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When your Laptop Battery goes dead, there is no option left for a normal user except replacing them with a new one from a Authorized Service Center, but if the warranty of your Laptop is expired, then you can try out this job by yourself at home.
Instead of buying a new 120$ Laptop Battery, here is a tip using which you can save upto 75% of the original cost, get a better backup battery and also do the whole job at Home. Thats very interesting, if one can do this on his own it could be a lot cheaper than buying a new one.I recently spent a lot on a new laptop battery. Thread: Lenovo X61 8-cell battery opened up (where do I get new cells to replace old ones)? I easily opened up my Lenovo X61 tablet PC 8-cell battery pack to find four cylindrical cells and four rectangular cells ensconced inside. Any suggestions as to what to do next to identify, obtain, & replace the cells in the IBM laptop battery pack? I'd love tips from anyone who has replaced their lithium-ion battery cells as I'm unsure what to do next. The hope is that everyone can rebuild their laptop battery for a fraction of the cost of new (which is a total rip off).
I've tried replacing the 6 cells in my T60p, the new cells seemed identical, the voltage on each cell and in total was about the same, everything seemed okay.
Since my laptop battery seems to go for $150 new from the factory, it seems to be worth the try the laptop battery rebuild DIY for the $30 in batteries it might cost.
The biggest problem to overcome seems to be soldering the batteries together as tightly as they are packed in that Lenovo X61 tablet PC replacement battery pack. User contributions on this site are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 4.0 International License.
A group of scientists in India have developed a way to recycle discarded lithium-ion laptop batteries into easily charged sources of light and power.

The prototypes are called UrJar, a play on the Hindi words for energy (urja) and box (jar).
The researchers estimate that each UrJar could be manufactured for 600 rupees, or around 10 U.S. I salvage lithium batteries from my old laptop battery and i use them for my power bank that use 4 pcs of 18650 battery total of 10400mah.i spent money. If you cannot sell your old laptop battery or if it’s broken, please dispose of it responsibly; batteries don’t belong into the trash. If sell laptop battery ’ broken, dispose responsibly; batteries don’ belong trash.
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Carefully remove the Battery from the Laptop and open it, making sure that you don’t break any connections and then proceed with the following tutorial. Most of these batteries are based on Lithium Ion Cells which can be easily purchased at a Electronics Hardware Store or Online Stores like ebay. Then connect the Battery back to your Laptop and charge it for upto 18 hours and Power ON the laptop to get back to Business. Tips on Getting StartedHow Not To Overdo Your Site’s SEOMP3 Downloads Site Owner Arrested – Do you Support Music Piracy? May be people who have learnt hardware repairing courses can perform all this stuff at home. The Ubuntu Membership via Forums contributions wiki page covers all the potential questions any applicant might have and a tutorial for the Code of Conduct signing assistant, complete with screenshots, has been created to make it as easy as possible.
But after assembling the battery, the battery light on the laptop kept flashing orange, indicating a bad battery.

Researchers in Bangalore developed prototype devices that can be used to provide hours of light to people who don't have access to the electrical grid. The UrJar has a rechargable battery component built from pieces of discarded laptop batteries.
Next you need to remove the soldering of the previous battery cells and replace them with the new one, making sure that you don’t cross connect any which can even explode.
That’s it the Battery Replacement Job is done easily at home, along with higher performance and cost saving. Though its really a good way to save money when Laptop Battery does not work and when you want to increase backup charge. This isn't a Ubuntu question, per se, but I was hoping someone here is ahead of me on replacing the cells in their battery pack. The researchers tested prototypes with five users in an Indian slum, four of whom used the devices at the small roadside stands where they work. Make a note that you have checked the backup and confirmed that the cells are totally dead and also wear glasses before performing this job for your eyes safety. But Tech Review reports that IBM is not planning on turning the technology into a business, and instead may make the UrJar's blueprints available at no cost to developing countries.

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