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Rep Power: 209 Re: Faulty Alarm after flat battery Do you have the remotes? If anyone has the same alarm system or has access to a manual for LaserLine alarms I would be grateful for any info or pictures. The email address entered is already associated to an account.Login to post Please use English characters only. Cut the red wire 1 inch before the fuse because we will be connecting this to the backup battery's grey wire. If you're doing a fuel pump kill or any kind of kill that doesn't involve the ignition harness, then you only need one yellow wire on the relay. For the best possible range, mount the antenna up high and tuck any excess length loosely in the headliner.
The best mounting place for the LED is a pop out panel that is easily visible from outside the vehicle. The only bad thing about doing a stealth install is that you'll have to extend the 22 gauge LED, valet, and motion sensor wires. There wasn't a whole lot I could do with the engine bay siren on this car, so I decided to make up the difference on the piezo siren.
If your alarm came with an external shock sensor, and you bought two other sensors like I told you, don't use the shock sensor.
Remove the screws and pop tabs so you can pry out the driver's side rear quarter panel plastic. I strapped the backup battery to the control unit using electric tape, double sided tape, and some zip ties.
The diagram that comes with the DEI 520T is better than any instructions I could ever give.
The door trigger wire is in the wire bundle that's tucked up in the rear interior crossmember. Close all the doors, set your meter to continuity, connect one probe to chassis ground and the other to the suspected wire. The striped ends of the diodes go to the negative side, and the other ends are tied together and then soldered to the alarm's blue negative trigger wire. Each trigger wire, ie battery backup, trunk, sensor, is then connected to the individual diodes and taped up.
Constant 12v, Ignition 12v, door locks, siren and LED wires will all need to be ran up front.
Sometimes these alarms come with a DEI 451M, which is a double relay pack with a ribbon harness that plugs into the 3 pin plug in place of the 2 wire doorlock harness. The other variation is basically a built-in 451M, sometimes with an extra wire or two for the built-in "Flex" domelight relay. Some DEI alarms have onboard door lock relays with six door lock output pins instead of three.
Once you are satisfied that the alarm is fully functional, put your interior back together and give it one more quick test. Solution: Check the alarm's power and ground, power fuse, and that the antenna is plugged in all the way. If it's a used alarm, you may need to reprogram the remote to the alarm using the key and the valet button (refer to the manual).

Solution: Both the lock and unlock wire must be connected for the door lock system to work.
Have been over the manual a dozen times but it gives nothing much about the alarm or the resetting procedure. If I open the door at this stage the alarm sounds and the 4 ways flash but I am able to start the engine and drive the car.
I read a post somewhere about this but can't bring it up again now that I'm looking for it. On the side of it is "LaserLine U909" which seems to be the alarm make and model and as you can see from the picture there is a large white multiplug going into it. I don't have a keyless remote so The way I "fixed" the problem is every time I connect my battery I have to first turn the key to accessory and have the driver door open then connect the battery and it bypasses the security system. To help keep them clean and organized, you should twist wires together if they're going the same direction or are connecting to the same point.
By peripherals I mean both sirens, the antenna, the valet button and LED, all the sensors including the hood pin, and the backup battery mount.
I usually just wait until the install is finished, program whatever options I want, and then remove the valet button.
Cover the siren wires with split loom and run them through the firewall at a factory grommet, or drill a hole and install your own grommet. You can tie the ground in with the alarm grounds as I did here, or simply ground it to the chassis near the siren. Unplug the connector, pop out the tab, and then remove the four 12mm bolts holding in the seat so you can pull it out. Tap the blue trigger wire into the blue trunk trigger wire or the grey 22 gauge hood pin input on alarm's that have it. The "Basics" section linked at the top of this page has instructions on how to verify wires. If you have an aftermarket stereo, there is a chance that your domelight doesn't turn on when the doors open.
You can use a female quick disconnect, but I like to use these brown 1 pin connectors that I scavenge from the junkyard.
You may want to loom them all the way to the plastic case, and then from the plastic case to the fuse box. One is a 3 pin output with reversing polarity outputs on the outer pins and 12v constant on the middle pin. This relay pack is needed for American cars that have the 5 wire door lock system, or for adding aftermarket actuators.
The door lock wires are the same colors as found on the 451M and would be wired the same on cars that need them.
Program it for 2 or more presses and write it down in the booklet, or just program whatever options you want and then remove the valet button altogether. DEI's paging alarms that don't have remote start have the ability to program a single remote to control four cars.
DEI alarm's have nuisance protection, so if you keep triggering a zone, eventually it will ignore that zone until you have cycled the ignition (turn the key on and off). I have tried disconnecting the battery both with the doors locked and then unlocked but nothing seems to reset the system.

The blue wire nearest the camera on the right was loose and unattached to anything but I am unsure where it was located in the multiplug before. Put them in the end of your cordless drill, tighten the chuck down, hold the wires tight, and pull the trigger.
You can put the alarm into valet by hitting lock, unlock, lock quickly in sequence on the remote.
That way the thief can't short out your interior siren by cutting your engine bay siren's power wire and grounding it.
The tilt sensor's blue negative trigger wire can be tapped into the alarm's blue wire but if you have it connected to the trunk trigger, you should diode-isolate it.
Cut the alarm's red power wire an inch before the fuse and connect it to the backup module's grey wire. You can find under the door panels and in the engine bays of 92-95 Civic's and 94+ Integras. The alarm comes with a small plug connector that only has the blue and green outer wires and an empty pin in the center. The doors open and close by the remote, the car starts and runs ok but the 4 way flashers keep going, the alarm siren keeps sounding and the dash led for the alarm systems flashes continuously.
However prior to the battery going flat the doors locked and the alarm armed with just the one push. The red led on the dash which used to flash when the alarm system was set and then remain off when the system was dearmed seems to stay flashing all the time.
As you can see I put it in an empty space, held securely by a piece of matchstick in case I need to relocate it. Then pull from the back side of the lower cushion forward and unhook it at the base of the seat. On Japanese cars with OEM power door locks, you simply connect the green - lock output to your car's lock wire, and the blue - unlock output to your car's unlock wire. The domelight flex input (87) is grounded, typically tied in with the main harness ground along with any other ground wires. I like to keep the alarm's cutting and splicing all at the same level because it's easier to trace down later if there's a problem.
You can preview the tones by connecting the siren wires to your drill's battery or the car battery. If the thief cuts the engine bay siren wire and grounds it, the fuse will blow and the interior siren will be safe.
Unlock the door with the key and make sure it triggers the alarm, then test the other door and the trunk. Make sure the car wont start when the alarm is going off, but will start when it's disarmed.
Try putting the alarm in valet mode and taking it out (turn the key on but the engine off and tap the valet button).

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