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A simple unlock code can make all the difference if your beloved BlackBerry Q10 falls into the hands of ne'er-do-wells.
The desktop software for BlackBerry is an invaluable addition for making sure your device data is backed up and synced. The BlackBerry Q10 is a fine music machine, and can handle a locally-stored collection as well as streaming from the cloud. One of the biggest steps in the transition from amateur to pro BlackBerry user has been the use of keyboard shortcuts. Now that all of the out-of-the-box software is set up, you'll want to see what else is out there.
Start loading up wallpapers and setting up ringtones to really make the BlackBerry Q10 your own. There's a whole sordid sexy underground of sideloading Android apps onto the BlackBerry Q10, and it can open up a range of options for those looking for more than what BlackBerry World has to offer.
Getting messages on your BlackBerry like "Battery too low for radio use" or "Battery drained. There are some quick ways you can win back some battery life by making a few (non-permanent) changes to your phone's setup.
If you're not using a Bluetooth headset or connecting your phone to a Wi-Fi hotspot, you should disable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on your phone as a power saving measure. Most 3G phones (including Blackberry) can be switched back to using 2G, and you'll still be able to make voice calls and receive email as normal.
When you're not using your BlackBerry, hold down the "lock" button on the top left hand corner of the phone for a couple of seconds to put it into locked standby mode. 75,000 Bonus Qantas Frequent Flyer Points, After first eligible purchase within the first 3 months. Dan is a tech enthusiast who frequently qualifies for enhanced airport security screening due to the number of cords and gadgets stuffed into his cabin bag.
Get the best tech deals, reviews, product advice, competitions, unmissable tech news and more! TechRadar is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. We already gave you the BlackBerry Bold 9790 numbers on Friday, when we published our review, but now we are going to focus on how does it do in comparison to the other smartphones we have tested so far. The test started with talk time and quite a big disappointment as the BlackBerry Bold 9790 achieved just 5 hours.
Web browsing came in second, but we didn’t get to see a major improvement in the performance of the Bold 9790.
The last individual test we do is video playback and that’s where the BlackBerry Bold 9790 got its best result. We didn’t really expect miracles from the BlackBerry Bold 9790 in our overall usage test on the back of the poor form demonstrated in the individual challenges.
Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to go crazy with overcharging a new lithium-ion battery, but considering how much you're going to be using it on unboxing day, you'll want to make sure it's topped up. A simple unlock code can make all the difference if your beloved BlackBerry Z10 falls into the hands of ne'er-do-wells.
The BlackBerry Z10 is a fine music machine, and can handle a locally-stored collection as well as streaming from the cloud. Start loading up wallpapers and setting up ringtones to really make the BlackBerry Z10 your own.
There's a whole sordid sexy underground of sideloading Android apps onto the BlackBerry Z10, and it can open up a whole range of options for those looking for more than what BlackBerry World has to offer.
The BlackBerry Z10 smartphone has been a successful handset according to a collection of reviews and user reactions, although the relatively short battery life has been questioned on many occasions.
For $49.99 the Blackberry Battery+Charger Bundle does exactly what it says, providing users with a spare LS1 battery and connection cable, also powering your Z10 with the use of a Micro USB connector that comes built-in with the charger. When it comes to valuable suggestions IBTimes list five ways to prolong your BlackBerry Z10 battery life and these simple tips are ideal for extending the limited juice left in your phone. The first suggestion mentions keeping your Z10 locked or on sleep mode, another talks about investing in a battery charger bundle and a swappable battery version would be advantageous. Shortening your display timeout to the minimum is another prevention to stem the inevitable battery draining, as well as dimming the lights. While software updates can only do a limited amount, we hope these useful tips will help solve the extent of your battery issues.
I didn’t know that there was something to prolong the life span of the battery of the Z10. The BlackBerry Z3 has a nice combination of hardware and software that definitely qualifies it as a decent handset in the sub-Rs 20,000 price segment.
BlackBerry devices used to be much sought 3-4 years back but with mushrooming Android handsets, the group of admirers of BlackBerry has thinned over the years. 26 Jun, 2015 BlackBerry Leap doesn't look spectacular on paper but in real life it is a decent phone worth considering.
14 Feb, 2015 It is a classic BlackBerry smartphone and is meant for only the die-hard fans but as a phone is way behind its competitors. 26 Nov, 2014 With Passport, BlackBerry has reinvented itself but it still isn't good enough to take on its rivals. 22 Nov, 2013 Available for around Rs 40,000, the BlackBerry Z30 comes with pretty tough hardware.
25 Jun, 2013 The smartphone is based on BlackBerry's latest BlackBerry 10 operating system.
Xiaomi Mi Max flaunts a 16-megapixel rear camera with dual tone LED flash and 5 megapixel front-facing camera with 85-degree wide-angle lens. It's easy to fall back into old habits when the Q10 feels so much like the BlackBerry devices you know and love, but you've got to remember that this is an entirely new beast.
It's worth noting that with the smaller screen and AMOLED technology behind it, combined with the dark themes included in many native apps, the Q10's battery life will very rarely be a problem for you.
It's an easy enough precaution to take, even if it makes things slightly more annoying on a day-to-day basis. Now, in older BlackBerry devices, these keystrokes were somewhat hidden, but now you can see what physical key you can hit to activate certain actions right from the menu of whatever app you're in.

Lucky for you, we've had some time to find the very best that BlackBerry World has to offer. BlackBerry 10.1 offers some new notification options, so you can set specific sounds on a per-contact basis.
For those that were really entrenched in the Android ecosystem, this may be an absolute necessity to get everything back you once had.
Turning down the brightness from full to half often makes very little difference in legibility but can contribute to considerably longer battery life. This is how long the BlackBerry will wait after you've finished using it before dimming the screen to save power.
Unlike standard keyboard lock mode (when you select the padlock icon on the screen), this locked standby means the screen will never come on in your pocket, even if your leg bumps the keyboard buttons. You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission. The Curve 9380 hardly aced our benchmarks, but maybe the more expensive Bold 9790 would be a better match for the other top dogs. After enduring 4 hours and 2 minutes of our automated script the Bold came in 18th out of 22 tested smartphones – an improvement over the talk time test, but hardly a huge one. 5 hours and 47 minutes of endurance secured it a nice mid-table position, though it’s obviously closer to the back of the pack than the front. In fact, the 35 hours it got were more of a nice surprise, showing some excellently effective stand-by. Most reviewers (including Ubergizmo) have given it good reviews for ease of use, lightweight and what not.
You've unboxed your brand-spanking-new BlackBerry Z10 - the plastic covering is peeled and the software is in its pristine, fresh-from-the-factory state.
In general, you should avoid draining the Z10 completely if you can help it, and charge periodically through day-to-day use. There are some new gestures here that will be pretty unfamiliar to you, even if you've spent a lot of time with the PlayBook keyboard. It's easy enough to, and really makes the world of difference when you start bumping into other Z10 owners in the wild. For those that were really entrenched in the Android ecosystem, this may be an absolute necessity. With no real plans to address the issue of extending the battery life, a new BlackBerry Battery Charger Bundle looks set to solve this problem and other suggestions have been documented about prolonging the BlackBerry Z10 battery life.
While the BlackBerry 10 developers do not look like they have any intention on working towards a solution, we thought it would be a good idea to investigate other ways to keep your device from dying down. Those who have the online connection running all day would be wise to turn it off when it’s not required, and turning off things like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth will prolong battery life. We understand that there’s no auto-dim setting but this can be done through the phone’s settings manually.
Besides rise of Android, many controversial decisions led to the downfall of BlackBerry, which is now known as Research In Motion. However lack of dual SIM, average cameras and the absence of games especially would definitely push some potential buyers away from it. Of course the vast majority of those differences are for the better, but we're still here to guide you through those initial hoops. BlackBerry Protect can also help you take care of a lost phone, or even track it down via GPS.
The 1:1 aspect ratio on the BlackBerry Q10 means it might take a little while for app developers to make sure everything compatible (especially for games), but on the whole, you'll find a solid selection of apps in BlackBerry World.
Even those that are only mildly curious shouldn't be worried about things being too complicated.
We've got plenty of screen protectors and sleeves to chose from, so go ahead and find some the fit your style. The Bold still fell four hours short of the Curve 9380, though, so it’s hardly the most endurable phone you can imagine.
One problem however being reported by virtually everyone is the relatively short battery life. You almost don't want to defile its purity, but before long the possibilities become impossible to resist and eventually overwhelming.
That's okay, we've got plenty of guides to help you get the most out of the BlackBerry Z10 virtual keyboard.
The games selection is absolutely great, and you'll find plenty of more productive apps out there for whatever your needs may be.
We've got plenty of screen protectors and cases to chose from, so go ahead and find some the fit your style. Clearly, the previous operating system could not evolve much more, and switching to QNX is a sound move.
Of course, the very first account you'll need to set up is a BlackBerry ID if you don't already have one. Normally when you type from a dead stop on the home screen, you'll start getting results from locally on the device and options to search out on the web.
Once you download the right software and know how to put your device into development mode, it's quite easy. You can still use Telstra's old 2G network which has pretty good coverage, but 3G will give you maximum coverage. Even those who are looking for a good branded handset, the Z3 is an ideal choice considering that there are hardly any good phones from Samsung, LG, or Sony below Rs 15,000. Today’s demonstration was convincing and the initial support from high-profile developers is too.
Now you can also initiate e-mails, calls, BBM messages, and a whole bunch of other actions from the same pane.
The only downside here is that not everything will necessarily be formatted to fit well on the Q10 screen, but try fiddling around and see what works.
Our focus when we push our updates is to address market issues or enhance features” said Vivek Bhardwaj, head of software portfolio for BlackBerry.
We've got the hit list of the first ten things you should do to set a solid foundation with your shiny new BlackBerry Z10.

Now, Blackberry needs to convince the larger development community to get on board and they will need to show that money can be made with BlackBerry Apps. This suggests that Blackberry does not have any silver-bullet plans to address the short battery life problem.However this also does not mean that consumers will have to suffer (too much). The SIM and micro SD card slots are thus located in the right hand side with a flap covering the ports.
To inform the user about the ports, 'SIM' and 'SD' are written besides the respective ports.In the left hand side lies the power button as well as the volume rockers.
The Keyboard efficiency is impressive, and to date, this is probably the best virtual keyboard on the market.
The charger comes with a spare LS1 battery and a cable to connect with the smartphone.  This allows users to charge not only the spare battery, but also the Z10. All these buttons are made of metal while the power key comes in aluminium white to make it stand out from others. Between the up and down button of volume rocker lies a key that, when pressed, activates the BlackBerry assistant, which is like the Siri of Apple and it helps user send a text, an email, or a BBM message or call a contact, search internet, schedule an appointment or make a note.At the top of Z3 lies an audio port while the micro USB cum charging port is at its bottom. The charger has status lights with color codes such as yellow for charging and solid green for full. There are no physical keys below the display as is found in most Android smartphones and instead of Home, Return, and Menu touch keys, the Z3 has call, search and camera touch keys at the bottom of the display. The phone comes in BlackBerry's traditional black colour which again gives it an 'executive' kinda look. To give it the necessary zing, BlackBerry logo has been engraved in the middle of back panel. Note that pieces of aluminium are used to create the BlackBerry logo which sparks in the whole black background. Most likely, the Q10 and the Z10 are using widely commercialized chips that have a proven track record. This touchscreen comes with only 540 x 960 pixels resolution which is way below than most of its competitors.
Even handsets of MNCs come with high definition resolution while most devices from Indian and Chinese brands come with full HD resolution. Again, this is something that even the most trusted media who got the device ahead of the launch pointed out, so it’s definitely real. However, at the same time I must here mention that the qHD resolution doesn't mar the experience much.Also, touch input in the Z3 is one of the best I have experienced in smartphones. There is a glass coating all over the front part and it repels fingerprints and dusts quite well.
However, it is not a Corning Gorilla Glass or any scratch resistant glass so you need to put a screen cover to protect it.The Z3 does not have auto brightness controller, so you have to manually adjust it. Maybe not a big come back to what it was, but a good thrust to get away from where they are now. It also has a "white balance” feature that allows you to adjust the tone to cool white and warm white.
While cool white brings up a bluish tinge, warm white brings up a much brighter grey display.
To address that, RIM has created the BlackBerry 10.2 operating system - which is installed in the Z3 as well - that allows users to install Android apps in the phone too. Installing an Android application is a bit tricky though since the phone does not allow the user to directly install an app from the Google Play store itself.
You have to thus find the 'apk' of the said application and then transfer it to the phone to install it. Difficult at best, but definitely worth checking out, if you are on the fence.Are you convinced?Filed in Cellphones >Featured. So it is quite tiring to first find the apk; installing one from a third party website is also risky.
To go back from any page, you have to swipe from down to upwards but this gesture falters sometimes, especially while playing some games and apps that open in the landscape mode. Swiping from left to right in the display brings up the recent activity page while swiping from upwards brings up the Quick Setting (as in Android). In any case, you would need sometime to get used to it but once you did, you should find it comfotable.Like Android, here too there is a provision of notifications. For security, it allows you to check app permissions, set device password, set lock screen features, encrypting personal data, etc. It has got a decent image editing tool as well.As far as quality is concerned, the 5 megapixel camera of Z3 can be termed as decent.
The camera app is quite fast but you need to give it few seconds first to focus before pressing the shutter button. The resultant images come with a slight yellowish tinge (barely noticeable) but nonetheless it manages to capture colours quite nicely. If you have shaky hands, you should switch on the stabilisation mode for shake-free images.
Of the total RAM, about 800 MB is always being occupied while the rest is available for other apps which is fairly normal.
The phone is also quite optimised to use the resources and thus it faces no problem while multitasking. In one instance, the phone managed to run several apps including a few games, with only odd 100 MB RAM left unused.
However, on few occasions, the phone got hanged with no particular reason (sometimes during restart).In terms of battery back up too, the Z3 impresses a lot.
Heavy users too would comfortably get around 12 hours of back up.Its a mixed bag when it comes to connectivity. The Z3 has only one SIM slot (micro SIM), which will definitely disappoint multi-SIM users.

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