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Modern laptops and netbooks are designed to elegantly fall into sleep and show you their status with blinking or fading indicators. The most important tools needed to test a laptop battery over time are a timer and a brain that can remember what the timer is counting down to.
I was surprised at the MacBook’s greater use of power than the ThinkPad after the first hour, but also surprised at how both laptops drew on power so consistently. As stated at the beginning, each computer user’s habits are different, and each computer user has different scenarios to work inside.
Have you done your own formal or informal measurements of battery drain with sleep versus shutdown?
Learning or practising new skills is incredibly important - it's hard to ignore how vital it is to a successful career.
The weekend's almost here, so you have time to relax and check out a free game (or three) on your smartphone.
Some laptop owners still get decent life out of their three-year-old standard battery, while others can barely live through a rapid un-packing of their charging cord once their charge icon turns red.

It doesn’t draw nearly the same kind of power as a fully operational computer, but it does allow you to start your system back up and get back to the things you had open in a few seconds on a relatively new system, rather than wait for everything to get back to stability. Aside from those things, we used two free battery monitoring utilities that offer extensive power details: BatteryCare for Windows, and coconutBattery for Mac.
By multiplying the milliwatt-hours by the voltage of the computer they were measured from, though, you get the milliampere hours. From this chart alone, you might think that shutdown is still the safest choice when it comes to saving on battery power.
He didn’t have shutdown figures for each marking, but he did learn that his netbook draws power on a very consistent basis and might be best used sleeping during the day, then charging at night. On one hand, you have a ton of resources at your disposal -- technical help, creative teams, mentors, a well-stocked supply room and anything else you need just a purchase order away. To keep your educational momentum going throughout your life, give yourself five hours a week to learn something new or practise a skill.
We measured the actual drain on MacBooks, Windows laptops and netbooks to determine when sleep makes sense over shutdown.

Even the seemingly basic question of whether you should keep your laptop plugged in, or only plugged in for charging, eluded our own Gina when she tried to answer the question for everyone.
And the huge, 7-8-hour batteries being packed into MacBooks are certainly due in some part to the preference of many users to close the lid rather than shut down. Both are great applications to grab if you’re interested in how much your battery holds, how much it used to hold when it came out of the factory and other data points. It’s surprising to see that sleep mode, when it works, can make a lot more sense on those systems. But on the other hand, the bureaucracy of a corporate setting can easily put a damper on new ideas and slow down the work you need to get done.
To answer these questions, a few of your Lifehacker editors put their laptops, and a spare netbook, to the test.

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