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XXL CT scanner developed for shipping containers Scientists at the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS have the answer.
CT machine heading for nanoscale scans This giant piece of equipment has a counterpart that Prof.
Regular car detailing is extremely important if you wish to get the maximum potential out of your car. But the only way engineers can get at this information is if they can see inside the vehicle to analyze how its individual components reacted to the force of the impact. They have developed a huge CT scanner that will scan cars, airplane wings and even entire shipping containers. At the resolution the system currently achieves — which at 0.8 mm is already extremely high — scientists can make out even the tiniest of details with pin-sharp precision on objects that are several meters in size. Whether it is applying paint protection film, tire shine or wax, cleaning the relevant area thoroughly first is extremely important.
Always go for a microfiber wash cloth because they can absorb large amounts of water while giving a thorough and gentle clean. Yes, applying tire shine is extremely important, not only to make your tires look good, but also to prevent damage to them such as fading, cracking, and drying. It’s important to have proper understanding of the products and processes involved when you detail a car, so keep reading our blog to learn the ins and outs of general car detailing and washing. The typical two-dimensional X-ray images used in conventional materials testing are often not accurate enough, as what they show is no more than a kind of shadow-picture taken from a single angle.

No bigger than a microwave oven, and with a resolution of 0.02 mm, it can scan anything from the smallest plastic parts to biological samples.
The number of times you detail your car becomes unimportant if the job was not properly done at all times. Applying these products on an unclean surface will render the product useless, wasting your time and money. The best thing about a microfiber wash cloth is it can be used to clean any area of your car, whether it is the tires, the windshield, or the paintwork, without causing any damage. In addition to the advantages mentioned above, it can also extend the engine life and improve its appearance.
Choosing the right product is important, whether you are going for a solvent-based or water-based product.
Most household cleaning products contain ammonia and can damage other parts of your car if they come in contact with them.
As it turns, an X-ray source on one side of the object moves up and down, and these movements are mirrored by a four-meter-long X-ray detector on the other.
Some of the potential uses for this technology include bringing prototypes of new cars into alignment with design data, or spotting material failures such as minuscule cracks in automotive or aircraft components.
Now that they have developed what is currently the smallest portabel CT scanner in the world, Prof. Before going for professional help, you will obviously want to try your hand at professional level detailing.

However, it is important to remember that if not done carefully, water can seep in and damage the electric system, air-intake system, and the ignition system. Security forces could use the giant scanner to detect explosives or other prohibited objects in shipping containers without having to open them. Hanke and his team are already working on the next innovation: a device that will be able to push the limits of geometric magnification down to even higher resolutions. However, prior to testing your car detailing skills, gaining an accurate knowledge of the dos and don’ts is extremely important. Using plain water is not always effective when it comes to cleaning stubborn stains on car windows but it is better than using ordinary cleaning products.
The aim is to be able to scan at nanoscale level, that is to say, at a magnitude of under 100 nanometers. Take our car detailing quiz and test your knowledge while learning really important car detailing tips and tricks.
He and his team of students and postgraduates at the Chair of X-ray Microscopy at the University of Wurzburg recently enjoyed a significant breakthrough.

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