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As the hardware on smartphones gets faster and more powerful, the importance of good battery life continues to increase hand in hand. The Galaxy S5 bested other smartphones, with many of them having bigger batteries, in quite a few tests. In the end, it doesn’t look like battery life is going to be a problem on the Galaxy S5, especially when you consider the fact that it comes with the Ultra Power Saving Mode feature, which can offer up to 24 hours of battery life on just 10 percent of battery by turning off most features of the device.
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During the phone's unveiling event, Samsung promised up to 10 hours of Internet browsing, 12 hours of HD movie watching, or 21 hours of 3G talk time on a charge, and we can attest that the Galaxy S5 meets and exceeds those promises. We measure battery life by running a custom web-script, designed to replicate the power consumption of typical real-life usage. As it turns out, this is the first Nexus device to achieve an excellent battery life on our custom test, or, all told a€“ 7 hours and 53 minutes. Get a hold of this, folks a€“ Motorola's insanely spec'd out new flagship clocked the amazing 10 hours and 43 minutes on our trying battery life test a€“ more than then any other high-end model we've tested, ever. When Samsung execs took up to the stage during the company's Galaxy Note 4 announcement event and made it clear that the Galaxy Note 4 will not come with a significantly larger battery, we were a bit worried. Meizu isn't exactly a household name in the West, but in its homeland of China, it very much is. One of the features the many Galaxy S5 buyers will certainly enjoy is excellent battery life. When looking at handsets only, the Galaxy S5 is the second best in Phone Arena’s tests, with the Xperia C being the phone with the longest battery it ever tested (8 hours and 44 minutes). Recently, it was revealed that Samsung may have baked in the Galaxy S5 firmware a few software features to increase battery life on the handset.
Comparatively, in the same test, the HTC One (M8)’s battery lasted for 7 hours and 12 minutes. UPDATE: Phone Arena on June 25 acknowledged a major error in its battery life tests for the Galaxy S5 and the LG G3, revealing that instead of 8 hours and 20 minutes, and 8 hours an 50 minutes of battery life, respectively, the correct times for the two devices are 7 hours and 38 minutes, and 6 hours and 14 minutes.
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Samsung Galaxy S5: Battery LifeThe Samsung Galaxy S5 is one of just a few current top-end phones to give you access to the battery unit.
Location of speakers, your review of One(M8) stated that "As your thumbs move directly over the drivers, your digits' movements do (slightly) alter the tonality of the sound" Indeed I found this noticeably annoying whilst playing a game and etc.It seems like the location has cons and pros, don't you think?
Totally agree, This is a piece of overpriced plastic!And how did they decide the price is ?499, I can only see offers for ?569?
The comment about the display being so much better than the one in the M8 is a bit strange, as Samsung's displays still have obvious issues : lower brightness than LCD and fuzziness due to the pentile arrangement.
Plastic is unpleasant to the touch, gets static charge, lacks reasuring weight, flexes, creaks, poor aesthetics.I agree it has many great uses, but not in a TOP OF THE LINE product. Because the designers at Disqus decided posters should have this option and I am using it - as designed.
For the life of me, I just cannot understand why people hate on the samsung products because they are not some aluminum unibody design.
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The Samsung Galaxy S5 mini matches the looks of the big Galaxy S5 and even most of its features but opts for a smaller display, body and in turn smaller 2,100mAh battery. The first of our tests was call endurance – a very important test for any device that has network connectivity (duh).

The Samsung Galaxy S5 mini managed about 250 h of stand-by which was the final test to determine the endurance rating you’re going to get. For example, in web browsing, the Galaxy S5 managed to last from 7 to 10 hours of screen time, depending on the brightness of the display. I’m not a heavy user, but in comparison with my previous phone (S3), the battery life is like 3 times better on the S5. You'd better be, as we have a new king of our battery life test, and it is none other than Samsung's Galaxy S5. Manufacturers, as well as most third party services, measure battery life with the screens set at about 150 nits of brightness, while our routine script is run at 200 nits, and features mixed browsing and media display patterns.
In fact, the only two devices that are even more resilient are the ZTE Max and the Huawei Ascend Mate 2, both of which are significantly less decked out.
After all, a Quad HD display is pretty much guaranteed to require more out of the battery, and we had proof -- just look at the LG G3 and Oppo Find 7. Overall, the Galaxy S5 is on fourth place, after the Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 (8 hours and 58 minutes) Xperia C and the iPad Air (8 hours and 38 minutes).
Thus, the LG G3 doesn’t offer better battery life than the Galaxy S5, as it was initially suggested. Of course you are entitled your opinion, but I'm just saying people don't think the location of speaker as an outright winning factor.
You've got Touchwiz, Tizen and Android all looking and handling differently and all fighting for space on one handset. Why Samsung decided they can have the highest priced flagship phone while they are making it out of plastic? Don't forget you are buying the most expensive smart phone out there and what you get a rubish bin plastic shell.
And then you try and actually use the S5 and its WEIRD mish mash of three OS's and the gap just gets wider.It really seems odd to me to give such high marks to a handset that is, as delivered by Samsung, mediocre both to look at and to use. Polycarbonate is rather durable, resistant to scratches and reduces the overall weight of the phone. The chipset should also be less power-hungry so the 700mAh-less battery should do okay to match the 72 hour endurance rating of the bigger Galaxy S5. Here the Galaxy S5 mini took home 12 hours and 18 minutes worth of time – decent, if unspectacular. Another solid score for the Galaxy S5 mini – 11 hours of screen-on time playing a video at 50% brightness and 10% loudspeaker sound. Coupled with all three scores we covered above the Galaxy S5 mini get a superb 72 hour endurance rating. However, tests carried out by two different sources reveal that despite the not-so-huge battery capacity, the Galaxy S5 can offer excellent usage times that beat the competition in more than one use case. Gaming and talk time tests also saw the latest Samsung flagship do incredibly well, with only tablets and phablets with considerably bigger batteries managing to score higher points in endurance. It managed the whopping 7 hours and 38 minutes of screen-on time in our grueling battery endurance run, which is the best result we've seen so far from any flagship. Those include a lot of white background, too, which AMOLED screens draw the most power to display, and still the S5 managed to break the flagship record. This puts the DROID Turbo ahead of the Xperia Z3 (9 hours 29 minutes) and even the Xperia Z3 Compact (10 hours 2 minute).
The publication concluded that the Galaxy S5’s 2,800 mAh battery is able to surpass phablets with bigger batteries and essentially provide tablet-grade performance. Additionally, Samsung has also included a special battery saving mode on the Galaxy S5, to further increase battery life in critical situations.

This year's new flagship phones won't suddenly see us get mobiles that last an age longer than last year's ones if you use things like mobile internet a lot.As a secondary test we set the Galaxy S5 to play a video from a full charge until the phone switched itself off. It surprised me quite how good it is in various conditions - I've always been an LCD rather than OLED fan in phones (plasma in TVs, natch). That’s enough to score you enough online time to fill any downtime situation, granted you have that kind of data lying around. That’s way more than what the HTC One mini 2 and Moto G managed and a little more than what the LG G2 mini was able to squeeze. It actually stopped just a few minutes shy of the Xperia C, or it would have been the phone with the longest battery life we've ever tested.
Then things start to go down – the Moto G has more than 1 hour on the Galaxy S5 mini, the Sony Xperia Z1 Compact got scores above 20 hours. You can find all the details on our test and a customizable tablet of results in our battery tool page. Thus, there must be more at play than capacity alone here, and Samsung might have utilized additional battery-saving techniques for the first time in the S5.Remember LucidLogix's battery-saving optimizations that we wrote about not long ago? This is good, and roughly an hour longer than we squeezed out of the HTC One M8.Perhaps the handiest new battery features are ones that marry hardware and software optimisations.
It's insanely cluttered and impossible to enjoy.I can't see how anyone would look at this handset and choose it over even an S4. At the time we mentioned that Samsung has inked a deal for implementing the PowerXtend battery-saving algorithms in a yet-unknown device.
However, the way it is effectively built into the Auto mode means it'll result in better pictures for a whole load of people.For me, though, the screen is the biggest winner here. It also lets you restrict background data, and even turn the screen monochrome to limit the power consumption of the display.Ultra Power Saving goes a few steps further. And SOME of the S5's bad bits can be patched away with customisations either supplied directly by Samsung or Android. All of them rely on better hardware management and load-balancing that are supposed to extend the battery life on Android devices. It does all the above, and provides a super-simple one-screen interface that only gives you access to a six apps – the phone, your SMS messages and the browser.
Oh, and it's all in black and white.You still get access to your mobile data while actually using the phone – it doesn't make the Galaxy S5 zero fun – but all background data and standby data access is naturally off the cards.
We only hope that other Android phone makers will adopt the tech, too, as battery life is the thing users want to see improved in their smartphones the most. It looks like a microUSB port with a half-formed twin jammed onto its side – and that's more-or-less what it is. It is a little ungainly, but will give you faster transfer rates and faster USB port charging when hooked up to a computer with a USB 3.0 port. We're highly unlikely to see this in next year's Galaxy S6, though, as the USB 3.1 standard has already been announced.
Of course, if your phone is case-bound, the look of the hardware won't matter too much.It carries on into the software too, though.
And yet again the Samsung UI does prove to be a minor performance drain.However, other aspects of this phone are good or excellent.

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