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Choosing the right battery for your equipment can enhance performance and safety, simplify charging and maintenance and, in the long-run, save you time, money and peace of mind.
These batteries are suitable for large power chairs and road scooters that demand greater power. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The VARTA Funstart Gel motorcycle battery features unique leak-proof gel technology that is totally maintenance free. If your battery charger is more than two years old we would recommend you replace it with a new one to avoid sulphating your new motorcycle battery.
We currently stock a large number of the DC (Deep Cycle), an increasing number of the HC (High Capacity) and now some of the DCG (Deep Cycle Gel) and HGL (standby).
Some older Fullriver brochures, some sizing is wrong but some good info Fullriver DC brochure and another one here.

The Fullriver deep cycle gel batteries are designed for 700 cycles at 75% discharge, basically when the longest life is needed in demanding applications. They are commonly used in Floor Machines, Ride on Carts, Wheelchair and Renewable Energy plus many more applications. We are expanding the Gel range quite rapidly, please give us a call or email for availability.
The affordable HGL series are generally used when occasional back up power is needed, we don't recommend these for deep cycle applications. Multicell supplies the GF range of Sonnenschien Gel Batteries for motive power applications.
MK's 60ah heavy duty sealed gel batteries give premium performance and have less than a 2% standing loss per month which means little deterioration when being stored so your mobility scooter or powered wheelchair can expect extended life and greater service life. Designed for the harshest conditions and the most rugged terrain, it is perfectly suited to touring bikes and all-terrain vehicles.

The DC range has firmly placed Fullriver as the industries best known and trusted brand that set the standard that everyone else tries to copy when used in cyclic applications such as: caravans, RV, scooters, golf caddies, floor scrubber, electric outboard motors, solar, etc.
If you look after it and give it a charge every few months it will reward you with a long and meaningful life. The Deep Cycle series is also suitable as a dual purpose engine start & deep cycle for Marine usage.
View our huge range of Fullriver batteries available in Perth at our Osborne Park warehouse.

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