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Battery failure problems in the first and second generation Honda Civic Hybrids have become a major concern for many Honda owners. The high voltage hybrid battery is part of the Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) system and is located behind the back seat. The average service life of the Honda Civic IMA battery in the Honda Civic Hybrids is only about seven years, and in some cases much less. The LA Times reports that over four percent of the hybrid batteries in California Civics have had to be replaced for various reasons, a figure which many officials says is too high to be acceptable. The leading cause of premature bttery failure with the Honda Civic hybrid IMA batteries has been undercharging.
For maximum service life, the hybrid battery must be maintained at 50 to 60 percent of its full charge. Honda’s fix for extending battery life in the Honda Civic Hybrids is to reprogram the IMA control software.
The Honda TSB software update (09-058 and more recently 10-034) reprograms the IMA battery controller, the PGM-FI engine controller, and the CVT transmission controller.
However, many Civic owners have complained that their cars do not feel the same after the update. On the other hand, the update does reduce the risk of battery failure and may save you money by extending the life of the battery.
If the battery in your Honda Civic Hybrid fails, it can be VERY expensive to replace if it is out of warranty. A Honda refurbished hybrid battery costs around $2200 plus installation (figure about $200 for labor). Should you consider replacing a bad battery with a used battery from a wrecked Civic Hybrid in a salvage yard?
If the battery in your Honda Civic Hybrid fails while it is still under warranty, your Honda dealer will replace it at no cost. Due to the high failure rate of its IMS hybrid batteries, Honda extended the original warranty.
In California and other states that have adopted California’s SULEV emission rules (NY, VT, ME, MA, RI and CT, plus NJ, OR, WA, PA, NM and FL since 2010), any vehicle that is certified to SULEV emission standards gets a 10 year or 150,000 mile battery warranty. On Honda’s 3rd generation Civic Hybrid (2012 and up), a totally different type of battery is used (lithium ion) and the battery comes with a 15 year or 150,000 mile factory warranty. Your car’s self-diagnostic system will detect most problems that can occur in the hybrid battery or charging system. Though many aftermarket scan tools can read Honda codes, not all can read hybrid codes or access onboard self tests that may be necessary to pinpoint the problem. Any of the following codes usually means your Civic needs a new battery: POA7E, POA7F, P1435, P1446 or P1570. Other battery related codes include P1447, P1449, POA9D, POA9E, POAC7, POACD, P1574, POA27 and POAE1. There is no high voltage battery charger that can be used to juice up a dead hybrid battery. For faster charging, you can remove the #15 fuse from the underhood fuse panel and run the engine at 3,000 RPM to fast charge the battery. A low or dead hybrid battery should not prevent your engine from starting because it also has a conventional 12-volt battery in the engine compartment, and a conventional starter motor to crank the engine.
Turn the ignition OFF and disconnect the negative ground cable from the conventional 12 volt battery in the engine compartment. If any work needs to be done on the hybrid battery junction board or control module, wear insulated gloves and use insulated tools. Honda Malaysia offers new cheap hybrid battery price from RM4k up to RM5.5K for Honda Hybrid cars, the cr-z, insight, jazz and civic hybrid battery.

Honda Malaysia also will cover the warranty of hybrid battery up to 8 years without mileage limitation. Team KDI suka berkongsi info, tips, gambar kereta modified, bodykit dijual terkini, trend DIY modifikasi.
Forum bincang mengenai masalah kereta, cara repair sendiri dengan harga murah dan panduan kepada pembeli dan pemandu. This super Honda hybrid car buying deal will be ending next Monday which is the year end 31st December… so take full advantage of it and book your brand new Honda Insight now!
Since Hybrid batteries different from other battery that is used in a typical car, you should make sure to replace it with battery from original spare parts.  Even though Hybrid batteries are designed to last for 10 years, but in fact it has loss it ability earlier.
However, Honda Company has made software which said to be the best software to cut the gas mileage.
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2013 honda accord replacement starters, alternators, Honda accord 2013, redtop™ starting battery by optima®. Honda accord auto body repair - auto parts warehouse, Have worn honda accord auto body parts? You can tell how much usable capacity the Insight’s battery has by observing the range of its state of charge (SoC) gauge. A check engine light will come on with the P1447 code once the battery’s capacity is reduced to about a third of what it was when it left the factory, which corresponds to a battery that moves through only about 5-6 bars on the gauge. Thus if you apply a little charging current to an imbalanced battery, the cells that are high will peak first, and begin to convert the current into heat while the other cells catch up. You can do this without removing the battery from the car, and it may be enough to get you back on the road. If these things are not sufficient, you can get a more thorough repair by removing the battery from the car and disassembling it. You’ll probably find some of your sticks have an abnormally high or low rate of self discharge.
You may also find that while most of your sticks have 5500-6500mAh capacity, there may be one or two that are stubbornly lower. A professional repair involves building a pack out of used sticks whose capacity and rate of self-discharge matches. This particular junkyard pull was probably a fairly new battery that didn’t need anything more than a good, long grid charging. The battery module is on the right, with its fan in the foreground, its computers on top, and its junction board on the left. If you want to remove the battery module, it’s held on by six bolts, four cables, and six wire harness connectors. If, unbeknownst to you, your high voltage relay and service disconnect failed in the closed position, you could …. It’s arguably overkill, but if I were to buy one of these cars, I would throw the service disconnect switch to off, cut the charging system inhibit wire, and THEN drive it home.
Feel free to share your own thoughts on battery repair, and if you disagree with anything I’ve presented, please share.
This will disable the IMA controller and prevent it from routing high voltage into the IMA system.
This translate to less maintenance whih is similar to other non hybrid cars and now the hybrid is a real practical car to buy. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. These hybrid technologies are losing their ability to save the energy before the warranty is up.

Many people who have already experienced the broken battery said that they should spend $3,000 to $4000 from their account to replace the battery alone. Besides, Honda claims if the driver installed that software, they can extend the life of the battery and improve the performance of the battery. With the ten year IMA warranty expiring on the earliest Honda Insights, and the warranty void on Salvage cars, I hope this information will be useful to some EcoModders. You may want to repair your IMA battery even if you don’t have a check engine light, just to obtain longer-lasting assist and regen. Due to unequal rates of self-discharge, some of the cells will have a higher or lower state of charge than others.
Rapidly charging and discharging a cell through its full range can help restore its performance. If you take a NiMH cell that is fully charged, then continue to apply charging current to it, it will convert the extra current into heat. There’s still dangerous voltage differences under the plastic covers on the junction board, so treat the whole battery with respect.
The key must be removed from the ignition and the service disconnect must be off whenever you open the IPU lid (the battery compartment). I’ve never heard of it happening, but still, when in doubt, check it with a voltmeter. The uneven rate of self-discharge will drive the battery out of balance, and subsequently driving the car will damage the cells.
Then remove the back seat, remove the small switch cover on the battery pack, and turn the switch OFF (down). In 2007, many Civic customers complaint about the loss of power when they drive the car to pass someone or when they are run the car faster. You can repair your own IMA battery for $100-350 including equipment and replacement cells, instead of paying someone $1000 to do it for you, or dropping $3000 at the dealership.
This is easy to correct, but failure to do so results in diminished battery capacity, and can damage the cells that are too high or too low. You want all your cells to match as closely as possible in terms of self-discharge, and the performance of the pack will be the same as that of its weakest cell. Wait a few minutes after throwing the switch to off before you touch anything in there, because there are capacitors in the battery assembly and in the grid charger which hold a charge for a little while. I feel that a grid charger is pretty much required equipment for anyone who lets a hybrid sit.
But you can use the methods discussed here to recondition ANY large array of cylindrical NiMH cells, whether for a Toyota, an EV, or whatever. Leave it charging your battery (with the battery fan running) for 36 hours or so, and it will top off ALL your cells, restoring state of charge balance.
Write down the discharge capacity of each stick, and keep cycling each stick until the capacity stops improving. Remove two bolts from the little door at the center of the IPU lid to access the service disconnect switch.
Once you have finished cycling each stick, charge it fully and write down the date and time. It sounds annoying for the customer because they should replace their battery with the new one.

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