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The Toyota Corolla has been in continuous production since 1966 and has been the best selling car world-wide since 1974.
The 2013 Toyota Corolla received a Top Safety Pick rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety(IIHS).
Most of the recalls associated with the Corolla since 2000 have been minor issues with lights or labels.
The Corolla has received mostly good ratings for its reliability since it was introduced to the U.S.
The Toyota Corolla is a good car for what it is…a sub-compact that is consistently reliable and delivers reasonable mpg.

In order to achieve that rating a vehicle must receive the IIHS’s top rating of Good in at least four out of five categories tested. The only exception was in 2009 when Toyota vehicles in general were recalled because of an accelerator pedal issue.
You need to keep in mind that this is not a roomy car nor is going to have the latest cutting edge trim packages.
Older models were known to rust with a passion and fall into the beater category, but they would run for a few hundred thousand miles with only normal repairs.
With the Corolla you are getting a base model, no nonsense car that you will be able to drive for the next decade.

Later models have solved the rusting issue, but the Corolla will still take a beating and start every time. If you doubt that look at how long Ford made the Edsel or how long Renault sold cars in North America.
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