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The acid starved electrolyte is what gives the 12 volt gel battery their superb deep-cycle qualities.
Overcharging and deep discharging of gel batteries is the most common ways they are damaged. On the topic of discharging, many people don’t realize that SLA batteries last longer the less they are discharged.
Gelled batteries are VRLA batteries which use an electrolyte that has been thickened to the consistency of petroleum jelly by the addition of a silica agent. Unlike a flooded wet-cell lead-acid battery, these batteries do not need to be kept upright. VRLA batteries are used in off-grid solar power and wind power installations, recreational marine purposes, telecommunications applications and UPS for hospitals and other purpose.
Car Battery, also called automotive battery, is a type of rechargeable battery that supplies electric energy to a car as well as a cheap maintenance free car battery. Factory Address: Second Floor ,Building 4, Area D, New lighting Source Industrial Base, South Luocun Road, Luocun Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China. The gel car battery as well as marine gel batteries are excellent choices for use in a solar system. When a flooded cell battery is deeply discharged, the negative plates obsorb oxygen and create sulfite crystals on their surface. This gives more protection to the plates, and therefore gives gel cell batteries better deep-discharge performance than AGMS.

While avoidance of overchargeing is largly a factor of choosing the right gel battery charger, over discharging will be more directly under your control while you use it in your application.
For instance, if a battery is only allowed to discharge to 75% SOC, it will last 3.5 times longer than one that is regularly discharged to 20% SOC, according to the table below.
Gel batteries are extremely sensitive to charge voltages above 14.1-volts DC at 68 degrees. Flooded-cell batteries self-discharge 1 percent per day or 30 percent per month (at 68 degrees), while VRLA batteries self-discharge generally less than 2 percent per month. This article covers maintenance and installation of the gel cell battery in order to get the longest lifetime out of them. These crystals insulate the plates, effectively decreasing the active plate area on the battery. This is more an argument to use over sized marine gel batteries rather than an argument to limit the amount of discharging.
If you don’t have a voltage regulated, three-stage battery charger with temperature compensation or an alternator with a three-step regulator, then you should expect to get about half of the battery’s rated life cycle.
This is rarely a problem in most solar or marine applications, but it is an important fact to keep in mind. This is quite a bit lower than flooded or AGM batteries, which are typically maintained at 14.4 volts.
If you need the full capacity of a 50AH battery in your application, you should gain more than twice the working lifetime if you used a 100AH gel cell battery instead.

During the cool-down phase, the gel solidifies and tiny hairline cracks form between the gel and the battery’s plates.
Also, it’s important to recharge the your 12 volt gel battery as soon as possible, once it reaches this point.
During the charging, oxygen gas from the positive plate combines with the hydrogen gas on the negative plate inside of the cracks, producing water. This means that the chemical conversion stops due to the loss of material in the electrolyte rather than encouraging material shedding from the plates.
When in doubt, verify the output voltage of your gel cell battery charger with a multimeter to ensure it is behaving properly. Leaving a 12v gel battery in a deeply discharged state encorages the formation of sulfation crystals and plate shedding. While gel batteries have more protection against deep discharging than any other type of lead acid battery, they are not immune.

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