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But my life is getting a fresh start too…a new job (fingers crossed it’s coming soon!), ridding myself of people who no longer need to be around and inviting in those people who do, a fresh approach to blogging and business, and this is really only the start. Each beginning can signify a new chapter in our lives, a new opportunity for growth and to learn. 2015 feels like there have been so many fresh starts for me, and I truly believe it is because I finding out who I am and what makes me happy.
I’m a 20-something healthy-living and fitness fanatic, music industry professional and enthusiast, freelance writer and blogger.

For everyone it looks a bit different and as you’ve probably noticed, even the blog got a fresh start in the last couple weeks – updated colors and fonts and layout. It also usually marks the end of a different chapter and the close of a lesson, sometimes a positive one and sometimes one that was a bit harder to face. Subscribe to the mailing list and get a daily update with the most important news about Football - Seattle Seahawks! It’s just feeling so crisp and clean and like the right step to take for the new beginning I’m looking for around here.

Quite honestly, this is the best I have felt in a really long time and as I’m also facing some of the hardest financial lessons of my life, I can’t help but be optimistic for what lies ahead of me.
These days the possibilities for such a complete start over are more limited – I can’t exactly get rid of these kids now can I?

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