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How : hook car stereo system - youtube, A step step tutorial video hook car stereo system speakers, subwoofer, amplifier. Among Gulf Arabs, it is common knowledge that Kuwaiti people are the most liberal citizens in the GCC. The air traffic outbound from Kuwait by locals on weekends is the highest in the Middle East. I agree with you, Kuwaitiful, but who knows (you never know whose car she is getting into) and why should people judge?
If I may, even if they are look I don’t know how, and they hook up with guys, or whatever, that doesn’t give anyone the right to spray or tag cars just for a laugh or that they are implying morals over those women!! On a more practical note, spray paint is easily removed with some nail polish (which I guess most girls have handy anyway). Then treat the vandals car with some braking fluid, he won’t have such a easy time to fix it. Having great-quality car stereo sound is a must for anyone who loves to play his favorite tunes during the daily commute.
To safeguard your equipment, place your amp in the trunk of your vehicle, close to the subwoofer box. Take the black ground wire and connect it to the negative power terminal on your amplifier.
There are several connections that must be made when you're hooking up a stereo amplifier in your car. Hooking up a subwoofer and amplifier to a car stereo can add an extra dimension to your music. Kenwood manufactures many car audio components such as sub-woofers, stereos, video screens and amplifiers. If you've purchased a new sound system for your car, then you're probably wondering how to hook up a car stereo. Head unit - This is the main component of the stereo, which usually has the radio, CD player, and other controls. Main speakers - There are usually two speakers in the front of the car and two in the back.
Amp and Subwoofers - An amplifier provides additional channels and extra power for a pair of subwoofers, which enhance the bass of the music you play. Before you start the installation, make sure that you have all of the components, supplies, and tools listed above.
Speakers - If your new stereo didn't come with speakers, make sure to buy the best set that you can afford.
Wiring harness - Before you can replace your car stereo, you need to visit the manufacturer website of the car stereo brand you intend to buy and purchase the correct wiring harness required for your specific vehicle. Learn how to remove the dash, door panels and floor molding for the make and model of your car. IMPORTANT - Disconnect your battery (the negative cable) so that your car's electrical system is not live. Remove the paneling according to the instructions in the guide that you purchased, and unscrew and disconnect the old speakers. Reconnect the old wires to the new speaker, connecting the same colored wires together - negative to negative and positive to positive.

Remove the section of the dash that covers your old car stereo, and take off the existing head unit by removing the screws that hold it in place.
Attach your new wiring harness to your car's connector, and then attach the other end of the wiring harness to your new stereo.
Connect the other wires that aren't part of the connector, such as the antenna and the speaker wires. If you have an amplifier as part of your sound system, use the o-ring that came with it to clamp the red power cable to the part of the connector that supplies power.
You will have to run the amplifier power cable and the thin "remote on" wire along the plastic molding along the floor of your car to the back of the car (usually the trunk area behind the back seats).
Attach the black ground cable from your amplifier to any bolt on the inside of the frame of your vehicle. Finally, double check all connections on the back of your head unit (also make sure the ground cable is connected), and then mount it back onto the dash.
First lemme preface this by saying i have relatively no experience working with car audio so this is my learning project. When i took the subs out, i hooked up the amps and capacitor again to run the stock speakers but they never had any bass (i am assuming they disconnected them to run the subs) So now when im trying to put it back together I dont know where to plug the subs into the amps and if i can port them together and run one cable or if i should split them up one to each amp. I have tried several different connection ways with just one sub and am starting to think my capacitor is broken as a tv fell on it a while back, but the amps are wired through it and they both working so im confused as to if the whole system would work or not if the capacitor is broken. If anyone has any experience or knowledge as to what route to take it would be greatly appreciated.
At my audio shop we don't charge to just take a look, unless the customer is just an annoyance.
Face smack is somewhat appropriate because it sounded like the original guy hooked up three subwoofers into the capacitor then to the amp which is just crazy. It looks like you have a 4 channel amp for the door speakers and a mono amp for the subwoofers. I never used a cap before but if i were to do this install, i would hook up the power cable from the battery to the cap (+) terminal.
Stuff like this is why Kuwait is where it is at still while all the countries around it like like the Emirates, Bahrain and Qatar continue to grow and attracts millions of people.
Kuwait is ahead of UAE, Qatar and Bahrain in terms of social development and social liberalization. Any girl would avoid leaving her car there to ride with someone else as a percussion, unless she wanted to do exactly that. If you are looking at upgrading your car stereo setup to a professional sound system, you will need a great amp to power your new speakers.
Run the wire around the car's engine bay, through the firewall and underneath the car's carpet and connect it to the fuse. Run these wires on the opposite sides from the power wires you just ran to the battery and amp and plug them into your amplifier. Keep the wires separated from the other two sets of wires you've installed to avoid any fire hazards.
While the process certainly takes some time, it is definitely possible to accomplish this task even if you have no technical training with car electronics. If you use "component speakers," each speaker may be split into two smaller units to play the bass and the treble.

If you work through the following steps carefully, you'll end up with a fully functioning, brand new car stereo. This may mean either sliding the existing electrical connections off a connector, or cutting the wires completely. If you had to clip the old wires, strip about a half inch of insulation back for both wires, twist them together and wrap tightly in electrical tape. All connections should be clear and easy to connect because the harness is manufactured specifically for your car and for the brand of the new stereo. Also run the signal cable (which came with the amp) along the other side of the car under the molding. If anything isn't operating, double-check the wiring on the back of the head unit and on each speaker or amp. By working slowly and methodically and making sure that you understand every step along the way, you'll have that perfect car audio system that you've always wanted.
What the word means in this context is when a girl parks her car somewhere to ride her lovers car, he then drops her later to her car after they’re done.
I will tell you right now if I saw these people in action spraying anyone’s car I would speak up even if I get my butt kicked .
If the fuse is too large, you run the risk of causing a fire and doing permanent damage to your speakers and your car.
Install a power cable from your amp to your head unit that will allow you to switch the amp on and off. If you are very scared about causing damage, visit your local car stereo retailer and ask about the price of installation.When you have the guide for removing interior panels and the dashboard, make sure to read through it carefully before you start so that you know if there are any special tools you're going to need. Anyway i took the whole thing apart and made custom fitted fiberglass boxes for two subs and now im trying to put it back together and its being difficult. Although it may be a different wiring issue as i think i have tried every combo of plug ins that i can see.
It’s backwards thinking idiots like these moral police taggers who are probably doing the same things they are only guessing these vehicle owners might be doing and probably having a drink while they are doing it.
The bastion or moral fortitude is going to make an example of this little guest Amreeki…Whatever shall I do! Also to comment on someone saying it is none of timothy ***** business and mind his own country, well my friend the guests are just giving opinions on a topic in an open blog that deals with things happening in Kuwait so if you are not able to accept some criticism please do not read and follow open blogs!!! If people would point their aggression and opinions at the powers that be and moral Police Kuwait would be a powerhouse by now .
What if people labeled me or you or your sister or your aunt as “those types of girls”? Because as far as I remember Kuwait is still a democracy and as long as you are not crossing the limit of decency and not disgracing anyone then your opinion is more than welcome and respected!!! If the speaker moves outward, then the wire on the positive terminal of the battery is positive.

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