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A $30 Samsung Galaxy S3 extended battery is capable of delivering four days of battery life and NFC to the Samsung Galaxy S3. The ZeroLemon Samsung Galaxy S3 extended battery offers 7,000 mAh of battery power, which is reportedly the worlds larges Samsung Galaxy S3 battery. This Samsung Galaxy S3 battery is massive, fitting into the back of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and spilling over the back to offer up a much larger phone. The ZeroLemon Samsung Galaxy S3 case comes in black, white and blue and even supports NFC so users can keep using Google Wallet and S Beam. The Smoking Android shares the video review of this case, where they explain more about the use and show off just how big the actual battery is.
The overall size of the Samsung Galaxy S3 extended battery looks similar to the Hyperion Samsung Galaxy SIII 4200mAh extended battery we reviewed last year.
The official Samsung Galaxy S3 extended battery arrived in late December with a 3,000 mAh rating. I haven’t found that to be the case, and reception in my home town is pretty bad to begin with. I have purchased the yesoo 4300 from Amazon that includes battery, back cover and TPU case for my galaxy s3 and followed the correct charging instruction and my phone now last 3 days. That big, bright, show-off screen and beefy processor will have your brawny gadget wheezing like a weightlifter running the steeplechase in no time. The Galaxy S3 comes with a built-in 'Power saving' option, which is the logical first port of call because it's disabled by default when you first use the phone. To enable power saving, all you have to do is go to Settings and toggle the 'Power saving' switch. 2.Alter your display's colour profileOn certain types of displays, such as the AMOLED screen in the Galaxy S3, some colour profiles will use less power than others. The closest feature that the Galaxy S3 has to a colour profile editor is the 'Screen mode' option in Settings.
There are a few third-party apps available that will give you further customisation options, but some require root access. The default brightness setting on phones may look good, but it's a big battery killer if you're constantly checking Facebook and Twitter throughout the day. When it comes to battery life, low brightness is better, but you may want to take advantage of the 'Automatic brightness' option so that your Galaxy S3 will automatically become brighter when you're out in the sun. 4.Change the screen timeout settingsSamsung has included a lot of clever features in the Galaxy S3, such as the ability to tell whether or not you're looking at the phone directly and adjusting the display as necessary. Again, lower values are better for battery life, as your phone will conserve power by switching off the display when it isn't needed.
When radios such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are enabled, they're constantly scanning for devices and making themselves available even if you aren't currently using them.

Turning off these radios is as easy as pulling down the notification bar and switching the toggles at the top of the screen. Adding the ZeroLemon Samsung Galaxy S3 battery with a 7,000 mAh rating will bulk up the Galaxy S3 considerably. The Hyperion battery lasted about two days, which is great, but sound short compared to the promise of four or five days of use.
This model will help some users get through a full day, with a Galaxy Note 2 sized power rating, but it can’t match up to the power packed into this extended Galaxy S3 battery. However the video review does not mention about the possible signal lost that happens when using this battery.
Does the thickness of the battery & case diminish the great quality of photos this phone takes? I do a lot internet searches and watch anywhere from 1 to 2 2hr movies a day on my phone, along with talking, texting, pictures, and app downloads.
At least there are a few things that you can do to improve your Samsung Galaxy S3's staying power and extend your fun time with your cherished new mobile. If you play games, stream videos or fiddle with apps on your daily commute, don't be surprised to soon witness the dispiriting sight of the battery indicator flashing red.
When enabled, it will limit the maximum CPU speed, lower the screen power and change background colours throughout your system apps in order to save as much power as possible.
A popular desktop app called f.lux is making its way over to Android soon as well, so keep an eye out for that. But if you have this feature turned off, you'll want to check your screen timeout settings. Apparently where the attenna is on the phone this battery apparently blocks signal so be warned as some other owners of this battery has noticed this issue if you are in a area with already bad reception, this battery may kill your signal completely.
For $15 bucks and 3 day shipping this is the best investment for this phone since I’ve had it. When you're running so many processes at once, you're bound to drain the power fairly quickly. Basically, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is the runaway winner with 726 minutes of calls (that is more than 12 hours!) on medium 3G reception, edging out the second placed HTC One X by 91 minutes. Here’s a quick tip to improve on your smartphone’s battery life – purchase a Samsung Galaxy S3.
All right, sorry, that was a bad joke for fanboys of other hardware manufacturers.Filed in Cellphones. Coming from a cold climate we know in northern canada quality not quantity is important for batterys. A lot of people dont follow the charging instructions correctly then want to complain, but if you follow whats given then you should receive 3 to 4 days of battery life.

The phone’s battery was shown to still be 42% full, even after Murtazin supposedly used the phone for over 20 hours.
This was good enough to beat Galaxy S2’s 8 hours and 35 minutes, as well as competitors like the HTC One X, which clocked close 9 hours and 57 minutes. Motorola Droid Razr Maxx and its monster-size battery lasted 20 hours and 24 minutes.The Samsung Galaxy S3’s SUPER AMOLED HD screen is proven to be quite detrimental for web browsing, but it still performed admirably.
The phone lasted 5 hours and 17 minutes in the web browsing test, a good one hour more than HTC One X’s performance. Again, the Droid Razr Maxx was king with 7 hours and 23 minutes.Who doesn’t love to catch up on their favorite TV series while on the road or to avoid awkward conversations during lunch break?
You’ll be pleased to know that the Samsung Galaxy S3 managed to last 10 full hours of video playback. I have a hard case on mine that adds the right depth and weight to make it feel solid in my hand. Before putting a case on mine, I kept bumping the sensitve side buttons whenever I tried to remove from my pocket. It must be frustrating for you to own a phone that breaks if you drop it, suffers from awfull backlight bleed and has ltd functionality Darktanone Speaking of rubbish, I’m quite sure your SG2 as well as the SG3 will end up in the bargain bin very, very soon.
Part of the excitement surrounding any new Android phone release is whether it will be the one to dethrone the iPhone.
Keep in mind all the G3 hype will soon die down in the wake of WWDC and the release of iPhone 5.
Screen idle is second on the list and Music playback is at 2%, Also no radio connection, But as you said It’s unscientific. I also doubt the 10 Hours of Video playback, I know that the poor AMOLED Pentile Matrix uses less power than LCD except for in whites, but the proof will be when It’s released I suppose. 2% battery drain after 5 hours is just redunk.10 he video playback is more likely then unlikely IMO. I get that.However, when you let style trump commonsense to the point it compromises functionality, especially when you are building a kick ass, high powered, state of the art device like the HTC One X. DO we assume it’s as low as possible as their looking at battery life or are they keeping the brightness as high as possible to really test them?

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