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Dropping cell phones into the toilet, into a pool, into mud puddles, into washing machines and even into a glass of fruit juice is not very uncommon. Alcohol: Place the device in the container and fill with denatured alcohol, or a 95% alcohol solution (regular rubbing alcohol is about 75%) completely submerging the device. Do NOT switch on the phone: I understand the urge to see if the phone is still functioning properly. Do NOT heat the phone: In order to quickly dry the phone, you might think of using a hair dryer at high speed or a vaccum cleaner or direct sunlight.
Do NOT break your cellphone: You might think of smash it with a hammer and buy a new device.
After you have waited a day or so, make sure everything is clean and dry looking and re-attach the battery and reassemble your device to the phone and see if it works. Note that the above tips hold good for all mobile phones (iPhone, Blackberry etc), MP3 players (iPod, Zune etc), other similar electronic gadgets. Subscribe to TechPPSubscribe to our email newsletter for useful tips and valuable resources. View PhotosHave you accidentally drenched your phone in water or damaged it in some other way? Arras is a WordPress theme designed for news or review sites with lots of customisable features. I’ve always wondered about that fix for a wet cell phone — you know, the one where you bury it in dry rice for 24 hours? I immediately powered down, cracked open the back cover and popped out the battery, then tightly wrapped napkins around each the separate parts. The good news is that rice had expanded to soak up coffee from deep within my headphone jack; the bad news is that getting it out required breaking up the grains into smaller pieces with a paper clip.
The morning after that, with no remnants of moisture to be found, I replaced the battery and powered up — only to find that my Moto was stuck in a cycle of reboots, as you can see above.
Expose as much surface area as possible to the rice — had I opened up the slider before dumping it in rice it might have been back in service a day sooner. Rice is not a sure way to dry your phone and could do more harm than good by leaving moisture behind in your phone which can cause a short when you turn it back on. And of course you wouldn’t have any kind of vested interest in said product available at Radio Shack, would you? Not trying to argue just trying to suggest a better way for your readers to save their phones. Rice is easy and it is something people have on hand but the cost to replace a phone isnt quite worth the risk of it not actually working. Clearly you didn’t even bother to read my post, so fuck you and your shit product too.
I tried the hair-dryer on it, for about 30 minutes, did not work, the phone was stuck on a boot loop at the Vibrant screen, apparently there was still moisture in it. I came across this post so I put it in dry rice in a tupperware container, along with the battery (removed of course). As to rice not being a desiccant: It may not be as aggressive as those clear beads that dry out the air, but it certainly works, and I think I may know why. Sort of like talcum powder (which really is starch or pulverized corn grains that has been bleached).
Ok my boyfriend left his MP3 player in his training bag, he emptied it and threw everything in the washing machine and then the dryer. My new HTC Inspire is currently sitting in rice, and have just located the battery which has been removed, and hoping that my phone will still work. I left my phone in my pocket and ran it through the wash and didn’t realize it until after the washer was done! So, I dried that completely, used a few alcohol wipes to disinfect it all because it did come out of the toilet but I made sure to wipe the alcohol dry rigth away too. So, luckily my boyfriend and I had bought 2 bags of rice to make something we never got around to making, so I put the cell phone, battery, and battery cover i a big bowl and they are completely covered with rice now. Ordinarily I welcome comments, but unfortunately this is not a support group for people who’ve dropped their phones in the toilet.

Now put your phone, battery and other parts under the sun light so it will dry out with in 20 to 30 minutes.
When it dry out completely reassemble the parts and switch on your phone it will work like before. You’ll need a plastic bag and a few silica packs that you get with the electronic goods you purchase. From here on, here are the steps that I did to save my phone and I also learned some things that you shouldn’t do once your phone gets soaked in water. Unless your phone is not water resistant like the Sony Xperia Z or the totally water proof like the Xperia ZR, you should never, under any circumstances, never ever turn your phone on. I placed (submerged) my towel-dried Galaxy Note 2, and the battery, in the container filled with rice and left it for 24 hours. My phone died after a few minutes so I had no choice but to bring it to a Samsung customer service. In case you have just got your expensive mobile phone or iPod wet, you have every reason to be worried. You will be able to juge the situation and act better only if you control your emotions and not panic.
If your phone does not work, try plugging it into its charger without the battery, if this works, you need a new battery. Turns out that yours truly got a chance to try out that very procedure when he somehow managed to drop his beloved Motorola Spice straight into a cup of hot coffee. Fortunately my local Chinatown was on the way home, so securing some dry rice wasn’t a problem. The best way to dry a wet cell phone is to use a proffesional product like the wet cell phone emergency kit. Rice is NOT an absorbent in does not absorb water this is such a crazy urban legend.The only reason rice absorbs water when you cook it is heated to reach gelatinization.
Devastated he’d broken another MP3 player I suggested the rice method and he literally told me not to waste my time. But if phone fall down into water and water goes inside the phone then it can cause real damage to your phone electrical components there are many times when phone phone get wet by falling down into water and they lose their phone because of circuit damage.
Your phone will dry out fast if you follow 3rd steps and dry out each part of your phone under the sun light. I personally tried the 4th step and saved my phone but many online tutorial suggest to put phone inside the dry rice or silica packets i never got any chance to try these method. You shouldn’t have to wait and think about what to do if you see your cell phone under water. A dry towel can also be used as a substitute for tissue papers, but as tissue papers are thinner, they work a little better than towels. Put the cell phone along with silica packs in the plastic bag and leave it like that for a day or two.
While I was walking outside our house, on my way to a nearby store to buy some drinks, my Android smartphone, specifically my Samsung Galaxy Note 2, slipped my hand and fell. The next day after putting my phone in rice, I put the battery back and attempted to turn it on. If you do not know how to open your phone and clean it from the inside, bring it to a customer service and let them clean it for you.
Bring it to a customer service and left them clean the internals of your phone before turning it on. Just remember, you might be able to save your wet smartphone if you know the things that you should do after getting it wet.
Electronic items and water are known to be bitter foes, especially the smart-phones and the PDA’s.
Your SIM might contain many of the important data like contact information and other stuff. When i plugged it back into my computer the apple logo appeared fully lit and i was freaking ecstatic that it worked! I did try the rice method anyway buy completely sub merging the MP3 in a cup of rice… Left of for 24 hours and voila!

I just put it in the rice ten minutes ago and I’m positive it will be okay in a couple of days!
I got it out of the toilet removed the battery dried it with a hair dryer then tried to turn it on and nothing!
If it doesn’t, take it to the authorized dealer of give yourself a treat by buying a new cell phone.
And to make things worst, it bounced (because of the Otterbox case) right through the drainage hole!
After a few minutes we finally moved the slab of concrete big enough for me to fit and got my phone back.
Again this was my mistake, and I should have never turn it on again after doing the rice trick.
When I brought my Galaxy Note 2 to Samsung, they opened it and found out that the motherboard and some parts got dirtied. I think technicians use some solution to clean the board and those tiny little chips inside the phone. But some of the functions are no longer working like the 3.5mm audio jack and sometimes it suddenly restarts or freezes. I got a 3 cups of rice and placed it on a big zip lock and placed my phone in for about 20-24 hrs. In case caught in rain, try to go under a shed or wrap it in a plastic bag, if you have any by chance. Shake it out (carefully) and use a cotton cloth or paper towel to gently remove the wetness. Please continue reading below and find out how I got my phone back, and what are the things I did to fix a wet smartphone. If I insisted on using that further without bringing it to the customer service, my phone would have totally died. Worst case, if the phone is stuck or something, see if you can remove the battery at-least, that should prevent the short-circuit. A few things are still a little wacky so its back in the rice and I will check it in the morning.
You stop your bike in the middle of the traffic, and without wasting even a second, you run straight towards the expanse to save the incapacitated victim.
In theory, SIM cards have better chances of surviving water damage, but that is only when you don’t let it heat but get it dry.
This is definitely not my preferred way to dry the wet phone, since the key is to make sure the phone doesn’t get heated up. Second time I checked it, it was 5 hrs later and I could charge it again BUT the buttons wouldn’t work. Make sure that the alcohol you use is denatured with only methanol as the chemicals found in other types can be damaging. All sad and gloomy, you walk towards your bike with your beloved cell phone in your palms, cursing the speed-breaker all the while for had it not been for it, your cell phone would not have fallen off your pocket into a nearby puddle.
The alcohol soak may work best for phones that have been damaged by salt water or other liquids such as coffee. All who own a cell phone have at least dropped it once into water or got it wet under torrential rain that came unannounced. For this, keep the phone in an air tight container for 24 hours, covering it up with a desiccant of your choice. Although this technique might help in faster moisture removal, there is risk of the components in phone getting damaged due to excessive heat. Hence this method is not recommended.There is also a common practice of placing the phone in freezer after wrapping it with a towel to prevent frost damage.

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