dominate both the marketplace and the national consciousness when it comes to hybrid electric vehicles.
With all those aging Prii on the road, an increasing number of hybrid battery packs are marching toward their inevitable failure. Bringing your Prius back to the Toyota dealership for a battery replacement will run you about $3600 including a refundable core deposit of $1350, which you’ll see back as long as you hand over your old battery pack to Toyota. For those who balk at that number, and can either install the battery themselves or know a mechanic who can, second generation Prius batteries fetch around $1000 on Ebay. Fortunately for Prius drivers, replacement is not the only option that exists for an exhausted hybrid battery pack. As always, don’t hesitate to leave any questions about Prii or Prius batteries in the comment section below or contact us directly here. With most car parts, like your tires or brakes, you can typically see or feel the wear and tear, letting you know it’s a good time to get it checked out or replaced. We recommend testing your battery once a year, preferably before the New England cold weather hits. The first sign of a failing battery is poor cold weather performance.
At Sullivan Tire, we don’t just take a quick look at your car’s battery; we check the entire charging system. Anywhere from three to six years depending on use, construction and routine maintenance performed.
When is the last time you’ve had your battery checked? Sullivan Tire has all the tools and training necessary to properly test your battery. Tesla Motors - Model S lithium-ion battery packEnlarge PhotoYesterday Tesla Motors Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Ownership Experience George Blankenship wrote an update on the upcoming Model S electric sedan on the company blog.
So for every 70 mile increase in range, the price to a Model S customer increases by $10,000. What it doesn’t tell us of course is the increase price Tesla pays for the additional range, only the end consumer price increase. Then again, the alluring 300 mile model blows every other electric car on the market today away. Touted as “the most dependable, longest lasting truck on the road,” the Silverado was the star of commercials towing boulders as it traversed over rocky terrains.
Availability for the Parallel Hybrid Truck (how it was known within General Motors based on its hybrid design) was limited.

But, in 2009, GM offered a second generation Chevrolet Silverado equipped with a two-mode Hybrid powertrain and four-speed continuously variable transmission, which can provide better fuel economy than other transmissions. The 2009 Chevrolet Silverado Hybrid has an advanced two-mode hybrid powertrain and uses its dual displacement engine and two electric motors to charge a 300-volt nickel-metal hydride battery. Generating electricity through driving or when the vehicle decelerates are two ways the battery charges. And just like Tahoe Hybrid owners, Silverado Hybrid owners can also can enjoy eight years or put up to 100,000 miles on the vehicle before the warranty expires. So, what should you do if your Silverado Hybrid becomes “like a rock,” and starts underperforming or stops dead in its tracks? Then there’s always placing a bid on Ebay for a new battery pack for prices starting at $800. According to Toyota, “the name Prius, ‘to go before’ in Latin, became symbolic of a car that was launched even before environmental awareness had become a mainstream social issue.” A bit self-indulgent of a claim given that Rachel Carson’s 1962 New York Times best-seller Silent Spring is widely considered to mark the beginnings of modern environmentalism, but then again, the top-selling vehicle in American history is the Ford F-Series pickup, so perhaps we can forgive Toyota for their slight exaggeration. Despite the sterling reputation of Toyota’s hybrid power storage systems, any given battery can only survive so many charge cycles, and cars reaching into the 100,000 mile range are certainly within the borders of the battery pack danger zone. Keep an eye out for deceptively low prices, which often hide a shipping fee double or triple the cost of the battery itself. If the battery struggles to start your vehicle on a cold morning, you should have your battery tested immediately. That means we’re looking at your battery, alternator, drive belt, starter, wires, cables, and your charging systems overall condition. Should you need a new one, we can typically install it in the same time it takes to change your oil. In the Tesla Model S at least, a mile of extra range is equivalent to $143, at least in end consumer price.
Other factors like power circuitry and battery management systems contribute to the overall cost of the battery pack and an increased range.
If Tesla offers an upgrade route for battery packs then perhaps the smart move would be to buy a smaller range Model S for now, upgrading to a larger range battery pack when the cost per mile has dropped significantly. If you want the long range, perhaps the premium is worth it to never have to suffer range anxiety, or fill up with gasoline again.
Although Chevrolet put the brakes on the “Like a Rock,” campaign in 2004, it continued making hybrid models of the Silverado.

The first truck was offered at retail in Alaska, California, Florida, Nevada, Oregon, Washington and Canada. This is good to know in case the battery under-performs, causing the vehicle to lose acceleration, power, and fuel economy. If it is, you are looking at up to $2,500 to get the battery replaced at the dealer, if the warranty’s expired. But quality and warranty control can be spotty, at best, and once again you’ll need to install it yourself. As of March 2013, Toyota has sold just over 1 million Prii (yes, that’s the official plural) in the US, signaling an undeniable sea change in consumer values.
While Toyota’s warranty covers battery replacement up to 100,000 miles or 8 years--up that to 150,000 miles or 10 years if you live in California or a state that follows California’s emissions standards–second generation Prius drivers are beginning to reach into their own wallets for battery replacement. Often the best bet is local pickup when possible, nulling the shipping fee and putting you face-to-face with someone who likely knows the ropes of battery removal and re-installation.
Nothing is worse than hearing that dreaded churning sound when you try and start your car on a cold, winter morning. But if your daily drive is never more than 160 miles we can think of several fun things the saved $20,000 from not buying the 300 mile model could pay for. You could also order the battery pack online from General Motors, pay $1,820, and be left installing it yourself.
Hybrid battery conditioning restores batteries up to 95% of their original performance levels, has its own warranty, and usually saves customers well over $1,000 versus the cost of a replacement unit, if not more. The brave (or, shall we say, confident) can browse YouTube for a host of Prius battery replacement videos which review the process in varying degrees of detail. When the GMT900 truck line was released, the Parallel Hybrid Truck was discontinued for the 2008 model year.

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