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In our less than legal youth, we’ve done things like chemical bombs out in the boonies, drawing suggestive pictures in stained cement and just seeing what happens to various found objects in the presence of acid. Actually, putting additional acid into a lead-acid battery that is already in service battery will damage it. You could make a case that adding the acid would be beneficial, if the acid level is very very low, but you are right, as the acid doesn't leave the battery during service (only the water does) adding additional acid will only increase the concentration inside the battery over time, which is detrimental.
Mix it with baking soda in a garbage pail (it will foam up quite a bit, so use a big container), or mix it with a dilute solution of caustic soda and water. To properly hoon, place this mixture in a gatorade bottle (the kind with a large cap), upside down in a mortar. No, destroying or defacing paper currency is illegal, and melting down coins for profit (to sell the metal for its bullion value) is illegal, but its not illegal to smoosh a penny on a railroad track or in one of those souvenir machines. A woman was splashed with battery acid after her car was chased and rammed in a "barbaric" attack.
Shay Thompson, 20, from Chatham, Kent, and two friends were on the way home when they were pursued in Rochester. After their car was hit from behind, they pulled up and the man threw a car battery into the vehicle, burning Ms Thompson's skin. The attack happened after Ms Thompson and her friends left the Riverside Tavern in Strood on Saturday night. Then he chased them down Canal Road, across Rochester Bridge and down Blue Boar Lane before the women drove down a dead end by mistake and were trapped. The ordeal has left Ms Thompson too frightened to go out at night while police are still hunting the attacker. The disposal of batteries in SA is a key concern particularly when it comes to the recycling of lead acid batteries.

First National Battery is an ISO 14001: 2004 certified company and through its franchise network, Battery Centre, provides consumers a convenient battery disposal solution for locally and internationally produced lead acid batteries. Recycling of lead acid batteries is vital to sustainability, waste management and reducing the risk and impact of pollution to our habitat. Scrap Battery collects scrap sealed lead acid batteries as well as lead acid vehicle starter and industrial batteries. Other rechargeable battery types (as used in cell phones, laptops, calculators and toys) can be placed in collection bins currently offered by major retailers in South Africa. To subscribe to the DO IT NOW Weekly and receive all the latest adventure, lifestyle and sports-related articles, videos, news, events and competitions every Friday, simply fill in your email address below and submit. Let’s first understand what the pH represents and where do the soft drinks like coke stand on the scale.
And, it may surprise you that soft drinks like Coke or Pepsi have pH values very close to that of battery. If you are already addicted to soft drinks and consume 1-2 cans daily on your way to work or college. The pressure will build until the cap pops off, and the bottle will shoot far into the air, showering you with hot acid.
Visit our Developers Site where you can find documentation on our APIs and more information about publishing opportunities to further promote your game. For leading manufacturer and distributor of automotive and industrial batteries in South Africa, First National Battery, a wholly owned subsidiary of JSE listed, Metair Investments Limited, protecting the environment through correct battery use and disposal is essential. The lead, plastic and acid in the batteries can be extremely harmful to the environment if not properly disposed of correctly.
It’s always best to contact your nearest Battery Centre to have your battery and vehicle electrical system tested for free by a battery specialist and get a definitive diagnosis,” concludes Webb.

Anything which is measured below 7 and up to zero is acidic while if it ends up beyond 7 and up to 14, it got to be basic. Coke has a pH value of 2.5, only Pepsi has a lower pH than the coke, making it even more acidic! Don’t hesitate to replace your old toilet cleaner with Coke; it really is an effective tool for cleaning. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. For large volumes of scrap batteries, make use of Scrap Battery’s free collection service by contacting Battery Centre or call toll free 0800 333 462 for assistance.
Scrap Battery is proud to be at the forefront of recycling efforts and through Battery Centre, will continue to educate and encourage South Africans to recycle used lead acid batteries,” says Webb. If consumed too often, these drinks can cause other chronic obstructive pulmonary disorders. The data impresses upon the hazardous effects of soft drinks on our health, although occasional drinkers need not worry.
It turns out to be an amazing cleaning agent working out its magic in cleaning nasty oil stains and removing rust. Through recycling with us, when you purchase a new battery on the one for one exchange basis you will not pay the lead surcharge that’s usually added to the purchase price,” says Webb.
It may sound like a better idea to pick the soft drink, not to appease thrust but rather to eliminate some stubborn stains.

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