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A car seat can only be passed on to someone else if it has never been in an accident and has not gone past the manufacturer’s expiration date.
I contacted the Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation to find out about recycling options in my state. Note: If your area does not recycle car seats, saw the plastic shell in half (or destroy it some other way) before putting it in the trash. Ideally, the responsibility would lie with the car seat manufacturer under something called Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), which requires manufacturers to be engaged in the entire lifecycle of a product, including disposal. If you can’t recycle the car seat and don’t want to trash it, perhaps your kids have some creative ideas for reuse? That doesn’t appear to be happening, and now I’m ready to clear out much of the baby stuff that’s hogging precious storage space in our basement.

Even though Sofie’s 2006 car seat is accident-free and still in good condition, it is too old to safely donate. While we have no drop-off centers, the Recycling Program Manager informed me that if I disassembled the car seat myself, I could then drop off the plastic and fabric components at their facility for recycling. It took me all of about ten minutes to disassemble the car seat (I was slightly disturbed by this) and to separate it into its plastic, fabric and metal components.
Most manufacturers list an expiration date on the seat, and if you can’t find one, six years is often considered the limit. The return they receive on recycling the components (about 15 cents per pound) is not enough to offset the staffing cost to disassemble and separate car seats. However, some towns will offer one-day community recycling events to which you can bring your car seat (and usually other bulky items as well).

The materials degrade over time, especially from the intense ultraviolet light coming through car windows. Consult the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for more details on car seat safety.

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