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This is difficult to say right now as the first production electric cars with lithium ion battery technology are still very new, but most people agree they will last at least eight years before they reach what is called the 'end of life' – Vauxhall even has an eight-year warranty on the battery in its Ampera.But ‘end of life’ doesn’t mean the battery will stop working at that moment – ‘end of life’ is actually the point at which batteries reach 80% efficiency, so they'll still work pretty well for years after that. In fact, some Ford Ranger EVs from the late 1990s with less efficient lead acid and NiMH batteries are still going, nearly 15 years later.Lithium ion should fare a lot better, which is just as well because a new battery is expensive right now – they’re the major reason electric cars cost so much to buy – but prices will fall as more electric cars hit the road.

And Nissan says you're going to have to replace individual modules in the battery pack, rather than an entire battery, which will cost hundreds of ?s rather than thousands (or tens of thousands, if some reports will have you believe). After eight years the engine is a bit old and tired, perhaps a bit smokey, and doesn't have the same horsepower it had when new.

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