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Hi,I have got set of comps wheels in flebay with a very good deal I love these wheels !!!!
I'm gonna start this out by saying that I took a lot of pictures since I know some people will get stuck without them.
You need to take off one last clip that's on the side where the pushrod for the window is, then it should just come out.
Now you can take off the bolsters, just start at the bottom and work your way to the top, lift up and out to get the top off. OK- be careful now, I broke a few clips and had to go pick up some more from the dealer on this part. The speaker sits in a basket, make sure you just take the speaker out and not the basket yet. At this point I also took out the plastic trim piece around the seatbelt, just pry it up and off.
Using the 13mm socket, undo and remove the 3 tether points (pull everything out but don't lose anything). In this picture you can see how much space there is between the trunk roof and the shelf and the lack of good padding, part of the reason for the rattle. Ok, the thing with the tennis ball trick, stuffing t-shirts, etc., is they only try to solve one part of the rattle problem.
Earlier I mentioned the crappy state of my speaker covers, well I decided to use the leftover can of Rustoleum Black Enamel that I did my front bumper grid with to refinish them.

Mine came in a huge yet thin sheet so I cut a stripe across the top and took it to the car so I could then cut what I needed for each spot.
Make sure you don't cover up the holes for the speakers and the spot where the screw attaches to the shelf (the one that was hidden by the sub). I apparently didn't do it exactly correct at first as you can see in this pic, but you can just slide something in there to fix the other fabric.
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This is probably an all day job as you might get distracted and start cleaning your car since you're gonna see parts of it you probably won't ever see again.
You can't really tell but the silver part of the speaker cover where it says Harmon Kardon is like a concrete color gray, not shiny at all. Before you lay the rear seats down, put a pile of towels down about the same thickness as the seat bottom. Pull 'up' on the sub toward the trunk, the hooks in the back should fall out of their slots and the sub should only be held in by 2 clips, right next to where the screws in the front were (they look green in the pic). At this point you may want to clean your car up a little as the back window is completely available. I think that should be more than enough, just put a lot of thin coats and you should be good. It's gonna be a little tough to wrestle in place now with the strips but you'll get it eventually.

This is basically what you're doing with the tennis ball fix but we're going way more crazy with it. It needs to slide in a certain way and also make sure you line up the clips at the top with the holes they go in before you push on them or you can crack them (even if you do they're only like $0.70 at the dealer but that means you need to go and get them). Sorry I forgot to take a picture of the back of the bolster but you'll understand once you take yours out and look at it.
There are other ways to fix the rattle (primarily the tennis ball technique) but that's not good enough for me. It shouldn't be too different for a 4dr but I could be wrong (also some sedans don't have fold down rear seats). If you don't remember to do this you're gonna have a huge dent if not a cut in your leather. If you see the point where it makes contact with my car, it has been there so long that it is actually rubbing the paint away, adding to the noise when I drive. As long as the top one wasn't broke you can probably just put the seat bottom in and that will hold it in place. I broke the bottom point on one of mine so I'm gonna have to make a trip to the salvage yard to see if I can find a donor car to get the plastic backing.

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