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Firefox OSThe world of mobile phones is expanding in many fields and attracting many companies. We have been receiving numerous reports about the Samsung Galaxy S4 Bluetooth headset problem. But, as mentioned, the questions related to this issue just keep on piling up in our Mailbag, so we decided to conduct further research about the problem. According to one contributor in the DoubleTwist forum, Samsung has already acknowledged this problem. Another contributor stated that turning off the Samsung S Voice feature will also solve the Galaxy S4 Bluetooth headset problem. Based on the XDA Developers forum, you can access the option to disable S Voice through Settings followed by App Manager.
The Galaxy S4 Bluetooth headset problem can also be fixed by unpairing the device and pairing it again.
For more questions or if you have any ideas that you share about the topic, feel free to email us at [email protected] or hit the comment box below.
This Bluetooth Slide-out Keyboard for Samsung Galaxy S4 provides quick access to all controls, features, camera, and ports.
Euer Samsung Galaxy S4 zeigt seit neuestem die Meldung “Authentifizierung fehlgeschlagen”, wenn ihr versucht, euch mit einem WLAN-Netzwerk zu verbinden? Samsung und D-Link wissen von dem WLAN-Verbindungsproblem zwischen Galaxy S4 und DIR-Routern seit Mai 2013.
Besitzt ihr ein solches Gerat, startet den Router neu und schaltet die Wireless Multimedia Extensions (WME, aber auch WMM) aus. Es ist umstritten, ob die App FXR WiFi Fix and Rescue das Authentifizierungsproblem des Galaxy S4 losen kann, es gibt allerdings ebenfalls positives Feedback.

Hat einer unserer Tipps euch dabei geholfen, den Authentifizierungsfehler am Galaxy S4 zu beheben? Deinen Vorschlag finde ich auch gut, als ich neulich meinen PC formatiert hab, habe ich nen halben Vormittag gebraucht, um mein WLAN zu konfigurieren. In the 4th iteration of famous Galaxy S series, Samsung focused on health by introducing “S Health” app as your personal trainer and including barometer, temperature, and humidity sensors in the GS4 to measure environment conditions. Then, the same contributor was apparently advised by Samsung to perform the necessary steps to resolve the issue.
This process can be performed under the Bluetooth configuration of the phone which can be accessed through Settings.
Conveniently designed slide-out keyboard allows you to switch from the touch screen to keyboard. Im Falle des Authentifizierungsfehlers des S4 kann es mitunter dazu kommen, dass diese Wellen einander gegenseitig so beeinflussen (Welleninterferenz), dass ein gemeinsames Funktionieren nicht gewahrleistet ist.Es hat sich bewahrt, Bluetooth fur das Verbinden mit dem WLAN abzuschalten. Wir listen die Moglichkeit deswegen auf, warnen aber dennoch davor, dass es auch Stimmen gibt, die behaupten, dass die App alles verschlimmert habe.Haben alle obengenannten Losungsansatze nicht funktioniert, solltet ihr diese App in Erwagung ziehen.
In this article we review some of the official Galaxy S4 accessories related to “S Health” as well as covers, headsets, cables, battery kit and wireless chargers. S View CoverThis cover is really a smart innovation of the flip cover.
It easily pairs over Bluetooth connectivity and features a slide-out QWERTY keyboard with LED back light that allows you to type when it's dark. This amazing cover has a small window which lets you see details about incoming calls, missed calls and unread messages without opening the cover.
You just need to take a look at the window and see what is going on. Flip CoverIf you are not interested in S view Cover for any reason, you can still enjoy flip covers on your Galaxy S4. Adjustable angled body gives you flexibility to watch movies or type while you are laying down.

These uniquely designed covers come in beautiful colors and you can use each of them in different occasions to be always in style. Protective Cover+Samsung itself describes this cover as a “Perfect protection for the Galaxy S4”. Simply snap in your Samsung S4, connect and you've got a fully functional keyboard ready whenever you need it! This colorful protective cover provides you extra protection by covering the whole body with extra thickness.
These 4 cover types have been introduced and manufactured by Samsung and there are so many other cases and covers available in the market. What we choose among these 4 covers is S View Cover with its amazing design and functionality.Extra Battery KitBattery is one of the most concerns (if not the most) of smartphones users, and since there in not some solid solution to overcome battery power problems, Samsung is offering an extra battery kit, when the battery is running low and no charger is available. This headset has real ergonomic design and provides a clear balanced sound with its 2 speakers in each headphone. This waterproof band gathers the required data and sends it to the phone (and of course to the S Health app) via Bluetooth connection. S Band mainly helps the phone to track your steps and burned calories. Body ScaleA body scale as an accessory for a mobile phone? By the way, this body scale can save and transfer the weight of up to 4 persons (as Samsung specified) to the S Health app. It helps you track your daily weight and see if the trainings have been useful so far or not! HRMHRM which stands for Heart Rate Monitor records and monitors your heart rate in real time and controls exercise intensity by checking heart rate. It seems we have a physician standing by when working out. Samsung introduced these 12 accessories, so you can enjoy your amazing Galaxy S4 even more.

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