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French designer Marc Devauze has come up with the the Bugatti TypeZero concept, a proposal for an electric-powered, single-seat Bugatti sports car..
Inspired by the 1920s' Type 35 - Bugatti's most successful racecar ever – this study of a single-seater electric hypercar features four electric motors, one in-board of each wheel, with energy stored in detachable lithium-air batteries installed on either side of the driver.
The just-announced BMW i3 could be a breakthrough for carbon fiber production as well as for electric drive.
The factory takes a polyacrylonitrile (PAN) precursor created in Otake, Japan, by another JV involving Mitsubishi Rayon (MRC) and SGL Group. I do think it is lost on many people that the Carbon Fiber and Aluminum chassis will find their way into other BMW models to make them lighter and have better performance.
If BMW can get a jump of 1, 3, 5 years on the competition building carbon fiber panels into mainstream cars, it’s a huge advantage. I have owned two old, used cars that weighed less than 2500 pounds, a VW Beetle that was not a paragon of safety, and a Mini Cooper knockoff Fiat 128 that got lighter each year through a Fiat technology called rust perforation.
The light carbon fiber material gets shipped to Europe where they get produced into the body panels that become heavier (resin injection in the molding) and bulkier.BMW agrees the energy expenditure in creating the CRFP panels is more than for a metal body car.

Lower hanging fruit might be to wonder why the PRC buys scrap iron from the US, re-refines it over there, and sends it back to us as new steel.
Carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) provides the weight reduction that effectively neutralizes the heft of the car’s battery pack.
Rather than farm out the carbon fiber R&D and production to others, BMW opted to retain control, much as earlier automakers started with shiploads of iron ore rather than prestamped body panels from a parts supplier.
BMW says the total lifecycle costs including fuel (electricity) to run the car and what you get back when the car is recycled a decade or so from now, that will be lower. The chassis of these cars would be very lighter and hence will give a better control for the drivers and will also save a lot on the weight and at the same time wouldn’t compo on the safety as these cars with Carbon Fiber or Aluminum body are stronger then its predecessors and also comes at lower price.
Bosch Automotive Parts - Batteries - Cars: S3 - S4 - S5The battery selection is determined by the type of vehicle, equipment, driveability and climate. As in the early days of the industrial revolution, BMW even sited one of the carbon fiber textile facilities near a stream for power.
If not technically sited directly on an Industrial Revolution stream with a water wheel driving a long shaft, the Moses Lake plant draws from utilities making heavy use of hydro power.

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The result is a four-passenger car that can go 100 miles on a charge or accelerate to 60 mph in less than 7 seconds, yet weigh only 2,700 pounds (1224 kg).BMW will be producing the first passenger car using significant amounts of carbon fiber in a vehicle designed for production of tens of thousands of units a year with no significant cost premium (over what BMW already gets for being BMW). Many automakers including BMW have made roof or hood panels from carbon fiber, mostly for limited production performance models. Here, they resemble fabrics, and BMW has actually joined Germany’s textile makers alliance. There, they go to a BMW plant in Landshut, Germany for further processing, and finally, they wind up in Leipzig in eastern Germany, where the CFRP parts are finished and the i3 is assembled along with BMW’s 1 Series sedan and X1 SUV.

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