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Over time, battery packs lose energy storage capacity, to the point where they can no longer provide the performance necessary for an electric car. But determining exactly when that will happen with a given model is an important question for owners.
Each owner surveyed provided a current maximum range estimate, as well as their vehicle’s mileage.
I’ve had my 60kw Model S for almost 18 months, and I have lost 10% of my battery capacity.
I’m curious why 10% of the cars had replacement battery packs in less than three years. Tesla Motors Club members in Europe recently conducted a survey to try to generate some conclusions for the Model S.

The site posted a link to a Google Doc of the study that doesn’t appear to be working. All vehicles in the survey were built between 2013 and 2015, and about 95 percent had the larger 85-kilowatt-hour battery pack. From the latest electric car to the classics, he's interested in anything with four wheels. Rather than equipping every service center with the tools and training to troubleshoot anything that could possibly go wrong and then have some tech take days dissecting a complex system, they can just swap parts and get the car back on the road. The survey reportedly showed average battery degradation of 5 percent after 30,000 miles (50.000 km), and a much slower rate of degradation after that.
For these cars, mileage on the current battery pack was used rather than mileage on the vehicle itself.

When he's not writing, he can be found searching the Internet for a car he hasn't seen before, or reading a good book.
Based on the cost of the home storage battery pack, I’m estimating the cost will be over $20,000.

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