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Trojan’s deep-cycle gel batteries are sealed, maintenance-free batteries that deliver superior power in demanding renewable energy applications. The most important characteristic to consider when purchasing a deep-cycle battery for a renewable energy application is cycle life. Invacare Power Wheelchairs, Invacare Rehab cushions and backs, Invacare Top End wheelchairs, Invacare Respiratory Equipment, & Invacare Lifts and Swings.
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Engineered for rugged durability, outstanding performance and long battery life, Trojan’s deep-cycle gel batteries feature a number of important design characteristics that provide significant advantages over competing gel products. The gelled electrolyte is a proprietary formulation containing sulfuric acid, fumed silica, pure demineralized, deionized water and a phosphoric acid additive.
This exclusive formulation produces a homogenous gel that delivers consistent performance and dramatically long cycle life. Batteries from different manufacturers may have the same capacity and energy content and be similar in weight, but design, materials, process, experience and quality control have a big influence on how long the battery will cycle. The heavy-duty grids lock active material onto the grid network to efficiently deliver more concentrated energy to the terminals.

When comparing two batteries of equal Ah capacity and cost, a battery capable of 1,000 cycles is effectively half the total life cost of one that is only capable of 500 cycles. Premium grade, double-insulated separators allow maximum charge flow between the plates for optimum performance.

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