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Battery failure problems in the first and second generation Honda Civic Hybrids have become a major concern for many Honda owners. The high voltage hybrid battery is part of the Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) system and is located behind the back seat.
The average service life of the Honda Civic IMA battery in the Honda Civic Hybrids is only about seven years, and in some cases much less. The LA Times reports that over four percent of the hybrid batteries in California Civics have had to be replaced for various reasons, a figure which many officials says is too high to be acceptable. The leading cause of premature bttery failure with the Honda Civic hybrid IMA batteries has been undercharging.
For maximum service life, the hybrid battery must be maintained at 50 to 60 percent of its full charge.
Honda’s fix for extending battery life in the Honda Civic Hybrids is to reprogram the IMA control software. The Honda TSB software update (09-058 and more recently 10-034) reprograms the IMA battery controller, the PGM-FI engine controller, and the CVT transmission controller. However, many Civic owners have complained that their cars do not feel the same after the update. On the other hand, the update does reduce the risk of battery failure and may save you money by extending the life of the battery.

If the battery in your Honda Civic Hybrid fails, it can be VERY expensive to replace if it is out of warranty. A Honda refurbished hybrid battery costs around $2200 plus installation (figure about $200 for labor). Should you consider replacing a bad battery with a used battery from a wrecked Civic Hybrid in a salvage yard?
If the battery in your Honda Civic Hybrid fails while it is still under warranty, your Honda dealer will replace it at no cost. Due to the high failure rate of its IMS hybrid batteries, Honda extended the original warranty. In California and other states that have adopted California’s SULEV emission rules (NY, VT, ME, MA, RI and CT, plus NJ, OR, WA, PA, NM and FL since 2010), any vehicle that is certified to SULEV emission standards gets a 10 year or 150,000 mile battery warranty. On Honda’s 3rd generation Civic Hybrid (2012 and up), a totally different type of battery is used (lithium ion) and the battery comes with a 15 year or 150,000 mile factory warranty.
Your car’s self-diagnostic system will detect most problems that can occur in the hybrid battery or charging system. Though many aftermarket scan tools can read Honda codes, not all can read hybrid codes or access onboard self tests that may be necessary to pinpoint the problem.
Any of the following codes usually means your Civic needs a new battery: POA7E, POA7F, P1435, P1446 or P1570.

Other battery related codes include P1447, P1449, POA9D, POA9E, POAC7, POACD, P1574, POA27 and POAE1.
There is no high voltage battery charger that can be used to juice up a dead hybrid battery.
For faster charging, you can remove the #15 fuse from the underhood fuse panel and run the engine at 3,000 RPM to fast charge the battery. A low or dead hybrid battery should not prevent your engine from starting because it also has a conventional 12-volt battery in the engine compartment, and a conventional starter motor to crank the engine. Turn the ignition OFF and disconnect the negative ground cable from the conventional 12 volt battery in the engine compartment.
If any work needs to be done on the hybrid battery junction board or control module, wear insulated gloves and use insulated tools.
This will disable the IMA controller and prevent it from routing high voltage into the IMA system.
Then remove the back seat, remove the small switch cover on the battery pack, and turn the switch OFF (down).

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