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PhonesReviews UK- Mobiles, Apps, Networks, Software, Tablet etcAll about Mobile Phones Reviews & Updates. The Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S5 are the last two flagships from South-Korean Samsung and both have been launched to mixed reviews, to say the least.
The Galaxy S4 battery life wasn’t all that great upon its launch, but it was above average compared to devices like the HTC One M7 and iPhone 5S. Galaxy S4 power management is also influenced by how the processor and OS handle power management.
In real life tests, the Galaxy S4 battery life managed to eek out a full day’s mixed use, but charging time is several hours with the device, which might be a drawback for most of you. The Galaxy S5 battery life will hold out just a few hours more than on the Galaxy S4, which may be crucial at some point. Overall, Galaxy S5 battery life is significantly better than the Galaxy S4 battery life, thanks to the upgraded processor, better power management, Android 5.0 Lollipop and the power saving modes which you can use. Hopefully someday soon these OEM’s will stop worrying about specs and screen size and start innovating these batteries. DISAPPOINTED WITH XBOX GAMES!: I agree with you that xbox desperately needs new (BETTER) games!
On GSM Arena HTC One topped the chart with longest internet browsing time followed by iPhone.
No surprises here, GS4 is the benchmark for 2013 flagships in almost every area and has proven over and over again why Samsung are the No. The Galaxy S4 is slowly becoming more appreciated than its more recent counterpart, the Galaxy S5, because the S5 turned out to be a flop when it came to design and UI. Phones don’t tend to outlast the two day mark with regular use, except if they are older models which are not considered to be smart.
The handset comes with a 5.0 inch display at a 1080*1920 resolution adding up to 441 ppi pixel density. Consequently, the Snapdragon 600 CPU with four cores clocked at 1.9 GHz and backed by the Adreno 320 GPU and 2 GB RAM should be less power-efficient than what the Galaxy S5 has on offer.
The Galaxy S4 comes with a 2600 mAh battery while the Galaxy S5 comes with a slightly upgraded 2800 mAh. Users have reported massive battery drainage in some Galaxy S4 units, but that can usually be resolved with a factory reset (if no other method works beforehand).
You will get about a day and a half of mixed use out of the Galaxy S5, which is just fine and above average. When shopping for a smartphone nowadays, people tend to research battery life the most because most devices out there don’t have much to offer in this respect. Smartphones that have touchscreens have disappointing battery lives because the large screen real estate consumes a lot of power and eats up the battery like crazy. The latter comes with an upgraded Snapdragon 801 CPU with four cores clocked at 2.5 GHz and backed by a slightly superior Adreno 330 GPU and the same 2 GB RAM. Since the difference in mAh count is pretty small, most of the power management in these phones will rely on hardware, software and user interaction.

If you activate Power Saving or Ultra Power Saving mode, then you might even get a week’s use or even 10 days out of it. In the test conditions the phones' screens were set to one and the same comfortable for reading brightness level, rather than turning them up to the maximum, since brighter screens would consume more energy in principle. Let’s see how the Galaxy S4 does compared to the Galaxy S5 when it comes to battery life. Since the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S5 are pretty much the same when it comes to display, let’s see how they size up next to each other.
As you may know, battery life on any device depends very much on how the user interacts with their phone. That’s with a lot of stand-by time, a monochrome screen and restricted access though, but in times of need, the Galaxy S5 can become a life-saver. Browsing time was recorded over a 3G connection, which puts strain on the battery both from the display and network connectivity.Despite Samsung's recent share price woes due to its disappointing guidance on high-end phones slowdown, the Galaxy S4 consistently proves that it might not take your heart with design and new features, but it is a very, very balanced smartphone, consistently scoring at the top of camera and now battery tests. While the difference is negligible, the Galaxy S5 battery life could be more impacted by the extra features the handset has, including the fingerprint scanner and heart rate monitor. In consequence, if you are a heavy user who plays games a lot and has a lot of on-screen time, your battery life will be drastically lower than that of a user that just uses their phone on a regular basis for calls, browsing, social media and the occasional game. The Galaxy S5, on the other hand, can hold out for longerr thanks to the extra power saving modes Samsung built into it. It was also a fast charger, though the iPhone 5 took the cake in the charging speed category. There are no phablets in the infographic, but the testers say that if there were, the Note II with its huge battery unit had shown to beat them all in its turn.
We are talking about web browsing using a WiFi hotspot or LTE network, as in both cases the iPhone 5 is the clear winner.The Samsung Galaxy S4 has two advantages when it comes to battery life, longer talk time and it can stay a wake more while being used as a mobile hotspot. The best way of putting it is that the original, plastic body of the S4 has been beefed up. Taking a look at the Galaxy S4, we see that it has the plastic clad, tried and true design with a removable back cover, which quite frankly, is pretty flimsy. However, the main feat of the S4 was taking a 5-inch display and making it as easy to handle as possible.
After all, the general size is the same as the previous Galaxy S3.Now, onto the Galaxy S4 Active. At a glance back to back, you can see that this phone is a just a little bit longer, a little bit thicker, and heavier in the hand. Ita€™s available in a few different colors and instead of having a silver spine, this color comes from the back to the front and is visible in the very rim around the phone.All of the buttons are in the same place but now have harder shells for a definitely better feel.
The port on the bottom has a small cover now, though over time it could break off.The real action is on the back. Four screws on each rubberized corner surround a smaller plastic cover that is slightly textured for feel but definitely seems sturdier than the one found in the original. Ita€™s meatier in the hand, giving it a more reassuring feel as opposed the nimbleness of the original.

I do believe, however, that the Active can better attract the eyes than the all-too-familiar original S4.DisplayThe real difference between the S4 Active and original S4 lies in the displays, as Samsung seems to have opted for an LCD display in the Active, instead of the usual Super AMOLED panel.
It has the same capabilities of 1080p resolution and 441ppi, so sharpness and high resolution media is still nice to look at.
In other words, it’s arguably not as protection as version 3, which can be found on the S4.
Dark hues have a lighter profile to them, and you can just tell that the colors on the original S4 seem to just have more dimension.Sure, there are some disadvantages to an LCD screen over a Super AMOLED panel, but the LCD on the Active is still great, and it sits among some of the best LCDs out there.
Otherwise, every sensor for hand, eye, and air gestures makes a return — along with the IR Blaster and the usual bevy of Bluetooth and S Beam. Unfortunately, the Galaxy S4 Active only comes in a 16GB model, but you can still expand the memory with a microSD card either way.The real difference between these two handsets is water and dust resistance. Yes, folks, the S4 Active is made for the klutz in all of us who spills drinks or, God forbid, is prone to dropping phones in the toilet.
What I did notice about the water resistance was that the uncovered headphone jack at the top did work a little weird. Obviously, though, if you really want that extra layer of safety, the Galaxy S4 Active is a perfect choice. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the S4 Active is not a super rugged phone, so it might not be wise to put the phone through any serious beatings. Power saving features are the same across the board, and standby times, as usual, are very, very long.
As far as quality goes, the smaller resolution does put a tad bit of a toll on the quality, but it’s not very noticeable.
With the light water resistance, you won’t really going diving with the Active, but you can capture pool party memories just fine. Aqua Mode kills touchscreen functions when underwater, effectively making the volume rocker your new shutter button.If underwater photography is a big part of your summer plans this year, the S4 Active can easily get all that done for you. The Active brings you that very same general experience that you might be familiar with on the Galaxy S4, however, if you need a rundown on all of the software features, check out my review on the original Galaxy S4.Video reviewPrice and final thoughtsAnd finally, we come to price. The Galaxy S4 Active is currently only available at AT&T for the price of $199 on a new two-year contract with the carrier.
The same goes for the original Galaxy S4, though now that it’s been out for awhile, discounts are starting to surface.
Otherwise, both are so similar that general users will probably find the same experience either way. And if for whatever reason your lifestyle requires a phone that can take some bumps and splashes, same story.The S4 is the bleeding edge in this comparison, so that would be your trade off. I have no idea what are the real world differences, but it strikes me as very odd design choice.

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